3.1 Updated - Pathfinder Crit BV - Dedicated Uber Lab Farmer - 375%+ Movement Speed

Chris wrote:

Queen of the Forest
Now has 200 to 240% increased Evasion Rating (down from 240 to 380%). The movement speed bonus this item can provide has been capped at 100% for all versions.

Changes to evasion basetypes in The Fall of Oriath both pushed the evasion rating of this item too high, and took the movement speed this item granted to an extreme. We never intended for a single item to be able to provide so much movement speed. Over time as more movement speed and evasion became available this item has become unreasonable. The movement speed players were attaining was not something that the game was designed to handle. This cap is unlikely to affect average use of this item.

Well boys.The projected Movement speed in 3.1 will be about ~400% give or take a bit.
Here is a video that puts into perspective how much slower the character is going to be. (Spoiler alert. It's not that bad.)
Old QOTF VS. New VS. Leap Slam




- Updated Path Of Building. In this new pastebin you will find the nerfed* queen of the forest and options to either improve survivability or movement speed.
*I changed the QoTF to the new values and capped it's MS gain to 100% manually.

- Updated flask spoiler and suggested users to use the Increased Duration modifier on Jade / Stibnite.

- Dropped Grace from the build completely. Haste will now be socketed into the Voideye for those players looking for a small boost in speed while running through zones. (This won't effect most people)

- Updated skill tree to optimize the balance between evasion and life

- Gave the option in the Path of Building for users to swap in "Conquerors Potency" for "The Clear Mind". The difference is movement speed VS damage.

- Changed forum title to 375% to simulate a more accurate average. The build does in fact surpass 400% but you need to proc the Gryphon and I felt like that

I've been adjusting the guide frequently based on my 3.0 experience with the build.

- Added Ice Golem and moved Rallying Cry to the socket previously occupied by Minion and Totem Resistance.
- Created a new Path of Building link to reflect more accurate levels of damage and movement speed.
- Removed the Jaws of Agony unique shield from the guide.
- Changed the 6l BV gem priority to cause less confusion.

- Shaper and ALL Guardians are killed with this character. The gear used will be in this spoiler.

*I have a shaper video of the kill but it was poorly executed so I will work on cleaning it up. (was my first kill since early 2.6)

- Fixed the gear section to be more concise about gear choices.
- Removed old youtube path of building guide as some of the information it provided has been changed.
- Changed gem section to show gems rather than just text.

- Added Video to explain the easiest way to get off colors. You can see it HERE or navigate to the video OR gem section of the guide.

- I've decided I am going to renovate the guide and include A LOT more information on what makes this build go quickly.
- Completely over-hauled gear section to include stat priority and detailed gear explanations.
- Change title of forum post to accurately depict the potential movement speed gain with a well geared character.
- Included updated skill tree's located in the "Passive Tree" section of the guide.
- Updated the Path of Building pastebin to accurately simulate the character I was using off stream to get my best rank 1 times.
- Updated the gem section to include a Path of Building link that shows my BiS gem and enchant setup for movement speed.
- Added screen shot of the Defensive information tab.
*****Note* This is actually how fast I run in lab. No smoke mine buff to pad meters.
- Updated video section to include a strategy explanation that talks about what I do to gain a competitive edge
- Added BiS enchants to the appropriate gear sections: Helm - Boots - Gloves
- Updated leveling section to better explain the transition into the endgame build and skill tree
- Added Path of Building link to show the gear and skill tree changes necessary to kill Shaper and his Guardians.

- Added Deathless Shaper Kill kill to the video section.
*****This build guide is not for an endgame boss farmer. I just wanted to show you that if you change the appropriate gear, it was possible.

- If you've clicked the spoiler to see this update I want to thank you for all the support and kind words everyone has shared about this build.
- I will not have the time to check this forum as often anymore because I'm continuing other adventures with new characters or builds.
- BIG shout to everyone who has taken time to look through this and help each other out with questions I could not get to. I really appreciate you guys for that.

