Changes to the Labyrinth

Is only the first labyrinth being shortened, or all non-uber labs? PLEASE MAKE IT ALL NON-UBER LABS!
In Game Name: TytaniumRampage
These Trials will remain in the first section of the campaign (4 acts) or they will be distributed through the 10 acts?
sherkhan wrote:
Eutektos wrote:
What about Offering to the Goddess?

I'm surprised this isn't the first question on everyone's mind.

Because everyone else read the post?
"You'll be able to access all versions of the Labyrinth from the Aspirants' Plaza."
Not really sure what the question could be about if not that. Of course, a question as ambiguous as "what about X" can mean anything, so I might be completely off-track all the same.
Still aids. Especially "normal" and "cruel" difficulty. Pointless.

Bad news
They are not removing the labyrinth...
ZiggyD is the Labyrinth of streamers, some like it, some dont, but GGG will make sure to push it down ur throat to make you like it
why not 9 at least that way Scion wouldn't be a terrible choice, considering you've butchered her. I'd like to see the stats of people playing Scion now, cause I bet that she's at the bottom of the list. Feel sorry for when noobs on the xbox unlock her thinking she should be awesome (cause you have to unlock her) only to find out later in levels she's grossly inferior.
Please just add an opt out where you fight Izario, get your points, dont get any treasure chests or enchants.
Same question, what will happen to the offering?
Or do we still need to find the offering(i.e. trials) to get into end game lab? Even though we still access it from Aspirant plaza.
I got all excited when I read changes to lab lol. Maybe you should call the thread "NO changes to the lab".

Also in regard to the offering lol what do you think? They will still have to be found and farmed in the same way as before.
"Blue warrior shot the food"
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The lab is still a piece of s***

I hate the lab


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