[2.5] Juggernaut Blade Flurry - The Uber labyrinth killer on the budget?

WARNING: Build IS great but sucks if you dont invest a LOAD. I have Atziri bottle, VOIDHEART, a 6Link, High DPS weapon and you play META :( i thought it might be cheap but it isnt! If you look for cheap go AA Angry Earthquake PLS. Labytime is great i am under 15 min today! No death

Hi guys,

thats still just a build idea. I will try it and give you some more information here.
Maybe some of you got some awesome ideads for it, just post it pls.
We should have solid 3% Lifeleech, Fortify forever and everything a nice juggernaut wants for labby. Also high armour and 7%+ lifereg

Budget? maybe 10-20Chaos. Definitly a league starter build
The bottom Build I added (Max Block) is with the new Shield and might be a bit expensive. It got 78/78 Block and needs 5 expensive Jewels. Everything else is nearly the same. I will start with above version and try to get to the maxblock as soon as i can.

because EQ sucks for Labby to be honest. All we ever needed was a strong singletarget with nice AoE *laughing* now we got it: Blade Flurry


+Poison Stacks!
+Labbygod (juggernaut)
+many enducharges 100% uptime possible
+BladeFlurry META :D
+nearly 1 button playable (you can swap Fortify in the 6L for 1 button experience)

-not EQ standard laby
-might need some polish still

Since we dont use EQ, we have a bit different setup as I usually used Fortify in EQ.

6L Body -Blade Flurry -Faster Attacks -Melee Physical -Added Fire Damage -Inc AoE/conC -Fortify
4L Head -ANcestral Warchief - Faster Attacks - Melee Physical - Added Fire
4L Shoe -CWDT - ENfeeble - Inc Duration - Molton Shell
4L Glove -Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic - Fortify
3L Weap1 -Hatred -Herald of Ash -?
3L Shield1 -Enduring Cry -Stone Golem -?

Without IC we stay at max charges to sustain everything, more charges in the tree of on the belt might be nice since we try to stay long on them and we dont give them away.
If you want easier fortify (Less buttons to push) then just swap 1 damage support out for fortify.

You run Haste during Laby and Hatred for the fights.

Basis of fight:
Run to Izaro
Cast Enduring Cry
Cast BladeFlurry --> Profit
As we have 8% Lifereg and 2%+ Lifeleech and Atziri bottle we can stand there forever!

Passive tree

OAK - Skill - Oak :D


Max Block Version


6L Body -Blade Flurry -Faster Attacks -Melee Physical -Added Fire Damage -Inc AoE/conC -Weapon Elemental Damage
The Surrenderer (lvl 30 Reckoning) 4L: -Lifeleech - Endurance Charge on Melee Stun - Fortify
4L: Head -CWDT - Blade Vortex - Curse on hit - Enfeeble
4L: Shoe -Ancestral Warchief -Melee Physical -Faster Attacks -Added Fire Damage
4L: Glove -Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic - Fortify
3L: Weap1 -Hatred -Herald of Ash -TempestShield
3L: Shield1 -Enduring Cry -Chaos Golem -Increased Duration

No more Cullingstrike. I prefer this setup because you have a high blockchance and when you block you get fortify AND life AND Enducharges

Fight: Just lauch and Cast BladeFlurry
1 Button WIN


5 Reckless Defense (for 100% Block = Spellblock and 20% Blockchance)
We take 18 Block from the tree
8% from Anvil
30% from the shield (The Surrenderer)
3% tempest shield
Sums up to: 78% Block

Weapon: Bloodseeker (we dont want to loose instaleech)
Shield: The Surrenderer (perfect shield for us)
Body: Belly of the beast
Ring1: Voidheart
Ring2: Koams Way
Amu: Anvil
Boots/Gloves/Belt/Helm: High Ressis and Vita since we only have 10-15% allress on the armour and 21% on the tree

Feedback appreciated. Nothing tested!

€: thanks to raggapaul

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Cast when Channeling needs to be linked directly to the channeling skill (in this case blade flurry). And it also cant cast Fortify because its not a spell. Better just link Fortify to your movement skill (Whirling Blades / Shield Charge / Leap Slam, depending on your build).

Also culling strike doesnt provide more but only increased damage, so better use a good damage buff gem in the 6L. If you use Hatred/Herald of Ash (always good for phys builds) you can use Weapon Elemental Damage support gem.

Besides your 6L the rest of the gem setup doesnt make much sense so you should think about it a bit more before you cann it the uber lab killer ;)

6L is fine
3L Movement: Whirling Blades / Shield Charge / Leap Slam + Fortify + Faster Attacks (or Culling Strike)

You can also use it in a 4L to apply curses: Whirling Blades / Shield Charge / Leap Slam + Fortify + Curse on Hit + Curse

If you want to add Blade vortex, combine it with CwDT to apply curses or to procc Elemental Overlord if you dont use RT: CwDT - Blade Vortex - Curse on Hit - Curse

You cant run Arctic Armour + Haste + Hatred unless you have A LOT of reserved mana nodes. Better just run Arctic Armour + Hatred + Herald of Ash and add at least two reserved mana nodes. Or just use Hatred + Herald of Ash + Curse/Blasphemy and add the Souveregnity Cluster (96,8% reserved instead of 110%).

Bleedquaker - Max Block Bleed Earthquake Gladiator for 3.0: http://bit.ly/2ufxayF
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Updated everything thx

The build might live now :D
I changed the build to use a shield. Might be nice, a damage version will come when shield sucks :)
Not sure what the first comment was talking
About, fortify works with blade flurry just fine.
Not sure what the first comment was talking
About, fortify works with blade flurry just fine.

I had fortify on a seperate 4L with CwC and no bladeFlurry :) it wasnt linked. All his suggestions were allready inplemented so dont wonder if you dont get it
Not sure what the first comment was talking
About, fortify works with blade flurry just fine.

Of course it works fine, but not in the setup he initially suggested. And I dont see why you would add a gem that gives increased damage instead of a gem that gives MORE damage.
Bleedquaker - Max Block Bleed Earthquake Gladiator for 3.0: http://bit.ly/2ufxayF
Probably trying this in Breach. Posting to see updates :)
According to Path of Building, DPS is around 20k with 5-link and 6 stages. Is that right?
"Embrace the darkness"
I am not sure about the damage as i havent played it. A friend suggested leaving the shield out and going dual wield. I will play this in about 2 hours and keep you all updated and i will also update the guide :)
So...how is league start going?

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