Ctrl-Clicking lots of currency

When trading with currency flippers I tend to hold control and click stacks of currency as fast as I can. Which is to say not as fast as Id like.

Often when BUYING large amounts of currency with multiple stacks the stacks transfer into the trade window from the person Im trading with almost instantly.

Is there a transfer command Im unaware of? Ive been looking around but cant find anything.
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They mostly use some kind of macro, which is forbidden since it performs more that 1 action ( if I am correct), it's not an ingame feature
Its like, if you want to sell 1000 chromes for 1ex in standard.

Welcome to 50x click zone :DDD
I figured there was some kind of "illegal" macro involved. I remember a couple years ago there was a stash sorter program available, which I used without any thought that it was likely a violation of the ToS until one day it just no longer worked. When I DID think about it was like "Oh yeah I guess I AM in idiot, lucky not to have been banned." IT was pretty benign but a violation nonetheless.

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