Path of Exile 3.0.0: The Fall of Oriath Patch Notes

Ok, I just read through the whole patch notes....took some time!

At first I want to shown GGG respect for their hard work!

Secondly, I have to admit that the amount of nerfs shown in the notes are quite scary for now...

Regarding the patch "notes" content:

Caustic Arrow's damage over time grows more quickly as it levels, up to 765 base Chaos damage per second at gem level 20 (up from 550.3). It is also now modified by projectile damage modifiers.

Caustic Arrow and Chaos Damage?! Thought it was poison.

Cyclone: Attack does not interrupt while hitting obstacles -> missing in the patch notes?

One-time Passive Skill Reset: Hope this comes with a confirmation dialogue ^^

Lastly, what about the recently reported sound issues (crackling, sound failures)??? I could not find any information about that in the notes.
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I love PathOfNerfing especially when idiots nerf shit rather than buffing other things or nerfing shit and ignore other things... Can GGG please get someone who knows how to balance this game... Like the people who actually play it thoroughly???
Can GGG please get someone who knows how to balance this game... Like the people who actually play it thoroughly???

That would be the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals
Completed 18 ChallengesMindelo wrote:
Completed 9 ChallengesLantis02 wrote:
That "complaining" is entirely understandable though. Remember Mjölner? People were complaining about it being nerf'd and it was entirely justified. That unique is practically useless. People have a right to voice concerns even before the content is released based on previous experiences with GGG's balancing.

Yeah you are right. People must note what they dislike. What i am saying is that they must first try the new content in order to validate they concerns.

How would you know if there is some better unique than Mjölner among the new ones? SRS was nerfed but i will run an SRS build the same, because i want to see if i can tweak it with new gem sills combined with new items or any buffed passive skill? If that won't work i'll experiment diferent build.

I think that is how ARPGs works, you experiment until you find the next buff.

Now, if by the end of 3 months i find myself and most players stucked in level 70, or worst, than i will join the complainers and say that the game is too hard and unplayable for sure, but one must play with new content and experiment with it first.

Oh common, this nerfs not so hurt. Here is just cancer with rewarding, dmg was nerfed and bosses hp bufeed and so on. All this shit is not about stuck on somthing, all atziri and shaper uniqs will be cost as truck, and couse of slower clear speed u will have less currency except u will farm lab.

I ussualy take 1-2 week to farm my boss killer build and close all challanges, then i test some builds and on second month i ussualy quit league, couse here is nothing to do.

Main thing here GGG try to hold us in game longer, but here is no more content after plaing one month, and people get borred, so ggg decide to make us grind for shit more time then it was in last league. I can understand it, all need money u know. But its my right to complain about this shit if i dont like it. No one care, but i wanna left my salt here.
Completed 18 ChallengesMindelo wrote:
A lot of people complaining without even trying the new content. So a monster that took 10 seconds to kill now takes 1 min. What's the big deal? It's the same game you've been enjoying so far, just a little bit harder.

At least give it a try, perhaps what was nerfed can be tweaked in other ways that may open new possibilities. At least enjoy the Harbinger league and the new acts.
Are you nut? 1 minute to kill? what about bosses? If it took me 3 minutes to kill now it take me 15? So fuck the boss and maybe all the game if some new game will go out. Where is the fun of this game? In last years poe is ONLY nerfing except releasing ascendancies. NERF,after NERF after NERf. The game is going to the point where is no fun to play anymore. And that=quit for many players.
Those nerfs are build wont even affected , if your build affected you are probably playing meta (double dip , Es leech) pick another build and stop that babyrage.
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Completed 10 ChallengesMarikhen wrote:
When is The Aylardex going to have its 40% penalty reduced to 20% or 24%?

It's marginally useful as-is, but post-3.0 it'll probably end up being damn near useless for attack-based builds due to it causing power charges to yield a critical strike penalty per charge.

Caster builds might see that penalty mitigated thanks to the 4% more spell damage per charge buff, but attack-based builds, the builds that could potentially get the most use out of The Aylardex, are going to avoid it like the plague if the ability to generate critical strikes has any impact in their planning.

There no 4% more spell damage per power charge. GGG retracted that and just dropped crit chance from power charges to 40%.
Kastmar wrote:
Comments glorifying GGG have usually cheap players, who has low level characters and invested to their characters minimum. Never reached end game so they are happy with nerf because nerf doesn't bother low levels.

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This is really disappointing :(
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When will GGG realize that the broken/crazy stuff is actually THE FUN STUFF

Can't help but feel like they are taking a lot of the craziness out of the game and just making all the skills carbon copies of each other. They want every skill to do 100k damage in perfect gear. Every build should be able to kill Shaper in the same amount of time. Every build should be able to farm maps at the same xp/hr.

I hope they realize these kinds of things make the game extremely dull. We want crazy/broken/op stuff. Not everything needs to be broken, but if I want to play a seasonal ladder for 600 hours to make a god-mode character I should be able to do that. It's fun seeing the builds that can kill shaper in 3 seconds, and it gives people a reason to keep on playing, to keep pushing their characters further and further.

Removing the end-game craziness we've all grown to love is a mistake. We need room to make builds that can take things to the extreme. Without this room to grow the game will get very old, very fast.

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