Help with builds

Hey guys, finally i got 1 ex, and i want to make a new build, my flameblast elementalis just bores me, i think is because shes slow, cuz she does not have whirling blades, there is some build, life based, cheap, cuz im poor, which can do tier 6+ maps? something funny, i got vortex 18 cuality, and i was looking to make something with this, something like chaos vortex or some coc but they are expensive? idk, help pls!
Last bumped on Jan 12, 2017 2:32:57 AM
You could do chaos vortex by converting cold to fire, then fire to chaos, using Pyre ring, and dual wielding Consuming Dark daggers, and wearing Infernal Mantle. You could even to Cold to Fire Chaos Vortex Trapper. That would be pretty easy to do relatively cheap, and I could see it pretty easily carrying you through tier 6 maps on a low budget.

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