✪ [ON] Dakoom's FREE Shaper + Guardians Service + Uber Atziri / Free Master Crafting ✪

i got a quick shaper kill from this guy

+1 vouche
very quick uber lab

Immedaitly Ripped 3x my uber atziri with 3 ports remaining. Probs good for other services. Not for uber though. Don't waste your $ with the atziri service.
+rep craft movespeed, recommended!
Got a guardian kill, no problems!
Really quick shaper run. Also got all the loot. :) Thanks again Dakoom!

Last edited by Tronnic on Mar 19, 2017 10:36:13 AM
got a quick breachlord kill thanks!
Got a Shaper kill, thanks.
Killed my shaper, uber atziri for challenge, quick run! thanks
Last edited by Osiris694 on Mar 21, 2017 7:29:37 PM
Did chaos dmg to attacks on Amulet (Elreon 7) for me.

Nice guy.

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