Developer Photos

oh, that blonde

first page HYPE XD

Nessa is muh waifu. Her voice gets me
QA team has a d3 mouse pad. yep, somehow that seems perfectly accurate.
How to make currency in Path of Exile, a comprehensive guide:
Dream work. Looks like a awesome office! Keep the good job guys :)
Ruining Path of Exile balance since 2014
That moment when you see how many bugs GGG know are in the game and they need to fix, that is not an small number. :V


Why you think that all of this are bugs? It's standard management tool (redmine) for projects. Maybe most of created issues are new features and improvements and not bugs? ;)
Jeff from QA reppin' the open air Sennheiser HD 650s in the office. The balls on this guy! Those things are basically speakers strapped on your head. The PoE offices must be quite loud to drown that out.
A "compare" button for the xbox, eh
You make my ochinchin go doki doki.

hope someone in there is doing a sunder effect rework
All these guys playing games at work...
I tried having Path of Exile up on one of my screens at work, didn't go down as well.
It's nice to finally know what the back of the heads of GGG staff looks like
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Where is the gore, torture chamber, pain and suffering????? his for sure is not POE dev studio.

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