[3.1.0] [BLADE FLURRY 20M DPS] [berserk] (Uber аtziri / Shаper / T16 videos)

Sorry for the bad translation. Hi translit Yandex :)
Русская версия билда.
about info

Th for the build at all? Is it worth it to start? As he shows himself?
This DD build.
Damage Dealer. Build is designed for applying a very crazy DPS for a short period of time.
This is not a tank and not a support and not a necromancer.
Build is very active and requires a natural active hands.
The build is very cheap (at the last stage, the complete Assembly is only 30-35 ex). Compared as other builds such as the EU builds of DD are at least 100 ex, or full Assembly of the Archer is also from 100+ goes.
In other words: the build is not for beginners and requires direct hands. Certain situations require certain actions.
And when used correctly, the build, you will not be afraid DO NO MODS ON ANY MAP.
Only a terrible mod on the map is reflect.
A few illustrative examples, which you can see below:
[BLADE FLURRY] chimera fog, how need to evade or how this work?
[BLADE FLURRY] Shaper kill with Rusted sword, RLY??

mechanics of the skill or how it works
Skill whirling blades / blade flurry uses dagger / claw / sword one-handed. But this skill is not required to use 2 one-handed weapons listed types. It is sufficient to use only one hand weapon. Moreover, the skill is not present bindings which hand should be a weapon. This means that you can either use a shield +
the weapon, or 2 one-handed weapons, or weapons + support weapons.
Because the mechanics of the duals gives us 2 extra multiplier, it will obviously profitsee for DPS than running with a shield.
Because when wearing two valid weapons for skill begins to attack in turn, it does not matter whether you take turns with two different weapons or one weapon constantly - final DPS will be the same.
So I chose a combination of one weapon + support weapon.

As the Berserker class has a good location in the skill tree,
and build taken key skills with increasing accuracy, the base accuracy of the objects not needed. The fact that the spec has a large number of agility + LVL also gives basic accuracy.
In combination with passives + Golem it gives 85+% accuracy on 85+ LVL monsters.
Yes Yes, at LVL monsters. The fact that the line of statistics "chance to hit" shows your chance to hit monsters of your level. Ie if 95 LVL you can see in the line of written accuracy 80%
the chance of falling, remember that this figure is for monsters LVL 95.
But even though so, why only 85% accuracy instead of 95%? The fact is that in Crete builds affect 5 characteristics affect the final DPS.
Accuracy, attack speed, damage per strike, strength of Crete, the chance of a critical.
But to disperse any statistics at the expense of others is a mistake.
Naturally I do not allow and develop each characteristic.
You can beat very quickly and almost always get there, but it does not have damage per strike.
You can crit very often, but it does not have the force of critical and base damage for crit.
But when you're in balance, the result is huge, you will see the videos below.

off hand
The beginning is always lacking something. Inty then resists then something else.
In such cases, you can use something like

Well, when already lvl gained, then a great option are

And end-game variable


non lot weap / or alvernative weap for leveling
Given the complexity of this build, we strongly advised from 28 LVL to use blade flurry as a major skill. To practice and then no problems after 80+ for more confident use in battle with any boss.
But of course for experienced people, more fast option for leveling would be to use the following skills:

Up to 60 LVL the cheapest weapons are the following options:

After LVL 60 you can use the super powerful options for super cheap prices. With this weapon you can safely swing up to 90+ LVL and some players may not feel any problems killing any of the content:

To raise the "first currency", I like to run the third lab. Starting from LVL 68 I am able to run it every CD. There falls a lot of yellow things, of course I collect them all possible. Unidentify rares = alterations = jeweller orbs = fusing = spheres of chaos. This is my original way of raising it of the first currency. Then when I get 5L coil + abyss I immediately start to run 3-lab service and carrying another players. Currency is dripping already 3 times more because of the service. At the same time rising and LVL of the character there in the lab. And that's at 75+ LVL I have for him begin to run uber to the lab as the main method it is the quality, I run absolutely every Loka and kill all the monsters possible. Exp in uber Lab on 75 LVL is really very good, raising approximately 78-79 LVL I have enough HP to begin to carrying people for uber lab. And the currency starts to fall river.

