The One-Week Legacy event is currently in its last few days and we're very pleased with how competitive these events have been and how many players are participating in them. As a result of this event, we've received a lot of interest from players who are interested in having Solo-Self Found options for the upcoming Two-Week Mayhem Event.

We would have been happy to add both Standard and Hardcore Solo-Self Found events to run in parallel to the Two-Week Mayhem events. Unfortunately, there is a technical limitation that prevents us from running more than three events in parallel. This means in order to offer a Solo-Self Found option for these events we have to choose between offering Standard Solo-Self Found or Hardcore Solo-Self Found.

Because Solo-Self Found mode is considered an added challenge, we felt that this would be best paired with Hardcore mode in order to create an extra challenging version of the event. This means that for the upcoming Two-Week Mayhem Event you'll have the option of joining any of the Standard Two-Week Mayhem, Hardcore Two-Week Mayhem or Hardcore Solo-Self Found Two-Week Mayhem events.

In any of the Two-Week Mayhem events, if you achieve the top of your Ascendancy class you'll be awarded an Alternate Art Demigod's Dominance. This means there are another nineteen Demigod's Dominances available in the Hardcore Solo-Self Found event. We are also looking at increasing the microtransaction and Beta Key prize pool for these three events so that there is even more to compete for. We'll share more information about this once it's finalised.

For more information about the upcoming events, check out the Events Schedule or our announcement and prizes here.
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Grinding Gear Games
that is actually great
Anything for top non-ascended classes?
My apologies to all
Don't you guys kind of need to nerf Headhunter?
Bex is best waifu ✿
Wow. Good stuff.
IGN: Jerle/JerleLabHero (Harbinger)
Wow now i feel like i can compete in a race instead of competing with streamers and thier army of traders. This is actually the most exciting news ive read about racing in a very long time. Thanks GGG.
You've done fucked up
I love POE thiiiiiiiiss much (see avatar picture)
Don't you guys kind of need to nerf Headhunter?

Person who never used Headhunter might not know it, but unless you are playing crazy top tier clear speed build with special setup (Beyond shenanignas, Added Rare mobs, etc. etc.), Headhunter isn't really overpowered. Like at all.

Real issues here are monster density + OP meta builds.
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