*P.S.* Leech comes from Atziri's Promise, Warlord's Mark and the boot enchant.

This build is specifically designed to farm the Endgame Uber Lab efficiently. This is not the fastest character and will not break any records. Please keep reading with the expectation of generating currency and not rank 1 jewels.

I will be streaming this character live @twitch.tv/Jelbishi if you have questions or comments this will be the easiest way to contact me for an immediate response.

Pros & Cons:
An undeniably efficient build that combines insane movement speed, excellent damage, up to 90% chance to evade, and up to 25% chance to block.

The build is one of the more annoying things to level with until you pass a certain gear threshold and have properly leveled gems. Getting the colors needed on most gear will be an absolute pain in the neck without having a fair amount of currency.

Video Section:
This section is filled with videos from 3.0. However, they're still relevant and reflect the builds ability in end game content. The only difference is the build now is going to run at 400% rather than the 600+ you see in some of the speed runs.

Deathless Shaper Kill - Never said this build was a DPS powerhouse... Just wanted to show you that only a few changes are needed to reliably kill The Shaper and his guardians.
*Path of Building Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/fbmNgxp5
*This is exactly what gear I used in the video

Day 2 of Harbinger League this build is up and running 407% Movespeed without leveled up gems and at level 85.

If you're wondering about the gear used in the video I will link it all in this section as a snapshot.

3.0 Rank 1 Uber Lab Aug. 7th - 8th Layout.
Messed up a lot in this video. Should not have been using smoke mine. Just wanted to do some testing. Ended up getting very lucky with easy traps and intuitive tile sets.

A very clean Rank 1 Video on Aug. 12th - 13th Layout.
548% movement speed and new gear.

A 0 Link BV example video 0 Link BV

My Ring Swap Strategy that I use to gain a competitive edge and get rank 1.

How to get off colors on your gear using jewellers and not chromatics.

Please disregard socketed gems in this section. If you need to know what gems to use please look for the section of the guide labeled "Gems"

Click the spoilers underneath each piece of gear for a detailed explanation.


This unique property that grants extra movement speed when you kill is perfect when you combine it with your BiS glove enchant "Commandment of Flames". Do not go out of your way to make this speed increase happen, all it takes it 1 blade vortex stack to proc the effect and since we scale crit, It will occasionally decimate an entire pack and will give you all the flask charges you need.

A rare dagger will be BiS but the Divinarius will allow you to farm comfortably until you can make enough money to spend some exalts on something better.

Stat Priority: Spell damage >70% - Spell crit > 130% - Crit Multi Any% - Damage to spells.
As always, I suggest you plug any potential upgrades into Path of Building and see if it's worth your money.


Ideally you want a Laquered Buckler because it will have the highest evasion potential. This item is only going to serve 1 purpose. Making you run fast. No stats matter other than evasion and dexterity.

Stat Priority: 1500+ Evasion. Try to get dexterity on the item because it increases your evasion by 1% per 5 dex.

You'll be swapping to this item to fight Izaro. It's basically a stat stick that buffs our damage by a crazy amount.

Stat Priority: Spell damage 50%+ - Spell crit 70%+ (*Note: It may be difficult to find a good shield. Try to get as much of each stat as you can and do not sacrifice much of 1 to get the other. Keep a good balance of each.)

There are 2 options available for you here and it's important to understand the difference and not blindly pick 1 or the other.

Devoto's Devotion: Use this helm if you're seriously interested in putting up the best time on the leader board. It lowers your damage so it's not great for farming but it increases your movement speed by about 13% over the Rat's Nest.
Best Enchant: Phase Run Duration

Rat's Nest: If all you care about is making currency in the lab and you want as much damage as you can get. This is the best pick. As seen above, the best enchant would be blade vortex spell damage. Not much to say about this item because it clearly increases damage and has a lot of evasion on it so you'll end up running quickly.
Best Enchant: Blade Vortex Spell Damage

This is the end game goal right here. You DO NOT NEED 6 LINKS. You will still be able to farm on a 4link if your character is level 85+ with decent gem levels and quality. I've demonstrated the builds maximum potential and have completed many Uber Lab runs on a 0-link BV with 1800 tooltip.

