Costume Showcase

Been waiting to get that bandanna ;)
Exile number 4 this season finally pulled it off.

Daily Wraeclast Screenshots
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hello gamers, great Outfits you have there. I was realy impressed by some really stunning outfits. Ater have seing so many nice Outfit combinations i got jellous so i'd like to share my Outfit with you also.

I present you the Dark Avenger outfit

I disabled auras cause they annoyed me..

What am I wearing? Lets go through to this:

Helmet: Naga Helmet skin (microtransaction)
Chest: Belly of the Beast (skin Transfer on Carcass Jack)
Gloves: Seraph Gloves skin (microtransaction)
Boots: Seraph Boots skin (microtransaction)
Weapon: Starforge (original skin)
Weapon effect: Seeker weapon effect (microtransaction)

I hope you like my outfit and I Could give you some ideas of how to style your Outfit. Please quote my post with your impressions and recommendations :)


Greeks, check out our guild "Zorba The Greek"

I would kill for any true gold helmet aside from the gold skull for this outfit...Vibrant gold like the maul, dang.
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Celestial Thug with :

Celestial Helmet and Body armor, Council glove, Legion Boot ,Legion weapon weffect, Eclipse Cloak, Incursion bandana and Celestial character effect.

3.3 HC CI Cold Crit:
IGN- Skadiiii
Awakening Beta Build:
2.2 HC CI Cold Crit:

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