(3.3) Queenliness Wanderfinder | (∩^ᗜ ^)⊃━ - - -☆゚.*


(∩^ᗜ ^)⊃━ - - - ☆゚.*

Hello and welcome to my life based elemental endgame wander guide.

This build has the perfect synergy of defense, offense and movement speed;
using Queen of the Forest as the core item.

The main focus of this build is fast and safe endgame map clearing, while maintaining a good single target damage.

About Power Siphon in 3.3!

Nope, so far no changes!

For Power Siphon I will use/recommend most likely the following links:

Vaal Power Siphon - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Added Lightning Damage and Pierce.


Vaal Power Siphon - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Chain - Fork or Added Lightning Damage.

Use Lightning Pen if you are wearing Thunderfists.

I don't see any viable option using it as a single target skill. Barrage got a nerf, but it's still going to be the strongest single target attack we have.

Also with 3.3 we get Vaal and normal Power Siphon with one gem. Which should be fun.
We will see. I will update as soon as i got more info on how it plays out.


If you have questions or struggle, please stick to this forum thread and read the guide carefully (also check F.A.Q.).
However, if you still struggle make a forum post here, don't forget to make your character section visible or post your tree and gear. Thank you!
You can also catch me on stream:

Video Section

Clearing in 3.2 NEW F.A.Q.'s answered plus single target scaling

3.1 changes
Video showcasing the 3.1 changes while doing red Elder and his Guardians

3.1 Phoenix Boss fight by RellikIsMyGod

3.1 Hydra Boss fight by Giammafix

3.1 Minotaur Boss fight by Giammafix

Clearing 3.0 content and some FAQ's answered plus some hints

3.0 How to scale single target damage & a Shaper run with temp league obtainable gear

3.0 2:20 min Shaper run

3.0 Shaper run from supremePINEAPPLE in Harbinger League

All 4 Guardians with my current gear

Uncut Shaper run with my current gear

Killing Shaper with a Lifesprig

Here you can see how gear scales DPS

Older vids

Older explanation videos

Basic overview

2.6 changes/build options

Explanation of Herald mechanics
Note: We are using Onslaught Support gem instead of Innervate now

Hydra quicky

Minotaur run

Phoenix with EQ, Hexproof, 40% res

Chimera run

Dance with Shaper

Dancing with Uber Atziri

Pros and Cons

- Fast
- Reliable
- Everything viable (Uber Elder requires high DPS gear, everything else is doable with 1.3 mill DPS)
- Well balanced if not perfectly in terms of DPS/Def/Speed
- Good league starter (requires basic knowledge of generating currency fast)
- Level 100 viable
- HC viable

- Weak single target damage until you get the key items
- Key items are expensive (Dying Sun, +1 Barrage helmet)
- You need Dying Sun and a 6link as early as possible to get a decent single target damage
- Expensive towards the endgame since you want a T1 life roll on every item possible
- Sometimes too fast
- Chromatic-hungry (Use the Jeweler method for coloring)
- Not idiot/noob-proof

Some stats 3.0

With Jade and Stibnite Flask

Quite tanky for a ~6kish life and evasion based build and fast!

Crit chance:
Barrage: 42.2%, with charges: 53.8%
Kinetic Blast: 57.5%, with charges : 73.3%

A Diamond Flask takes care for the rest of the crit chance.



Since 3.0 you can shock endgame Bosses like Shaper for example.

Because of that I took "is the enemy intimidated" to simulate the Shock Effect of Vinktar

True Shaper DPS

Side note:

Don't get confused with how much DPS I do.
40k DPS Barrage tooltip (without any flask active) is more than enough to comfortably kill Shaper!

I just love the build so much, that I started getting the best items possible.
With that beeing said, I also believe in my build philosophy, which basically means that I won't sacrifice any gained defensive or mobility stats just for more DPS.

