2.5.1 Patch Notes

Qarl wrote:
2.5.1 Patch Notes
  • Rare monsters from the Esh breaches should no longer prevent players from gaining souls.

Oh thank god. I hated using vaal cyclone with my RF build and end up not being able to get souls to continue to use it.
Wont be long until until all double dipping will be called a bug,lol or perhaps change it to 10 blades for less strain on the servers, expecting some :) bug fixes to the current spin to win Cyclone favorite of the month as well pretty soon,,,LoL players starting to disguise best skills via gem swapping before long,,typical conversation would be like,,,oh this old build :) isnt viable for anything but dry lake farming :)

Skill Gem Doomsday,,,,Streamergeddon :)

New Skill Gem Tabs for retired, old, weak, or buggy gems coming soon to a store near you, but wait ,,,act now for bonus tab for those dusty uniques, Hoarder blue light special :)
Remember when high end gear was really high end !
Classic Audio all the way,olderthandirt and twice as
Grizzly :)
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Oh, the fun police were out in full force tonight!

Standard IGN: _DipDodgeDuck_
In excess of a month since the DX11 client was introduced and still no fix for the graphical issues?
Qarl wrote:
2.5.1 Patch Notes
  • The snowstorm skill used by the Tul Breach monsters now provides less damage avoidance to the monsters inside of it.


Tul is still completely fucking ridiculous...nerf didn't do anything.
pathofexile.exe has stop responding
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I saw a ton of people crashing during shared Zana dailies just after the patch, I was the only one who did not have any trouble.
Everyone else had at least one crash, and every map 2-4 people crashed, someone mentioned their GFX card (GForce 970) was hitting 100% in no time.

Seems like there is some major issue going on.

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