Please look in the gem section to find out the gem priority when socketing 4 or 5 link QOTF chests.

If you need to learn how to craft this Queen with the appropriate colors, please check this Video I made and it will explain exactly what needs to be done. This process is not cheap and I personally spent something like 1800-2000 Jewellers and 2400 Fusing crafting my own.

*Note* Please do not count on me to tell you the most efficient way to get the colors. Look at the market and do your own math to determine what strategy is best for you. With that being said.... It should take 6.5k Chromatics on average to hit these colors.

Again I bring you 2 options for 2 types of people.

Atziri's Step: This is 100% the best choice if you're doing runs casually or just generally playing the character. For 99% of the people reading this guide I strongly suggest you play with this pair of boots.

BiS Enchant: Leech OR 1 to 160 Lightning Damage

Seven-League Step: I personally use these boots ONLY when I'm doing speed runs and trying to get rank 1 on the day. They offer the highest movement speed in game but completely lack any sort of defense. While I would absolutely recommend these boots for anyone trying to take the daily jewel; they're simply going to be an issue for most people who are not comfortable in the lab.

BiS Enchant: 10% Movement speed OR 1 to 160 Lightning Damage

This is a pretty simple choice, really. You are almost forced into rare gloves because of the many uniques this build uses.

Stat Priority: Evasion - Dexterity - Life

BiS Enchant: Commandment of Flames


An example of a strong rare belt. It has the Vanguard base. High life. Enough resists for my character. MOST IMPORTANTLY Flask Charge Modifiers AND MOVESPEED.
All I need to do is divine this belt to 20/20 on the flask mods and it would be perfect.

Stat Priority: Life > Flask Effect > Reduced Flask Used > Inc Flask Gained > Vanguard Base > Flat Evasion > Resistances

Flask Effect Duration: This helps extend the rather short burst of speed you gain when you press your Jade / Stibnite / Quicksilver
Reduced Flask Charges Used: This helps tremendously with flask sustain and is wildly impactful.

For some people these are the only 2 rings you are going to need.
Essence Worm: This is mandatory and should be socketed with the Hated Aura at all times.
Rare Ring: Gives a rather large increase to movement speed / dex / life / resists.

Stat Priority: Life > Dex > Open Prefix OR Inc Evasion% > Flat Evasion

Tryhard Strategy

This is a little tricky to explain but basically you socket a level 21 Haste into The Voideye and you gain a bit more movement speed.
The hard part to explain is that you need to swap this ring in for the essence worm when you don't need the extra damage. Please look at this simple timeline in order to better understand what I mean.

-Start your run with Voideye equipped and Haste active
-Run all the way to phase 1 and enter the room
-Swap Voideye for your Essence Worm
-Activate Hatred Aura
-Kill Izaro
-Before you leave boss room, swap Voideye back in and activate Haste
-Rinse and repeat.


You might not find a good amulet for a long time. They'll be expensive (just like all other good crit gear). Remember that Dexterity gives 1% inc evasion per 5 points.

Stat Priority: Evasion% > Dex > Crit Multi > Spell damage > Life > Crit Chance


For jewels I would absolutely suggest using the Clear Mind because it's a cheap way to boost damage.
For more experianced players you can completely drop the clear mind for a very strong rare jewel.

Stat Priority: Evasion% - Crit Multi - Physical Damage - Area Damage - Damage - Life - Resists

This is the flask setup I was using to get the rank 1 jewels for 10+ days straight. You SHOULD change the Jade and Stibnite to Increased Duration because QoTF can not give us more than 100% movement speed and the Inc Effect modifier would be wasted to the nasty diminishing returns evasion is hit by.

Passive Tree:

Ascendancy Order of Importance
Nature's Boon > Master Alchemist > Nature's Adrenaline > Veteran Bowyer

http://poeurl.com/bDOU Optimized tree for lots of life and decent damage

Help Alira the bandit for Crit multi, resists, mana regen.

