[3.2] Apostel of the Seas - CI HOWA ZO Inquisitor Cyclone

Quick 3.2 Update, now Ascendant: https://pastebin.com/nQeTMb96


Raw Numbers

- 150k DPS
- 28% Ele Mitigation
- 36% Phys Mitigation
- 2243 Regen (2700 after Enduring Cry)
- 12.000 ES in mediocre ES gear
- 1073 INT


- good for people like me who never play(ed) CI, since STUN and the absence of life flasks don't matter

- vaal cyclone viable (even in breaches) unless you spawn Bameth and get instagibbed by corpse explosion

- doesn't abuse VP+GR or Vinktar's and will be perfectly fine in future versions of the game


- not cheap, just getting 4 offcolor on the chest cost me 1500 Chomatics even though I rolled "reduced attribute requirements" on it, all in all I'd say at least 10ex are required in Softcore

- No regen/Less Recovery/Elemental Reflect have to be rerolled while mapping

- Leveling can be painful if you don't want to go life first

- Pebbles on the ground can be annoying for Cyclone


This is pretty straightforward, since we are using Hand of Wisdom and Action we want to get as much INT as possible, which then also goes towards Energy Shield.

Apart from that we just pick up some damage, attack speed, efficient ES nodes and as much Life Regen as possible.

When it comes to Ascendancies Inquisitor fits perfectly since we get:

- 6% All Res (more room for ES and INT on gear! :)
- 8% less elemental damage taken (great for reflect and volatile)
- 80% Increased Damage
- 16% More Elemental Damage
- 49% Increased Attack Speed
- 5% ES Regen
- 4% mana regen, solves all mana issues

- Status Ailment Immunity, this is just awesome especially in breaches with shocked/frozen/burning ground everywhere

Bandits and Passive Tree

Normal: Kraytin
Cruel: Kraytin
Merciless: Oak - Enduring Cry gives us additional 600 regen and 16% phys mitigation at 4 charges!

Passive Tree at Lvl94

2 jewels are mandatory:
- Brute Force Solution left of Templar
- Energy Within right of Templar

Gem Setup & Flasks

Chest: Cyclone - WED - LPen - EleFocus - Fortify (- Faster Attacks)

Helmet: CWDT LvL 1 - Vortex LvL 1 - Curse on Hit - Enfeeble

Gloves: Vaal Cyclone - Faster Attacks - LPen - EleFocus/WED

Boots: Wrath - Discipline (- Clarity - Enlighten, becomes obsolete once you have Pious Path)

Claw1: Stone Golem - CWDT 20 - Lightning Warp LvL 1 (LW can safe your life if you happen to Vaal Cyclone 20 Bearers)

Claw2: Enduring Cry - Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks


My current gear


I don't like showcasing builds in easy map mods, Hydra would be dead in a minute in those.

Elemental Equilibrium - Ele Weakness - 48% Life - 91% Extra Damage as Fire HYDRA

T11 Vaal Cyclone Fun

Tul's Domain

Final Thoughts

Elemental Overload is appealing, but that would require getting accuracy on many items.
I am at 1000 accuracy currently, and If I spec out of RT I have 75% chance to hit...

Another thing is reflect mobs which are completely fine now, will most likely be an issue then.

I don't know how much damage you need, but for me 150k is way more than I need to feel comfortable. :)

Lookin forward to your feedback! :)
Perception is reality.
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