Missing prophecy tab and navali in towns

Hi i have a problem. Navali dissapeared for my character on legacy league and im missing prophecy tab.
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Did you rescue her from the climb?
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yes i used prophecies this league however later prophecy tab dissapeared
My girl friend as the same problem we actualy saved navali from the clim and we already used prophecy but now the prophecy tab is lost and we can't find navali she's not in town and we've cheked every town of every difficulty...
Did you guys maybe start with playing Hardcore and died?
You have to safe her in the Climb in Softcore then again.
Then you get the Tab back and she is in the towns again.
having same problem any clue as to fix?
I just got the same issues. I cannot find Navali in any town and I am in Abyss SC.

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