Check the leveling section for an idea of point priority while leveling up.

The Pantheon System:

These choices are likely to be situational and changed often. However I feel like there are a couple you could always run with if your only intention is to run Uber Lab day in and day out.

This Major Pantheon Power will likely be the choice for me. You need to kill Lunaris at the end of Act 8 AND capture Master of the Blade from a Strand Map in order for this to be unlocked.

The base effect is literally perfect in that it gives us extra defense against Izaro AND makes us run faster while we pass through other parts of the Uber Lab.
The secondary effect works well with our build because we already have a 90% chance to evade and up to 25% chance to block. This Pantheon Power will almost completely give us immunity to any follow up attack that happens after we take a large hit.

There are several Minor Pantheon Powers that I see useful.

The Soul of Tukohama will likely be useful on some days when Izaro is doing large amount of physical damage. You'll have plenty of time to stack this up to 8% before the fight starts because you have to put up 20 stacks of BV anyway. The secondary effect is null because of Vaal Pact.

Another, arguably more useful minor Pantheon Power is the Soul of Gruthkul. For general purpose gameplay and days when Izaro is using 2x swoards, this will likely be the best available option.

Both the primary and secondary aspects of this Pantheon Power are very strong.

This part of the guide was written before 3.0 and does not include any information from Acts 9 or 10. As I find out more information I will update this section accordingly.


How to get off colors on your gear using jewellers and not chromatics.

Helm -

Chest -

^* This is the order of priority when socketing gems into your BV link.

Gloves -

*Do not level arcane surge past level 7

Boots -

Ring (Essence Worm) -

1h Running -

Shield Running -

1h Damage -

Shield Damage -


I'll start by showing the optimal pathing for the skill tree and afterwards explain the useful leveling items and skills.

31 Point Tree
It's very important to get both of the Skill Duration clusters as soon as you can. Primal spirit should be taken when you start to notice you can not level up gems due to lack of strength and int.

51 Point Tree
Travel to the Templar area for some easy damage and much needed quality of life AoE. We then travel to the Witch area damage node for more quality of life and a bit more damage. This travel will put us in a good position to allocate points when we start scaling crit in the near future.

68 Point Tree
It's at this time in the leveling process where you realize it's time to use some defensive points and get ready for the lack of resistances and harder boss fights. Grab the Evasion / Life nodes before pathing up into the shadow starting area for more health nodes.

81 Point Tree
So we're basically at the point where we pick up a diamond flask and get all the crit nodes on the tree that we've conveniently passed by in the leveling process.


99 Point Tree
Now you'll have MoM and most crit nodes the build requires to be fully functional. Now just make sure you have the proper sockets and allocate the proper gems in them to start cruising to level 85 and beyond!

The Final Skill Trees* Are Listed In The Passive Tree Section
There are 2 trees you can pick from depending on your preference between movement speed and life.

Ascendancy Order of Importance
Nature's Boon > Master Alchemist > Nature's Adrenaline > Veteran Bowyer

My Personal 3.0 Leveling Strategy
This strategy was most efficient for me because I was not interested in spending huge amounts of regret orbs while leveling with bows or anything else.
As a ranger I found the best way to level early was to get shrapnel shot, fire trap, and siege ballista.
This setup will last you until you get blade vortex at level 12
Level 12 is when the switch to full spell damage happens.
Drop shrapnel shot and siege ballista.
Pick up a spell totem and firestorm from a friend.
Socket blade vortex, added fire, added cold.
Finally make sure you have 2 wands equipped.
*Tip* Keep your bow on your weapon swap so you can blink arrow over large gaps

In act 2 you will get much stronger.
Start running Herald of Ice and Herald of Ash.
Help Alira the bandit.
Keep blade vortex linked with added fire and added cold and if you get a 4th link try out the new onslaught gem.
Pick up a trap and mine support gem from the vendor for your flame trap.
Put culling strike on your firestorm spell totem setup. (It wont be doing much damage but it can at least be useful)

Act 3 is where you pick up the Hatred gem. You may drop the heralds for this.
The next big thing that happens in act 3 is that you get bladefall from the vendor at level 28. Swap out the firestorm and start bladefalling toteming. This will start doing more damage especially with the hatred aura.
Make sure to unlock Siosa in the library so you can purchase much needed skill gems without having to bother others for their time.

