Lighty League Builds

This is the place for my temp league builds/gear/tree's that dont deserve there own thread.

If your looking for the BIG lighty builds (cyclone,bf totems ect..) there linked on the website

Brutus Lead Sprinkler Berserker

place holder *

15c Allelopathy Blight Cry Berzerker
Hidden Potential

Spreading Rot (blight threshold jewel)


1-12 fireball & flame totem
12-34 flame totem & Firestorm
34+ abyssal cry & blight

Kill All Bandits = +2 Passives

All gear slots aside from gloves are Magic with Life/SpellDamage/Res

Jewels Search, Look for life/dmg/chaos/area/res

Passive Tree & Tree if poeplanner is down

Scion Chain Vaal Fireball

Starter Life Tree
Lowlife Tree (may change some)

Jewel Search

Uniques You Want:

Chill fo Corruption
Sacrificial Harvest
Rolling Flames

Insanity Craft Some i84 Sorc Gloves

Help Alira

faster attacks - shield charge


herald of ice - herald of thunder - curse on hit - assassins mark

cast when damage taken - immortal call - increased duration

Vaal fireball + critical strikes - fire penetration - controlled destruction - chain - added cold/crit dmg

fire ball + conc/echo + lmp + controlled destruction

level with spark > firestorm > flame blast > cwc+flameblast+firestorm until like 60/70 then can VFB

Lowlife lv100 tree


Arc Miner Ci/life(its shit)
  • Arc-Mine-Minefield-AddedLightning-CritStrikes-CritDmg
  • Clarity-Wrath
  • Spelltotem-FasterCasting-DetonateMine
  • VaalClarity-IncreasedDurtion
  • CastWhenDamageTaken-ImmortalCall-TempestShield-TempChains
  • FlameDash-FasterCasting

Leveling Basic Outline

CI Tree

Life Based (dont do it)

Make sure you have a bleed & Curse Immune Flask

"Stats You Want"
Spell damage
Spell crit/multi
Res until 171% (ele cap)

"sort of ideal gear"
Dream frags
presence of chayula
call of the brotherhood
Rumi's Concoction

everything else you want rare

Help Alira(beta)

Help Oak
Kill All
Help Alira


Vaal Power Siphon Deadeye>Pathfinder
Lake Farmer Phase 1/3:
Passive Tree
kill all
help oak
help alira

Obliteration x2
eye of chayula
crown of eyes

Vps-crit chance-wed-phys to lightning-life leech
hoi-hot-curse on hit-poachers
warp/dash-ice(6-20) golem(3)-cwdt(lv1)[

Mapping & Stuff Phase 2/3
Jewel Search 3-4prop

Passive Tree

Most same as above, KB in 6l & VPS goes to 4l, vintkars,dying sun, shield+wand ect.

Completed 24 ChallengesGear wrote:

CI CoC Burning Vortex

Passive Tree

Leveling Tree For Nubs

jewel Search parameter

Swap to CI at 53,get Rainbow Strides, Chayula, Shade form and vagan dagger. Should be at cap res and 3.5-4k es in dried lake(cruel)

Ascendancy Priority:
Shade Form ➥ Walk The Aether ➥ Swift Killer

1-12 Spark
12-28 Firestorm
28-53 Vortex (self cast)
53-100 Coc Vortex

Kill all (help alira if skyforth)
Help Kraiten
Help Alira

Elreon Elementalist Flameblast
Currently playing this in Breach HC, essentially the updated version of ele prolif I played in 0.9.7 when it was released. This is a placeholder for the build guide. Basic info below, will update fully over time.