Its rly problem :D

problems for INT?
This problem easy - just use any amulet that have very big INT

Suppose you have 6000 HP.
Suppose you have a branch of skills prokachany 200% max HP
Let's suppose you monster inflicts 5000 physical damage.
Why the shock? Why not tank armor or the belly of the beast, or something else?
Brass Dome) in the case of the brass dome you will have 10000 armor, in this case 5000 points of damage will pass through your resistance and you will get 4000 physical damage due to slam abyss / abyssus 4000 will turn into 5600. In the end you will have 400 HP.
Belly of the Beast) In the case of a Belly you will have 4000 armor and increased HP to 6800, in this case 5000 points of damage will pass through your resistance and you will get 4600 physical damage due to slam abyss / abyssus 4600 will turn into a 6440. In the result, you will have 360 HP.
Lightning Coil) In the case of a coil you will have 4000 armor and increased HP to 6250, in this case 5000 points of damage will pass through your resistance and you will get 4600 physical damage due to slam abyss / abyssus 4600 will turn into a 6440. Due to coil 30% physical damage turns into lightning damage and will pass through your resist lightning - usually 75%. In the end 6440 * 0.7 + 6440 * 0,3 * 0,25 = 4991. as a result, you will remain 1259 HP.
Legacy Lightning Coil) In the case of Legacy coil you will have 4000 armor and increased HP to 6250, in this case 5000 points of damage will pass through your resistance and you will get 4600 physical damage due to slam abyss / abyssus 4600 will turn into a 6440. Because of the legacy coil 40% physical damage turns into lightning damage and will pass through your resist lightning - usually 75%. In the end 6440 * 0.6 + 6440 * 0,4 * 0,25 = 4508. as a result, you will remain 1742 HP.

what about the armor? Armour
In the characteristic of resistance to physical damage - many do not pay a very important definition. the EXPECTED REDUCTION. This means that the figure that you see in this line that shows resistance to normal white monsters your level.
Ie if you have 90 LVL will be written 50% expected reduction in physical damage, meaning the damage a normal white monster LVL 90.
However, the blue monsters, yellow, as well as any unique monsters / bosses have high physical damage, 2, 3, 5 and even 10 times. For example, the same izaro 77 LVL in uber lab deals 4000 physical damage with two-handed hammer, while normal monsters on the shaper 86 LVL just cause 1000 damage.
Conclusion: I use statistics "armor" - only the usual white / blue monsters.
As for the bosses it is useless, it is natural to deliberately swing the armor makes no sense.

what the first to save?
To start your first results in pumping and also in the average farm cards, you need something to wear. Usually I share the stage dressing. Till LVL 60 you can run a completely white things purchased from the vendor using plain Kraft spheres of change. After 60 LVL I start the first re-equip if there is in that.
However, there are times when you already have the currency or started a new character. What, then start buying in the first place.
1) coil 5L + abyss. Exactly at the same time, do not try to wear separately
2) Jewelry and belt
3) Jewels
4) the First medium-good weapon
In this order you will achieve a smooth even distribution of DPS + survivability.

So as to look for the right things?
Many people make the basic things in search and selection of items.
Some chasing DPS but forget about HP. Gaining some elemental resists and nothing more.
There is one Golden proverb: "expensive does not mean better." Here and there in exactly the same way.
Distribute the priority for what stats in what clothes to look for.
All searches are made on poe.trade and you must surely know how to use it.
Belt: Base: definitely either a sash or light belt. Bonuses are looking for 2 single fashion.
1) to maximum life 80 min without the prefix "total"
2) total resistance min 100
For end-game option 3) increased elemental damage with weapons min 20%
Ring: Base: Any ring. Bonuses are looking for 2 single fashion.
1) to maximum life 60 min without the prefix "total"
2) total resistance 110 min
for end-game option 3) adds # physical damage to attacks 8 min
Amulet: Base: Any amulet. Bonuses are looking for 2 single fashion.
1) to maximum life 70 min without the prefix "total"
2) adds # physical damage to attacks min 16
for end-game option 3) #% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier 20 min
for end-game option 4) open suffix for crafting any resist or chance to crit
Jewels:Bonuses are looking for 2 single fashion.
1) total resistance min 24%
2) increased attack speed with the "base type is a weapon" / one handed weapons / dual wielding
for end-game option 1) to all elemental resistance min 42%
for end-game option 3) increased maximum life
Weapons: Base: Sword. Requirements search:
pDPS 320+, AS 1.6, 6.5 crit
for end-game options: pDPS 350+, AS 1.8, 6.8 crit
Weapons: Base: claw. Requirements search:
pDPS 310+, AS 1.7, crit 7
for end-game options: pDPS 340+, AS 1.85, crit 7.5
Weapons: Base: dagger. Requirements search:
pDPS 300+, AS 1.5, crit 7.25
for end-game options: 330 pDPS, AS 1.7, crit 7.75
IMPORTANT! Lack some of the stats can be compensated with higher other stats.
Example: end-game sword must have AS a minimum of 1.8. But you saw a sword with higher pDPS but smaller AS 1.6 just. In this case, pDPS should be at least 368.5
Here is the approximate proportion which stats you can sacrifice in favor of another in search of weapons:
the difference in ±0.1 total AS = 2.48% difference total pDPS
the difference in ±1 final chance to crit = 12.4% difference total pDPS
What does it mean? Both examples are.
Sword 1.8 AS; 6.8 crit; 350 pDPS = Sword 1.6 AS; 6.8 crit; 368.5 pDPS
Sword 1.8 AS; 6.8 crit; 350 pDPS = 1.8 AS a Sword; 5.8 crit; 393.4 pDPS
Sword 1.8 AS; 6.8 crit; 350 pDPS = Sword 1.6 AS; 5.8 crit; 414.3 pDPS

