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I had this happen while I was in the middle of playing. It had never happened before and I have been playing 3.0 for a few days with no issues. Then it randomly lost all the music and the sound effects and speech sounded like crackling and wires with shorts in them. I reset the game as well and it fixed the issue.
I'm having the same problem, happens after about 1-2 hours of playing, some audio/effects stops working, instead weird crackling sound that can be really loud making the game unplayable, a restart fixes it until it happens again after few hours of play. Issues in fmod?
Same too.
I got the same once I finished Act 10.
A game restart solved it.
I'm having this same issue in merc lab, so restarting is not an option at the moment. Hope it gets fixed, I'm definitely missing those audio cues.
I also have had this probably.

Specifically this occurred for me when I pressed space to skip Navali's intro after entering the Overseer's Tower in Act 5. I think it has something to do with her voice lines, because it stops whenever I speak to another NPC, but when I do anything else it returns.

Here's a link to the image:
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Mine has never happened at Navali, but it happens randomly when I'm questing or in town, really whenever. It's happened a few times on the medium and low settings but on high it was the worst. Definitely not my computer because I'm not using onboard and am using an external Dac/Amp and I've tried 4 combinations of Dacs and Amps as well as 3 different pair of headphones and it happens on all of them. When it happens I immediately window out and play something to check but I only hear it when PoE is playing audio. My music or whatever overtop of it isn't affected at all.
Yes, I had it once and then now, again. Very annoying but re-start seems to fix.
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Most recently when talking to Navali in Tora's level 5 hideout.
Sound suddenly becomes distorted and crackly with occasional sharp 'pops' when the distortion seems to reach a peak.

Restarting the game seems to fix it, but it's not a permanent fix as the issue returns at a later, random point.
(I play through Steam)
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It has got to be the most wretched sound ever. Thank God re-start fixes.
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