2.5.1 Patch Notes

Completed 37 ChallengesHeli0nix wrote:
That's few hours of playtime and currencies invested wasted into a nerfed build at the middle of a league. Didn't knew till today it was a bug ... I don't care if it was after league or if it was really OP but i'm sorry the BV problem right now still require a lot of investement to work in higher levels or endgame content and is outclassed by 30c builds using flameblast / VRF / Trappers and much more.

That was my two cents hope this kind of implementation mistakes will likely never happen again.

its not the mid of league, the league its 3 months , mid league its 6 weeks
Another successful nerf by Blizzard.

What new over-priced items might we be looking forward to in the ca$h shop today? Not that it matters too much, I noticed a double dipping effect into my wallet when I was having fun. I need to fix this since it should not be occurring any more.
Why do people keep calling "nerf" to a bugfix? It's not that hard to use words properly.
Harmona wrote:
Why do people keep calling "nerf" to a bugfix? It's not that hard to use words properly.

Because they're a bunch of crybabies who were abusing what was obviously not intended.

I knew the moment I tried adding poison to BV that it could not have possibly been intended. 2-3 ticks of a 20 stack BV would poison for enough to kill cruel bosses in the low 50's, with a tree that had almost no damage nodes(I did my pathing to vaal pact from marauder first). Once I added in the phys/chaos nodes by shadow start, it got even more ridiculous in merciless. Was a complete joke to level with.
Reimur: even though you're wrong, why would you have faith in diamond supporters? you're talking about a group of people that are so autistic that they would spend 1000 dollars on pixels. we're almost the most idiotic group of people in this community. second to hardcore players.
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Blade Vortex's "More Damage per Blade" modifier has been changed to apply only to spell damage instead of all damage types. This will remove a double-dipping effect that should not have been occurring.

That's the first time a mind-league "nerf" actually affects me.
Wasn't even aware that there was a double-dipping from the BV-multiplier itself going on, let alone that it was a bug.

The last BV-"fix" (snapshotting across multiple BV instances) had no impact on my build, I guess I'll wait and see how this one will work out before I go into panic mode.

I was about to roll another character anyway.
So where can i view the newly added divination cards?
Any fix on Directx 11?
Rip BV, joke. Just balanced now.
Looks decent. Hopefully the new cards are relatively common and in the 7-12 range.

On another note, if the next league is offering yet another footprint, portal, wing or weapon effect for challenges I'm just gonna skip them. We haven't had an armor set since Talisman.
Yay card slider :D

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