[3.0] Budget Auramancer with Totems - Now with 12 auras

Does this build still work?

I'm new, so I'm not sure what's changed since this build was written. Is it still viable?
From what I have checked the build still works however here are some points:

- Now it might have slightly less life because of the normal bandidts change
- Now it will have less ES than before, but this should still be sufficient to cover the MoM need.
- The evasion gear like the bucklers may be more expensive than before (but hopefully not too much).

For bandits now you just got for +2.

Other than this the build is exactly the same. I will update the guide at some point but so far I didn't get the chance.

In any case though since you are new, this build might be a bit hard to do, especially when it comes to getting some of the gear. If you follow the guide in detail though it shouldn't be too hard.

My advice to you is: make this your second char so that you can have some currency to be easier to get all the gear you need (as for a first character it requires to make careful desisions when buying gear etc). Also ideally if you played with friends it may be easier to level while partying, otherwise after a point you need to get used to getting in parties etc to be able to play.
I have updated the guide slightly with a 3.0 section (even though I realize I have done this fairly late).

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