[3.0] Explosive Arrow, Ignite focused. Elementalist, Life, MoM, 600k-700k ignite dps (WIP)

Welcome, this is an idea I have been working around for a few days now trying to create something based around the new updates to damage over time, and I really want to make something work with ignite, anyways this is essentially what I came up with, I tried different ideas and classes es, life and I will include them both in this wip build so others can share their opinions and collaborate with me.

- firstly, this is a work in progress idea, it is not completed.
- secondly, looking for criticism such as: changes, item ideas, sustain, and opinions / thoughts.
- lastly, things may change on release so take everything lightly.

Witch - Elementalist Life Version [Main Focus]

WIP (need help with)

- Figuring out sustain with life pool.
- Balancing overall
- Link setup.
- Some how fit Kaom's Heart in possibility?
- Power charge generation (maybe assassins mark curse instead of vulnerability?)

Pros / Cons

+ Ignite dps 705k ignite dps, or 2.8m (entire ignite duration 4s) (fully buffed).
+ Mind over Matter.
+ High mana pool for Mind over Matter, upwards of around 3k+, with potential of 3.8k with top end gear.
+ Decent life pool of around 5-6k, with potential of 6-7k on top end gear.
+ Decent mana regen of around 458 / second with top end gear.
+ Decent armour / evasion

- Gear will be expensive, especially WED gear.
- Crafting a +3 bow can be annoying / slightly expensive.
- has not been tested yet in game

Skills / Gems / Links

6L +3 Bow
1. Explosive Arrow
2. Burning Damage
3. Deadly Ailments
4. Elemental Damage with Attacks
5. Increased Critical Strikes
6. Rapid Decay

4L Auras (gloves, helmet, boots)
1. Enlighten
2. Clarity (for mana regen)
3. Grace / Determination (depending on situation)
4. ?

4L Immortal Call (gloves, helmet, boots)
1. Immortal Call
2. Molten Shell?
3. Increased Duration
4. Cast when Damage Taken

4L Golem / Decoy (gloves, helmet, boots)
1. Summon Ice Golem
2. Summon Flame Golem
3. Decoy Totem
4. Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance

6L Body Armour Setup
1. orb of storms
2. curse on hit
3. vulnerability
4. power charge on critical
5. increased critical strikes
1. blink arrow

Gear / Items

+3 Bow, with ele implicit, atk spd %, global crit multi %, acc, ele dmg with atk skills%.
arm / eva, explosive arrow dmg enhancement, life, res.
Body Armour
arm / eva, life, res, dodge chance % or phys % reduction.
arm / eva, life, res, atk spd %.
arm / eva, life, move speed %, res.
mana regen implicit (blue pearl), mana reg%, global crit %, life, mana, ele dmg with atk skills%.
crit implicit, life, mana, mana reg%, ele dmg with atk skills %, stats (if needed), crit %.
vanguard / leather belt, armour, life, res, reduced flask charges used, ele dmg with atk skills%.
Witchfire brew, diamond flask, rumi's.
Crit%, Crit Multi%

Bandit Choice

Alira: Mana Regen, Crit Multiplier, and Resists.

Ascendancy Points

Liege of the Primordial
Shaper of Desolation (100% chance to ignite for 6/14 seconds)
Beacon of Ruin (ignite spreads, and frees up a slot on our main link setup)
Paragon of Calamity

Passive Tree Link (level 100)


Path of Building Link (level 100)


Scion - Ascendant Life Version

Passive Tree Link (level 100)


Path of Building Link (level 100)


Shadow - Trickster ES Version

Path of Building Link (level 100)


Shadow - Assassin ES Version

Path of Building Link (level 100)


Witch - Elementalist ES Version

Path of Building Link (level 100)


Updates / Changes




Thanks for your support, ideas, criticism, and opinions. Credit will be given in credit section if I decide to use an idea posted.
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Last bumped on Oct 4, 2017, 11:11:47 AM
Due to nerf incoming to new gems & Pefect agony, we will have to wait & see b4 theory craftin this .
yeah unfortunately... wasn't too happy to read the perfect agony nerf, I think the gems and keystone nerf were a bit overkill, but I guess wait and see if anything gets changed around hopefully they will realize it was a bit much.
IGN: @Steppy
having more ignite chance decrease the ignite dps somehow...
raider op
yes, I would assume this issue is related to the keystone passive "Perfect Agony", because technically when you crit and you get ignites from critical strikes the damage is affected from critical damage because of Perfect Agony, but when you just have chance to ignite the critical damage is not affecting this so this would make sense why the ignite damage would be lower than compared to when you actually critically strike an enemy.
IGN: @Steppy
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This is what I got inspired from what you have.

All of this is before the Perfect Agony nerf.

Both screenshots have on Kaom's Heart, Facebreaker, Garukhan's Flight, and Marylene's Fallacy.

The rest are life, res and stats fillers including diamond rings except the bow and quiver which kind of expensive.

I decided to avoid everything mana and everything ele dmg with attacks.

Ruby Flask for reflect instead of Rumis.

Enduring cry for life regen, blood rage for frenzy dps, and orb of storm + PCOC for power charge.

You have to go blood magic to go near 10k life I believe.

The life leech is from the quiver corrupt, for shits and giggles.

And enemies are on full life.

I'd like to keep my build secret just ss and specs for now.

Assassin Level 100

Assasin Level 68 for Kaoms (with 10 free pts from quests, and without all jewels)

raider op
Last edited by jvlinh on Jun 28, 2017, 6:22:54 PM
yeah, the only issue I have with assassin at the moment is i'm not 100% sure of how the mechanics of explosive arrow work, from my understanding is an arrow is shot and applies a debuff (fuse charge) and then after 1 second by default if no extra charges are added (arrows fired on same enemy) then the charge timer reaches 0 seconds and the fuse explodes dealing aoe elemental damage with a chance to crit of its own.

the problem I would have is that the arrow itself before the fuse being applied deals damage of its own (I think?) so that would make the enemy no longer on full life thus resulting in the aoe blast from explosive arrow having an initially pseudo critical strike chance on paper, and overall a reduced critical strike chance and possibly pointless to go assassin for that reason, if thats not the case and the arrow doesn't do any damage then yes assassin would be great, but i'm unsure thats why I tried out other variants.

other thoughts would be that it could still be one of the better options because even if that is the case you could use the aoe to crit other enemies and benefit from the assassin ascendancy, and just use ignite prolif to bring it back to the initial enemy you were targeting.
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Am I missing something or why don't you get EE when using Orb of Storms?
And I always think its a shame not to take Acrobatics if you're 2-3 points away from it.

Clicked around a bit in PoB and came up with this: https://pastebin.com/RYfNp4jn

Still some problems like Vaal Pact without leech, no frenzy generation etc.
Last edited by Qancho on Jun 29, 2017, 5:32:09 AM
Yeah absolutely you can rework some points around if you wanted to acquire having acrobatics its an option, but I choose not to take it personally because its 6 points away and I wanted to focus on obtaining hybrid gear arm / eva and try to stay away from acrobatics just because of the distance, but you are free to try and adjust some points around and EE is also an option for sure!
IGN: @Steppy
Looks cool, gl.

How are you going to sustain mana tho?
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