How to solve the problem with mana on small LVL?
Up to LVL 40 until you have done the first lab,
you still won't have a full kit of flask, so you can use the mana flask, then no biggie. Moreover, when there is a second aura of cold hatred, it is not necessary to use both auras. Herald of ash will rest until the second lab. But then after the second lab, and mana flask to throw, and the second aura to be switched on.

I'm Tired of the traps in the lab? Don't know how to fight iSeries? Why you need a manual call to immortality?

Why with dual rare weapons DPS shows higher, mb with them and walk?
NEVER LOOK AT TOOLTIP. Tooltip is the icon of the skill when you point the mouse on it.
You know, the fact that the formula for calculating the approximate DPS on the tooltip, same for all skills. And GGG of course there was no time for 5 years to correct tooltips for each skill separately.
if you are interested, take 1 white sword and axe.
Axe can't use BF, and now attention! look at tooltips, remember? upgrade the axe (not sword, axe) 20% quality and again look at tooltip.
This is enough to understand that on the tooltip don't need to see the opinion that 2 rare weapons allegedly stronger.

Required items

equip which was played on League 2.3.0 Essence

equip which was played on League 2.6.0 Legacy

equip which was played on League 3.1.0 Abyss



main skill

its 6th link

And of course Stripping or solo dps.

And if using for totem + whirling blades

then u can remove hypothermia and use on bosses

Why this bunch?
The spec was created back in patch 2.4.x essense League and during this period I tried a lot of combinations Homam, this option proved to be the best way.

required links #1

Stones LVL does not matter, as 20%;

required links #2

Call the Golem of ice and the call of immortality 20/20; the Creation of a spell when taking damage LVL 20
Why cwdt LVL 20? Because the Golem be manually invoked at the moment the place is not very convenient and it's a big waste of time. And the call of immortality on LVL 20 even with one full charge lasts 1 second, more than enough to get out of any deadlock at a safe distance.

required links #3

Stones 20/20

gems that not required for another gem-links

The following gems purely by choice. If you feel you have enough survivability, you can use a DPS gem

If you feel that not enough survivability, it is better

Data gems do not have with anything to communicate. warchief LVL 20; LVL 20 Hatred; Elem weakness depends on how much intelligence; Blood rage 20/20; Herald of ash LVL does not matter, quality 20%

clаss аnd bаndits

Kill all: +2 passive points
1) War Bringer
2) Pаin reаver
3) Aspect of Carnage

why war bringer? why isn't cloacked savaregy?
The fact that this DD build. Bild dealing crazy DPS in 1 second is 1 of Crete to make yourself full HP. And the usual increased bonuses will give a small increase that was essentially to replace the war bringer.
In the turn war bringer gives a huge survivability due to 25% regen every 2 sec and very fast collect charges endurance.

skill tree - actual for 3.1.1 just without VP

If you do not have the intellect, into the Central slot for the gem you can put the gem transforming force in intelligence.
skill tree 20 points
skill tree 40 points
skill tree 50 points
skill tree 60 points (1st lab)
And then there is a division depending on the kind of primary weapon.

For endgame for more DPS you can take skill Winter Spirit
Some major bugs in the skill tree which are the most common

Increased maximum life
You don't have to understate the HP in the skill tree are lower than presented above.

Why some skills were first studied and then discarded
At different stages of development changing the priority of importance. For example initially more important than DPS because the faster you kill the monsters
will reach the first point of fast leveling.
But for example, approximately LVL 60 ± 5 LVL just comes a time when DPS is more than enough for future comfort Kacha, especially considering Skaeva + abyssus + coil for 60 LVL. Of course it is important to CPS than DPS in the skill tree.
It is for this reason that the skill tree at different stages of development come from different priority skills