Currently at 5.7 up to 7.2 mill Shaper DPS (top end aquired by swapping out Herald of Ice for Herald of Thunder and going for that extra mile, by generating Frenzy Charges with Frenzy - Faster Attacks (that replace the two Vaal Grace gems).
Those numbers are reached without sacrificing life but evasion/movement speed (no Jade Flask).

Obviously you can go full potato-warrior mode, which more than doubles the DPS easily.

However i dropped down to 4.8 mill DPS (using my endgame mapping flask setup) since a higher movement speed shaved of around ~20 sec from a Shaper run
(DPS is not everything in this game).

How to get started

Level as an elemental Bow char.

Grab a Storm Cloud unique bow or the fated version The Tempest.
You can switch to Death's Harp/ Death's Opus later.

Take the Projectile nodes at the start of the Ranger up to Ballistic Mastery
Lethality and King of the Hill too.

If you struggle leveling, you can also get Wake of Destruction boots and Prismweave belt.

This should carry you until you are able to wear a Piscator's Virgil.
Switch to Wands as late as possible, Wanders shine in the mid 80's.

For bow skills, use:
Ice Shot with Pierce until you get Lightning Arrow.
Shrapnel Shot with the threshold jewel is really strong for single target.
Link it with Ranged Attack Totem if you are afraid of getting to close to bosses.

Grab Herald of Ice and Herald of Thunder

If you got some Reduced Mana Cost Rings or Thiefs Torment you can Replace Herald of Thunder with Wrath

Get Thunderfist, those will be your gloves until you can get/craft good rare gloves.

Or Tombfist (Put a Murderous Eye Jewel for Intimidate 10% more damage multiplier)
Also you can get +0.5–0.8% base crit to attacks as an implicit by corrupting Tombfist gloves.
This is comparable to the Essence crafted +3.5% base crit mod.

Level Kinetic Blast and Barrage in your second weapon slot as soon as possible.

You can use other bow skills too, we are quite flexible here.

Thunderfist, Piscator's and Lycosidae(not a must, since it's not cheap) is the base trio to start "wanding".

3.3 Tree and 3.3 Pastebin for Path of Building

Note: I would recommend to go to Duelist area first, as it provides a good chunk of life and damage.
Also Point Blank is not needed until very late game. Only take jewel sockets if you have good jewels for them.
After that aim for the wand nodes and take Throatseeker and Crackling Speed in the end.

At the beginning take the Duelist's leech nodes until you can get that one mana leech node of Essence Sap and Blood Drinker for life leech.
Depending on your damage, you might need to stick to the Duelist's leech nodes until your damage is high enough to hit the cap you can leech with 0.4% from Blood Drinker.

The 3.3 Tree

3.3 Pastebin for Path of Building

https://pastebin.com/9Hmzq1j1 from Giammafix in Abyss League

https://pastebin.com/0dmwe1gW from Wurst2013 in Abyss League


Kill all!
Oak is useless, Kraityn is not impactful and a jewel can do more than what Alira offers you.


Ascendancy pathing

Go take Master Alchemist first, then Veteran Bowyer for damage or Natures Adrenaline for movement speed

Pantheon choices

We are quite flexible at minor gods, you can use anyone that fits your liking.

My current gear

My older gear purchased from temp leagues(!)

All the video content made before launch of 3.0 has been done with listed items

This should be proof enough that you can get really good gear even in leagues!

Gear options

You can use a Starkonja's Head or The Gull
Starkonja is the way to go for HC

Also for longer fights, I use this shield in the 2nd weapon slot for Power Charge generation:

And with a Storm Prison wand I can snapshot 1 additional Power Charge :D

Also you can place an Orb of Storms - Curse on Hit setup in the 2nd weapon slot, the Orb of Storms will stay, even if you switch back to your main weapons.


This is a Pathfinder build, it needs the following flasks (and their rolls) to make this build fully shine.

At the beginning
of the build it should look like this:

Added to Attacks Vinktar is the best, Ele Pen Vinktar is good too.
Pay attention buying a Vinktar! Phys conversion or Added to Spells are useless for this build!

