[2.5]BHC Juggernaut Cycloner . 10k Life goal. WIP

I am making this build guide now, but i will be adding gear and changes along the way when Breach league starts. This build is designed to do as many maps mods as it can.

poeurl.com/Scc skill tree at lvl 100.
poeurl.com/Scd skill tree at lvl 90.


This build focuses on only Life, damage and endurance charges

The skill gems i plan to use are:

Cyclone - Melee physical damage - Fortify - Blood Magic - Increased Area of Effect. 6 link is up to you. My choice is hypothermia since it is the best damage multiplier vs rares and bosses.

Blasphemy - Enfeeble - Temporal Chains - Arctic Armour. 95% Reservation.

Leapslam - Blood Magic - Faster Attacks - Fortify

And a random CWDT set up that doesn't use Immortal Call. My choice would be artic breath/GMP and some other skill. Artic breath is best because hypothermia is overpowered.

You sacrifice elemental damage, but you will be able to do elemental reflect maps. You get like 500-600% increased damage from the tree if you count the Ascendacies and various permanent buffs. My goal is to reach 9k life so it is tankier than ES when taking multiple big hits (pots, life regen, life leech, endurance charges), and to be as tanky as ES when taking 1 big hit, due to auras. If the big hit is physical while i have my endurance charges up then i will be tankier than ES in that scenario. These numbers only come to be at lvl 95. At lvl 90 i will have roughly 8k life.

BiS items are Atziri's Disfavour and Kaom's Heart. I will use Meginord's Girdle with +1 endurance charge until i get a GG Belt with +1 endurance charge. All other items are Rare items with life>resist>chaosresist>physical damage>intelligence>dexterity. Minimum of 0% chaos resist in merciless otherwise, otherwise you'd die to some bullshit. Gear will be expensive since it requires a lot of stats at once and the lack of chest armor enhances the problem, but at least you don't need high armor on it.

My Jewellery and Belt are pretty end game and i don't plan on upgrading them. The amulet alone cost me 4 exalt, the belt was around 2.

ATM lvl 84. Only gear problem is figuring out a way to overcap lighting resist without using enduring cry and a chest piece. Sitting at 81% resist in merciless and i need to get it up to 125%, so i need 34% lighting resist somewhere on my gear. I plan on replacing my chest piece for a Kaom's heart.

Crafting project :

Socketed, Linked decently and colored perfectly. Now i just need damage mods and it is prepared for use. Then i craft vagan's +2 range and i am done with it. 500 dps and +2 range would be ideal.
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how do you deal with int and dex since u get only like 40 from tree only for each?
Completed 6 Challengeshcäijjä wrote:
how do you deal with int and dex since u get only like 40 from tree only for each?

You can see my current gear. It is kinda expensive for a league starter. I got decent chaos resist and overcapped on everythign except lighting resist. I need 31% lighting resist so i can deal with curse maps without relying on enduring cry. I plan on upgrading my gloves and boots so i have lighting resist in gloves and more cold resist elsewhere to compensate.

My gear problem will be over at lvl 87 and 7 exalts. I use jewels to give me life/resist/damage and take stats on gear. My next Jewel will have cold/light resist, 6-7% max hp and 1 damage mod. Jewels are really overpowered if you are prepared to invest in them. My goal is to make the transition to kaom's heart effortless. Previous leagues i lost too much resist, now i am almost fully prepared.
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Juggernaut over beserker? also interested in trying ngamahu's flame.. could be good

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