"Required" Uniques:
cloak of flame
Elreon jewelry -8x3(want res rings & dex ammy)
saffels frame & rise of the phoenix(for map swaps)
Doryani's Catalyst (best in slot)

Help Oak
Help Alira
Kill All

1-12 Spark ➥ Added Lightning ➥ Added Cold
12-28 Firestorm ➥ Trap ➥ Controlled Destruction ➥ Fire Penetration

Jewels Priority:(want fire/life on every jewel)
Fire damage
Maximum % Life
Ignite chance/duration (until 100%)
Area Damage
Cast speed
Attack and Cast Speed
Cast while holding a Shield

Passive Tree


FB Domination Blow
In their campaign to become the dominant order on Oriath, the Templars often faced impossible odds. This led them to master the technique known as the Dominating Blow. Dominating Blow does nothing exceptional when it strikes, little more than some damage. However, it also binds the soul of the victim to the will of the caster for a short duration. If the target dies with its soul bound, it will immediate reanimate, ready to fight alongside its new master for a time. With Dominating Blow on their side, warriors of The Order were able to overcome incredibly lopsided numbers in battle, often turning half of an army against itself


Punch Everything And Form A Giant Army That Will Follow You While You Steamroll Through Anything That Stands In Your Way. The Whole Point Of This Build Is Creating And Maintaining Insane Amounts Of Clear-Speed Momentum With Little To No Effort.

Passive Tree

1-4 Fire trap + Fireball/Moltenstrike/Ground slam
4-12 Fire Trap + Flame Totem + Fireball/Moltenstrike/Groundslam
12-38 Fire Trap + Flame Totem + Firestorm
38+ Dominating Blow + Multistrike + Bloodmagic + Life Gain On Hit

Help Oak = 40 Life
Help Kraiten = 8% Attack Speed
Help Oak = +1 Max Endurance Charge

77 Shipyard Map Demo

Regarding Bloodline Mods

Required Gear

Nothing Needs Be Legacy Or Specifically Corrupted, That Being Said Dominating Blow's Dps Is Lackluster And Without 900%+ Facebreakers or Legacy Bringer Of Rain You Will Notice A Signigicant Drop In Clear Speed.
*Stone of lazhwar*

My Gear

Because We Use Facebreakers And Bringer Of Rain We Lose The Sockets And Stats For Both A Weapon And A Body Armour. This Can Make Getting Capped Resistances And The Desired Amount Of Intelligence And Dexterity Difficult. I Find Jewelry The Most Important Pieces Of Gear Because We Require The Highest Flat Added Physical Damage Possible On Every Piece And Its A Prime Location For Resistances And Intelligence/Dexterity.

Gems and Links

4L: Aura Setup: Hatred Can Be Replaced by Grace If You Feel Like Your Lacking Defensive Capabilities.

4L: Dominating Blow Setup: To Be Placed Into Bringer Of Rain.

3L: Passive Defensive Setup: Molten Shell and Immortal Call: A Curse if desired.

4L: Counter Attacks And Blood Rage: Blood Magic Can Be Removed If You Grab 2 More Reduced Aura Reservation Nodes On The Passive Tree. This Can Allow Us To Remove Riposte And Add Curse On Hit + Curse To Reckoning. I Personally Don't Find It Necessary As Most Of The Time Some Monster You've Dominated Will Be Applies A Curse Of Some Sort.


Interesting Interactions
  • You Can Dominate Totems. Although They Cannot Move They Will Teleport To You As All Dominated Monsters Do When They Reach The End Of Their Tether Range
  • Dominating A Fracture Monster Doesn't Dominate The Initial Monster, But The Fallowing 10 Fractured Copies. This Makes Maps With The Fracturing Mod Work In The Players Favor
  • Any Damage Over Time Effect [DOT] Such As Burn Will Persist Through The Reanimation Of A Dominated Monster And Can Potentially Kill Them A Second Time. Because The DOT Isn't Coming From The Skill Dominating Blow, This Will Not Cause Them To Re-Reanimate
  • Soul Conduit Monsters Reanimate As An Enemy First And Must Be Re-Tagged By Dominating Blow To Return Under Your Command
  • While You Cannot Dominate Unique Monsters, There Minions Can Be. There Totems However, Cannot Be
  • When You Dominate A Monster After Berserk/Fury Is Activated, It Will Persist Past Its Reanimation, Despite Being Back At Full Life
  • Volatile Flame/Ice/Storm Blood Will Explode On Death And Not Reanimate Under Your Command
  • Minions Summoned By Atziri During Her "Feeding Phase" Can Be Dominate However They Will Die When The Phase Changes
BoR Dualstrike
Video Guide & Demo
HCP Day 1 Gear
HCP Day 2 Gear
HCP Day 3 Gear
HCP Day 4 Gear

Build Summary:
Essentially its a 1 button build with a ton of layered defenses
  • Block
  • Evasion
  • Dodge
  • Arctic Armour
  • Blind + Smoke Cloud
  • Perma Fortify
  • Whirling/Leap
You End up with 5.5-6k life and very strong single target dps, the aoe is pretty shit.