Use an Atziri's Promise instead of Vessel of Vinktar as a Budget option.

Keep the life flask for Lab runs and until you feel comfortable. After that drop the life flask to make room for a Jade Flask, which will boost the defense and the movement speed by a lot.

Endgame setups

If you feel safe and comfy you can drop the life flask.

Don't use those setups, if you don't have the defence/offence to back it up.

Setup for maps

Setup for bossing like Shaper

If you can't get lightning resistance as your highest (to make Wise Oak function), you can use an Atziri's Promise.


You will need to run the unique jewel

Only with this unique jewel we hit the 50% flask effectiveness threshold and get 1 additional Barrage projectile from our Dying Sun flask, which is a huge DPS boost!

With the addition of Abyssal jewels you should aim for following stats:
- Flat elemental damage (lightning damage preferred!)
- Life (aim for 46+ for endgame)
- Crit multiplier and attack speed are good too

Bestiary league gear

So here is the gear i was using in Bestiary league 3.2.
I did everything up to T14 Elder except Uber Elder since i couldn't get him to spawn on T15.

Gem setup

Single target:

This 6 Link is currently the best DPS setup for my case.

Side note: If you have under 370% crit multiplier, the crit damage gem will be better than Slower Projectiles
If you don't like the way Slower Projectiles work you can use Pierce, but it's giving less DMG than Slower Projectiles.
Depending on how much flat Elemental Damage to Attacks you have on gear, Critical Strike Damage Gem can be better than Added Lightning.

Also consider the Jeweler method to get the right colors on items.

Clearing skill:

Curse setup:

Onslaught won't always procc at the beginning, but look at it as a bonus.

Herald of Ice gives better AOE clear, than Herald of Thunder.

Herald Single Target Boost ( if needed)

If you want a boost against bosses, you can use Herald of Thunder (level 21 is better than 23% quality) instead of Herald of Ice and link it with Enhance (level 4).
This is giving me 10% MORE DPS against Shaper. - thx to BaalsRevenge

Offensive aura:

(If you got the currency you can link Wrath with an Empower; Enlighten level 4 is required to have enough mana left)
Don't use Empower if you don't have an Enlighten to counter the increased mana reservation caused by Empower!

is also placed in the 4th link

Defensive aura:

As for the 3rd link here, you can either go with Empower or Vaal Haste/Vaal Impurity of Lightning or just a Decoy Totem.

You can also use Frenzy linked with Faster Attacks instead, if you want to maximize the DPS in longer boss fights.

For Power Charge generation at bosses:

Use Brinerot Flag in the 2nd weapon slot with any Warcry you like and link it with Increased duration and Enhance

Enhance is not needed!

For Boss cursing:

You can also link Orb of Storms with Curse on Hit and Projectile Weakness in the other 3link of the 2nd weapon slot.

The Orb of Storms will not disappear when you switch back to your main weapons.

For Frenzy Charges

Enhance and Empower are not needed.
Take out the item or the Blood Rage gem or weapon-swap (Blood Rage sits in my wand, but can be placed in the shield too) to stop the debuff of blood rage if needed.

What to aim for on gear, how you get started gear wise

First of all! This is a critical strike build. So you need to have a chance to hit of 90% or above!
Make sure to always have enough Accuracy Rating on your gear.

In terms of DPS scaling:

Barrage shoots 4 projectiles as a base.

In case you have a 5link to start with:

- 6th link will add a 50% More Damage multiplier
- Dying Sun adds additional 50% more damage (With >50% flask effectiveness you reach 75%)
- +1 Barrage helmet enchant adds another 25% more damage on top.

Thats how the single target damage scaling of Barrage works.
And thats pretty much how you improve your gear step by step.

All the other items and their stats won't be as impactful as those named above, however they are needed to get this build to work (Accuracy for example).
Here is a list for every item slot and what to look for on them.

