Spelling mistakes and typos

After completing one of the trials, Izaro says "There is a fine line between consideration and hesitation. The former is wisdom, the latter is fear", but there is no period at the end of the sentence.
I just got a helmet enchantment for Spectral Throw on merciless labyrinth, it says:
"20% increased Specral Throw Projectile Speed"

Missing the T in Spectral.
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"(...) Fire damage" / "(...) Cold damage" / "(...) Lightning damage" all spelled with lowercase d. I don't think anything does that in similar contexts.

Should be "Fire Damage" / "Cold Damage" / "Lightning Damage"

Poor Ele hit.

When the Shadow enters the Chamber of Sins, his text says "I've seen some dark places in my line of work, but this something else." The voice line is correct, but the text is missing "is": "this is something else."

The titles of these gems aren't consistent, prepositions with lower and upper case letters.

For the future
Cast On Critical Strike
Cast on Death
Cast on Melee Kill
Cast when Damage Taken
Cast when Stunned
Curse On Hit
If Izaro is granted his three elemental Lieutenants, three statues representing them appear after (at least in my experience) the second Izaro fight. The middle statue--Conduit of Lightning--lists three mods at top-center of screen when highlighted. The first is as follows:

"Grants Izaro exra Lightning Damage"

Sorry if this is a duplicate report.
Thought it would be amazing if i managed to find a typo, well,.. i have

it is on the Maligaro's Restraint chain belt,.

it says : "Shocks you Cause Are Reflected back to you"

Cause Are together like that makes the sentence makes no sense

"Shocks you because they are reflected back at you," i would guess is trying to be said here,.

I can't think of any better version's you could put right now. but yes it makes no sense in English,
"Cause" is not the abbreviated form of "because". You are thinking of " 'cause" - note the apostrophe, indicating letters have been dropped.

English is not my native tongue so I'll just grab a dictionary definition :P
"a person that acts or a thing that occurs so as to produce a specific result"

You Crit an enemy with Lightning Damage, and cause them to be Shocked - you inflict Shock.
The Shock that you caused/inflicted, is Reflected back to you.
Capital 'i' in "KIll":

// screenshot taken in Merciless on May 22

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