1) Soul of Lunaris
2) Soul of Gruthkul

Uberlab - 2nd day abyss league, 71 lvl, 15 chaos equip
Chante to hit - how this work?
[BLADE FLURRY] 100% extra dmg minotaur - facetank? YES
[BLADE FLURRY] chimera fog, how need evade or how this work?
[BLADE FLURRY] Phoenix. Who more dangerous? Boss or birds?
[BLADE FLURRY] Elemental reflect VS my build
[BLADE FLURRY] lab traps - immortal call?
[BLADE FLURRY] Shaper kill with Rusted sword, RLY??
[3.1.0] [BLADE FLURRY] Shaper without vaal pact - 10 days after start league
[3.1.0] [BLADE FLURRY WITHOUT VP] Uber Atziri - с комментарием геймплея
[3.1.0] [BLADE FLURRY WITHOUT VP] Red Elder - с комментарием геймплея
[3.1.0] [BLADE FLURRY WITHOUT VP] T16 Hydra corrupted - с комментарием геймплея
[3.1.0] [BLADE FLURRY WITHOUT VP] T16 Minotaur corrupted - с комментарием геймплея
[3.1.0] [BLADE FLURRY WITHOUT VP] T16 Chimera corrupted - с комментарием геймплея
[3.1.0] [BLADE FLURRY WITHOUT VP] T16 Phoenix corrupted - с комментарием геймплея
[3.1.0] [BLADE FLURRY] T16 Minotaur without vaal pact - 10 days after start league
[3.1.0] [BLADE FLURRY] T16 Phoenix without vaal pact - 10 days after start league
[3.1.0] [BLADE FLURRY] T16 Hydra without vaal pact - 10 days after start league
[3.1.0] [BLADE FLURRY] T16 Chimera without vaal pact - 10 days after start league
[2.6.0] [BLADE FLURRY] [16M DPS ?? WTF] [its shaper or just mob ??]
[2.6.0] [BLADE FLURRY] Hydra - WTF 16М DPS
[2.6.0] [BLADE FLURRY] Minotaur - WTF 16М DPS
[2.6.0] [BLADE FLURRY] Phoenix - WTF 16М DPS
[2.6.0] [BLADE FLURRY] Chimera - WTF 16М DPS
BLADE FLURRY - SHAPER 3:40 - who faster?
6KK DPS BLADE FLURRY shaper - ahahahah FUN!! :)
6KK DPS BLADE FLURRY uber atziri - ahahahah FUN!! :)
[2.4.2] BLADE FLURRY budget weapon (330 pDPS 8 ex cost) non atziri acuity - easy shaper kill
[2.4.2] BLADE FLURRY easy phoenix :)
[2.4.2] BLADE FLURRY easy hydra :)
[2.4.2] BLADE FLURRY easy chimera :)

My stream you can see on twitch.tv
Follow the development of events, soon will update with the improvement of equip and lvlup. Later I will describe the ligaments and other features. 
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gj Bro , First post !gz )))
Nerf incomming
how much dps in town mate? and with auras too?
when i upped 20 lvl gem, then i public my stats ok? :)
How can you not take cloaked in savagery? That is the single most OP node in the entire game. The fact that this skill will auto detonate means you would be immortal to everything but one shots.
наблюдаю низкий шанс то хит . на шмоте нет точности а крит отлично скейлится от неё . у меня аналогичный билд но со шмота(бижи) 570 акураси + далекое путешествие по пассив три к ветке дагеров набрал ещё с нодов на дексу + Versatility нод на точность взят у марадёра + айс голем . в итоге 88% шанс то хит и то этого мало (имхо)
чел, для нас Русских я оформил специально и даже ссылку сверху приклеил на Русский форум :)
Ну и по факту коммента. У меня 80% шанс попадания - это предварительный шанс попадания по монстрам 95 лвл. Ты же читаешь википедию верно? Ты же знаешь механику игры. И должен знать, что шанс в % на попадание тот самый что пишется в статистике персонажа, это шанс попадания по монстрам твоего уровня.
Так вот мойшанс попадания по шейперу = 89%. А шанс попадания по монстру 95 лвл =80%.
Ты бы хоть на стримы мои заглядывал чтоли - я этим билдом уже 30+ шейперов епанул по сервису - ни одному не зафейлил.
Как я уже написал выше - я скоро буду полное содержание оформлять, там же и будет куча видосов. Вот и увидишь много интересной инфы с видосами включая фул баф и прочее издевательство над боссами :D
somethign i dont understand, where do u get ur accuracy from ? i dont see any at ur gear
My Builds & Hideouts: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2083383

My Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/guggelhupf
added new video chimera.
added leveling skill tree
added alternative info for vaal pact (atziri acuity)
added screenshot my stats (dps and def)
added about info
P.S. My accuracy =80%, but u must understand what this accuracy for your lvl. My example for 95 lvl monster.
So, accuracy
my rly accuracy for shaper =85%
my rly accuracy for uber atziri =90%
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