The Fall of Oriath: Doedre the Vile

Guess she drained all her blubber into the cauldron to cook up that curse. Looks like spreading yourself all over the landscape is one way to turn oneself into a god.
"Into the Labyrinth!
left step, right step, step step, left left.
Into the Labyrinth!"
What is that cauldron? I don't remember it being there before ... I think I need to pay more attention to my surroundings ...
Music's a bit generic.
You're not Exiles. You're clowns! Toa thonna mondarr! Nocklith! Vohkbar! YOU'RE ALL CLOWNS! CLOWNS! CLOWNS!

Discovered the GF and my RL friends enjoy For Honor! BLISS!
i didn't know you could use extra skin to fly *-*
Ign: ThatManWithTheBow
Can't wait to slap around those saggy bags!
Chuggin that slim-fast
I was thinking that doedre feeds the beast, but it looks like kitava was doedre's food. What a plot twist!!!
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Even with the delay, i'm hoping 3.0 is still around the week of July 11th.

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