Leveling Tips:
  • Any leveling uniques will make getting to 67(BoR) easier and less painful
  • Early leveling sucks as melee but I used [Molten strike + Flametotem + Fire Trap ] until lv38.
  • Stone Golems OPOPOP at low levels and worth putting in a 3L [ Golem + Minion Speed + Melee Phys ]
  • 38+ [ Dual strike - Multistrike - Bloodmagic - Melee Splash ] and make sure you grab RT at some point, no reason to level without it.

Passive Tree:Champion Subclass: Free fortitude and move/attack speed

Required Uniques:
Only Required Unique is Bringer of Rain which grants an easy 7L and good life & evasion/armour; prevents you from using a body armour

Ideal Swords:
Corsair Sword is best with 1.55 aps. Below are the best prefix/suffixes you could ask for.
  • % Phys
  • Hybrid % Phys
  • Flat Phys
  • Attack Speed

Gems & Links:
  • Dual Strike - Multistrike - Bloodmagic - Melee Splash/Added Fire(single target) (Inside Bringer of Rain)
  • Whirling Blades - Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Bloodmagic
  • Cast When Damage Taken(1) - Immortal Call(3) - Warlords Mark(5)
  • Hatred - Herald Of Ash - Arctic Armour
  • Riposte - Vengeance - Bloodmagic - Bloodrage

  • Help Oak - 40 Life
  • Help Kraiten - 8% Attack Speed
  • Kill All - +1 Passive Point

  • Helm: Dualstrike Attack speed or DPS
  • Boots: 5% spell dodge when hit with a spell recently.
  • Glove: any "of war" animate weapon on kill enchant.The weapons based on your mainhand so put your best pdps weapon in that slot.

IGN: lighty_cyclone [Feel free to ask any questions ]
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Hey, having a blast with the VPS build , but how do you manage single target ?
Hey, looks Fun

Any suggestions on how to level Vaal Power Siphon. Waht skill did you use, any recomended uniques?

Completed 16 ChallengesCardox6 wrote:
Hey, having a blast with the VPS build , but how do you manage single target ?

Kb against walls is fine, even easier in high tier maps atm with a good wand, barrage is best though. Barrage + wed + crit + crit dmg
At what point do you switch from deadeye to pathfinder? I have about a 12-15ex budget to start with, but can't figure out to just start with the full "1/3" build, or how to transition into the 2/3 part gear wise. (Like when did you stop using oblits etc.. )
I got back into PoE about a month ago and I've been doing pretty much all of it solo, aside from general trading, etc. If I could get an invite to the guild, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
What does Brightbeak offer to the vaal fireball build that makes it recommended? I dont really get it...
Also, how is the build doing in harbinger for you so far?
Glad I found your YouTube guides. Your 15c build looks fun. Is there any chance you'll theory craft and optimize it? I'm terrible at building in this game but want to try this build and see what it would do if scaled from currency farmed.
Completed 21 ChallengesMemitim wrote:
Glad I found your YouTube guides. Your 15c build looks fun. Is there any chance you'll theory craft and optimize it? I'm terrible at building in this game but want to try this build and see what it would do if scaled from currency farmed.

yep did it some, check the most recent vid, go over a more invested version but still budget.
What does Brightbeak offer to the vaal fireball build that makes it recommended? I dont really get it...
Also, how is the build doing in harbinger for you so far?

movement speed through attack speed with shield charge, part 2 will be out Wednesday and you'll see the lowlife version.

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