[2.5] /The Imploder\ CI CoC Fire Vortex Endgame build TOP DPS Sub 10s Minotaur-Hydra

Hi everyone,

Up until 2.5 came I was playing CoC discharge life based with dual VB but generating 9 power charges twice per second on a single target became too hard so I had to make some changes.
Slowly adjusting and improving what I came up with every week I feel it is now in a state where I can share it with you.

This is a Cyclone cast on critical strike Vortex build with 100% cold to fire and 10x Grand Spectrum Jewels for crazy damage.
This is not a cheap/leveling build, but I detail more affordable options.

Maze of the Minotaur map run (3mns)

Shaper killed (with 7k ES and dual Doryani's)

x10 (500% increased elemental damage -spell & burning-)

Use 4% if you can't afford (400%)
Other options are a bunch of these
multiplier nodes - snowforged - burning damage etc...

Bandit Rewards
10% Resistance
Passive point
Power Charge

Offence (7 P Charges)

+714% burning damage (Increased Elemental damage) making ignites very lethal



My current gear, gem setup and details


With the blasphemy setup into +1 lvl gloves Temp chains base effect is 57% slower, we need +31.5% curse effect to get it to the 75% slower cap which is provided by the blasphemy gem and the helm enchant.
This is one of the main defensive and very important aspects of the build, it is very efficient against regular mobs, and decently effective against bosses (60% less effect = 30% slower)
Moreover it provides longer ignites on bosses. Elemental weakness is used to reduce resistances (-53% +10% =-58%) and we need lightning damage on our attacks (can be on the ring or gloves) to trigger the elemental equilibrium (-50% for a total of -108% against mobs -73% against bosses)
Hinekora's Sight amulet is used to get a decent amount of accuracy if you lack it on rings/gloves/helmet, the +1 curse is a luxury allowing us to save 4 points in the tree same as the +1 level on the chest (for empower lvl 5), you can use fire penetration or rapid decay instead.
Use Eye of Chayula or Kiara's Determination if you can't afford Skyforth

Jaws of agony in secondary slot is used to build up power charges by throwing traps.

The essential parts are :

- Doryani's Catalyst for the elemental damage and leech (you can dual wield them for more dmg at the expense of a lot of ES + Block)
- Pyre for the cold to fire conversion (3 dragons possible at the expense of a lot of ES if necessary)
- Hinekora's Sight for the accuracy
- Added Lightning on attacks
- Temporal chains effect enchantment on helmet (you can get curse effect nodes instead if too hard to get)
- Leech enchantment on boots


Pros & Cons

Good clearspeed
Very high damage
Can work with cheap gear
Very safe up until t16s
Intuitive & pleasant to play

Expensive when maxed
Cannot do Elem Reflect mod
Vulnerable to elem reflect rares (not os in solo though)
DPS highly reduced against ignite immune Bosses (Atziri & Guardian of the Phoenix) and on 90% chance to avoid status ailment map mod
Safety compromised on hexproof and curse affecting mods
Not leech based, have to dodge T16+ mechanics

10/01 Update - V2 of the build

The new skill tree
(11th Grand Spectrum added)

Overall 50% more damage.
IGN: Brentorg
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Nice build bro,

Maybe i'll try it !!

Thanks helios !
The video is now fully processed and available in 2880p quality.
IGN: Brentorg
edit: Nevermind
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I am pretty sure map bosses aren't 45% slower.
IGN: Brentorg
A new combo that works really well with the build :

Using Vaal Discipline + EEq + Shock it is a one shot on Hydra and Minotaur Guardians. It can probably be used on phases 2 & 3 of the Shaper but may be risky :)
IGN: Brentorg
hello, is this build viable without skyforth?

playing on league and skyforth is to expensive, but your build is relly interesting and i want to give it a try :)
Yes it is if you can use one of the other solutions for stuns like valyrium or eye of chayula.
IGN: Brentorg
cant find any amulet with %of fire dmg leeched, only with cold dmg, it is possible to take this with cold dmg, because cold dmg is converted to fire, or is there no leech on conferting dmg?
You deal no cold damage so it won't be of any use to you.
The leech on the amulet is not important 0.2% from Doryani's Catalyst is enough for mob packs.
IGN: Brentorg

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