[3.0] Dark Impactor Crit Self-Cast up to 11.5-13 Mill, Stun Immune (Unchained)

The build is theorycrafted for 3.0 for both Occultist and Berserker, please be sure to import the build to help guide you with your play-through. Below is the pastbin for Path of Building that you can use to import the build. I will post more information later. You can use the Path of Building third party application to import the build below (https://github.com/Openarl/PathOfBuilding/releases):

Occultist (~11.5 Mill DPS, 7700+ HP):

Berserker (~13 Mill DPS, 7700+ HP):

The best class for general mapping is Occultist. You will fare much better as you can layer on Endurance Charges through dual cursing enemies and you can blow up packs with profane bloom. The in-built power charge generation is a huge QoL boost for speeding up single target fights.

Berserker is best class for outright DPS and has a more reliable in-built leech mechanic. However, you do take increased damage from enemies, so you may be more vulnerable to bigger hits. In single target fights you are not reliant on flasks and curses for leech, which makes your leech sustain more consistent.

How it works:
The aim of this build is to self cast Dark Pact and achieve reliable enough crits for maximum DPS. We circumvent the loss of health with Dark Pact by using Vaal Pact, which also adds an additional level of safety to our mapping by instantly restoring us to full life.

The main weapon that we are using is "Void Battery" wand. This wand is extremely powerful (if not too OP),by offering a boost in damage almost on the level of mirrored spell daggers or spell wand. This build offers the flexibility playing of as dual wield void batteries (for slightly more Damage) or with a Spell Damage & Spell Crit Shield (for more Defences).

Keep in mind that you can still make your own changes. The build is flexible and you should make changes according to your preference.

Kill them all

Haste (Only for Berserker, Increased Cast Speed and Move Speed means faster map clears and faster single target dps)

Blasphemy + Assassin's Mark (More Consistent Crits, More Crit Damage, Ease of Power Charge generation in mapping)
Blasphemy + Warlord's Mark (Only for Dual Cursing as Occultist, Gives Life & Mana Leech, Endurance Charge generation is a bonus layer of defense when mapping)

Lightning Golem (for more cast speed)

Besides the recommended uniques, the rest of the gear should be rare gear with the focus on capping out resistances and getting flat maximum life.
Everyone will have different gear, with that said, you should balance the build out based on what you have.

Recommended Uniques:
Main Hand: Void Battery (Best bang for you buck value)

1- Cherrubim's Maleficence (Highest Damage and Life potential, with the added benefit of increased Life Leech. However, it is expensive to get the colors needed)
2- The Convenant (Slightly less Damage and Life potential than the Cherrubim's Maleficence, but is much easier to get the colors you need. Furthermore, you can start using this chest at level 49)

Belt of the Deceiver (Nice Flat Life, Reduced Crit Damage Taken and the bonus of Intimidating Enemies, which causes them to take 10% Increased Damaged, which works like a 10% More Damage Multiplier)

1- Kaom's Roots (Best Flat Life, Stun Immunity and Pseudo-Freeze/Chill Immunity. However, you lose out of 4 potential Sockets as a trade off)
2- Skyforth (QoL for Power Charge sustain on single target fights)
3- Inya's Epiphany (Occasionally helps you to build maximum Power Charges, Grants Increased Damage per Power Charge which synergizes the most with the Occultist)

Until you can get better rare rings you can use Le Heup of All unique rings.

These are the current jewels that I'm using. Jewels should be used to fulfill any requirements that are missing (i.e. resistances, Life...etc).

Recommended Affixes:
% Increased Maximum Life
% To Critical Strike Multiplier with Spells
% To Global Critical Strike Multiplier
% Increased Spell Damage when holding a Shield
% Increased Cast Speed when holding a Shield

Elemental Resistances (if needed)
Stats/Attributes (STR/DEX/INT if needed)

This is what I currently use. You can switch them out per your preference. Flasks should be used based on circumstances. The only truly mandatory flask is Atziri's Promise for its 2% chaos leech, which will save your life in many situations. Atziri's Promise is especially mandatory for the Occultist Variation when fighting against curse immune or curse resistant enemies.

Recommended Flasks:
Atziri's Promise (the only mandatory flask)
Dying Sun (for map clearing)
Overflowing Chalice (increased damage, flask sustain)

Thanks to DeathBlowPro for helping out with this theorycraft.
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Hype! Doing this as starter
how do i load the tree with this pastebin
slimmdimm wrote:
how do i load the tree with this pastebin

Use the link provided in the original post. You simply download Path of Building (third party program) and then import the build using the pastebin link provided.
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How about bandits?
sykezlol wrote:
How about bandits?

Kill All Bandits.
Twitch Stream:
What are you using to keep your self-alive since you're not summoning spooky skeletons to use for dark pact?
$output = shell_exec('ls -lart');
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His build is reliant on Warlord's Mark to leech, meaning you can't do curse immune maps.
Bad thing is it's going to be almost impossible to color the chest. Going to cost a fortune.

EDIT: carcass jack should be alot easier to color. Not as much dmg obviously but feasible.
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Might be a dumb question, but increasing my hp doesn't actually increase the tooltip dps. Is it because it assumes i would have skeleton active or does your own hp not increase the damage afterall?

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