After act 3 it's smooth sailing. Fire trap / Bladefall Totem / Blade Vortex will carry you until you're ready to make the switch to pure Blade Vortex at around level 65-70 (maybe sooner if you have unique items).

Ideally the gem links will look like this:
Blade Vortex - Spell Echo - Added Cold Damage - Added Fire / lightning
Fire Trap - Conc Effect - Controlled Destruction - Trap and Mine Support
Bladefall - Spell Totem - Controlled Destruction - Increased AoE
Flame Dash - Arcane Surge - Faster Casting

Useful leveling Weapons

Path of Building Pastebin:

As long as the skill tree doesn't get hit by a tornado.... This is the proper PoB link

*Note: I've got the Voideye unique in the build but for simplicity sake I've scaled the haste gem to 24 to replicate the effect of the ring so that I don't have to constantly swap from the currently equipped Essence Worm.

**Also you can change the helmet / boots to your liking.

Izaro is a standard boss.

Honorable Mention

I would like to give a shout to itsMartini for creating such a successful guide
[2.6] The Roadrunner -- Lab Speedrunner and BossKiller [w/ Videos]
He has been a huge help to the community and allowed many people to try something new and adventurous.

You can also check out my other lab farmer here:
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2057055 It's a dreamfeather Blade Flurry build that moves at 350% MS!
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You might want to drop "is shocked" number because of the new shock mechanic. It won't be 50% increased dmg anymore.

This build looks promising for 3.0!
Last edited by gigarez on Aug 2, 2017, 9:29:18 AM
gigarez wrote:
You might want to drop "is shocked" number because of the new shock mechanic. It won't be 50% increased dmg anymore.

This build looks promising for 3.0!

Yes you're correct in that the number will be different in 3.0. However, the pastebin I linked will have an accurate number when Path of Building updates new shock values. The number was going to be inaccurate either way. I just wanted to plan for the future update :)

Also, yes! Very promising. Already completed a fair amount of testing in 2.6 AND beta. Things are looking good.

Also changed the Path of Building section to clearly explain the number is inflated, as you've pointed out.
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HC Viable?
ID: Bizaugska
Bizaugski wrote:
HC Viable?

Short answer: No

Long answer: You can run this build on HC but you need vinktar. You will eventually die though. Especially if you're not used to this playstyle.
U can do a HC variation for us?
ID: Bizaugska
Do you really need Path Finder for Blade Vortex? With enough dps you can one shot every monster, you don't even have to stop moving, they die just when you pass through them, it's not as if you have problems keeping your flasks up all the time
I'm unable to spare the time it takes to meticulously craft a HC viable lab runner right now. Also, I've never been a hardcore player so I'm not sure what it takes.

Maybe someone who is more familiar with the required defense in a hardcore setting can fix it up. They have my permission :)
FnTsTiC wrote:
Do you really need Path Finder for Blade Vortex? With enough dps you can one shot every monster, you don't even have to stop moving, they die just when you pass through them, it's not as if you have problems keeping your flasks up all the time

Firstly, you are correct. When you spin up enough BV you will act as an industrial lawn mower in an overgrown meadow.

There is some nuance to the build and playstyle within Uber Lab and I can't explain it perfectly in text. But there is no reason to use blade vortex unless you're at a boss fight. Therefor Pathfinder is exceptional because of their ability to sustain flask charges better than any other Ascendancy. They're in a great place on the skill tree to benefit from loads of evasion to make QoTF much more valuable and have other Ascendancy points with synergistic value as well.
What about using Hrimsorrow gloves and phys to lightning gem for full elemental conversion? Would there be any benefit to that?

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