As with each new release, Content Update 2.6.0 has attracted a number of new Path of Exile players! Therefore it's the perfect time to share some easy to follow guides for getting started in the new Legacy Leagues! While the leagues are only four days old, we've already seen some great moments experienced by the community! We've compiled some of these highlights (and lowlights) to share with you.

Community Made Guides

Creating a build by Engineering Eternity

Exiled! Podcast - Starting Strong in 2.6 Legacy League with ZiggyD and Zizaran

5 Awesome League Starter Builds by LiftingNerdBro

Starter Builds for Legacy League by Mathil1

Zizaran's optimised Atlas for the Legacy League

New Player Friendly Skill Guide by Pohx

Highlights and Lowlights

Zizaran takes on double Brutus bosses

Hanarashi has good luck!

ItsYoji has bad luck!

Raiz wants a 5-link

NorseTV can't brick his item

Rank #1 in Hardcore Legacy League plays with Helman

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You guys watch a lot of TV there.
Last edited by SidleJinks on Mar 6, 2017, 4:10:27 PM
stop promoting streamer cults
it's ruining the creativity in the community
Some good moments in there.
A fun league so far!
Hideout of the Week: Joe Schmoe VS. The Volcano

Still available in Standard.
You are welcome to see it for yourself anytime.
streaMers are fine

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Very helpful, thanks!

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