[2.5 HC] Ethereal Knives poison assassin

Posting my build here so people can review it and help me make it better.

I don't know what I should use as 5th support link;
so far I use Ethereal knives + Faster casting + Spell echo + Added fire damage.

5th support link possibilities:
- Controlled destruction,
- Added chaos damage,
- Pierce,
- Physical to lightning support (this could be used for physical reflect maps),
- Increased critical damage,
- Increased critical strikes.

I use Herald of fire and Added fire damage. These really work amazing with The Consuming Dark becaause 30% of my fire damage gets converted to chaos damage. So no reflect problems and my poison becomes bigger. With more chaos damage I also leech more from Atziri's Promise.
As defenses I use Blasphemy + Enfeeble + Temporal Chains.
Temporal chains also increases the duration of the poison on enemies.

My gear so far:

My passive tree so far:

The lategame passive tree I'm working towards

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could you please post a leveling guide for the passive tree?
and some videos
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Was thinking of an EK poison build as well, but this is really not the way to go. Such small portion of your damage gets to poison and you lose quite a lot of dps by using Consuming Dark vs a good rare.

You should try building around Cospri's Will Assassin's Garb (or Poison support gem), that would be much more efficient since all your physical damage gets to poison that way, but I guess you are invested a lot to back up to a life build now, so Id suggest just continue building CI EK and forget poison.
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How do life leech with this build

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