Helmet slot
Rats Nest is pretty much BIS for this build and quite affordable,
Starkonjas Head is the safe option, since it provides life but less damage.
Getting +1 Barrage is hard, Devotos Devotion is also a viable Option.

Queen of the Forest is the core item in terms of Defence and movement speed.
Therefore it's not replaceable.
Since the bosses got beefed up in 3.0, try to get a 6link as soon as possible.

Aztiri Steps is the way to go, since they have a lot of evasion, life and movement speed.
16% Spell Dodge doesn't sound amazing, but kinda makes sense combined with Phase Acrobatics in the tree (30%)

Boots variants

The strongest option is Added Lightning Damage to Attacks, followed by 10% Elemental Penetration enchant. This will help a lot in longer boss fights (Guardians, Shaper, U-Atziri, U-Izaro)

Thunderfist are the best option in terms of damage and will help you a lot getting this build working in the early stages.
However in the late game we do need life as much as we can.

That's why they are replaced with Gripped Gloves.

Try to get some with attack speed, accuracy and life. Flat lightning damage would be great too.

You can craft +3.5% crit chance on socketed gems with an Essence of Horror.
This is not a must, however it's nice to have (I spent 80 Essences on mine)

You can also use Tombfist (Abyss league unique).
Using a Murderous Eye Jewel in those gloves will give you 10% more damage through the Intimidated debuff.
Also you can vaal Tombfist to get "Attacks have +(0.5–0.8)% to Critical Strike Chance" implicit corruption. This is as good as the essence mod.

For mapping i prefer Gripped Gloves with the base crit Essence mod.
For bossing Tombfists are the way to go.

Get high life, the resists you need and high evasion, in that order.
My 1st shield had 800 evasion.

Also Accuracy Rating and attack speed on shields are nice to have and make gearing on other slots easier.

As for wands, you can start with uniques like
Storm Prison, Twyzel or Piscator's Virgil until you can grab your first rare wand.

Piscator's Virgil is pretty much unbeatable for its price!

A rare wand must be really really good to beat its stats, so you can safe up your currency at the beginning for other items before upgrading your wand.
As suggested in my videos, upgrade the wand at the very end, AFTER you got all the key items and can't upgrade the other slots anymore.
I highly suggest Path of Building to see how much better a rare wand would be for you!
(A Mirror tier wand is 15% MORE DPS)

What a rare wand should have:
Important is a high crit chance and attack speed (Higher than Piscator's).
Look for at least 300 eDPS, a high flat Lightning Damage to Attacks + Cold/Fire damage
Increased Elemental Damage with Attacks is a bonus
Inreased Lightning Damage is a bonus
If you get one with crit multi and the stats above, it's in most cases better than a Piscator's.

Mirror tier wand's

With good items on the other slots, a Mirror tier wand will give you 20% - 30%+ more DPS,
which is worth the investment.

Completed 7 ChallengesPeuce1989 wrote:

#1 EDPS wand in Abyss league

The wand can be found here : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2059186

Kyrone wrote:

#1 EDPS wand in Standard league

The wand can be found here : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1872121

Rings, Amulet and Belt
Try to get as much life as possible.
Next to resists, look for DPS stats:

You must have a hit chance of 90% or above!
So get flat accuracy rating (something above 250, above 321 would be perfect)
(percentage is not helping much) -- You should have around 90%+ chance to hit

Next to that aim for:
- Flat Lightning Damage to Attacks
- Crit chance (on amulet, 16% on ring is not that strong)
- Crit multi
- Increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills/Increased Lightning Damage

As for belts, you can go with a Leather Belt or switch to a Stygian Vise (Abyss league base)


- Life as much as possible
- Resists you need
- Increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills
- Movement speed is a bonus
- On an Elder base, Increased Flask Effect on You (this allows us to drop Conquerer's Potency jewel)

Obviously you can place an Abyss jewel here to get more damage (next to life of course)

The perfect Abyss jewel would have the following stats:

Base: Searching Eye Jewel

2x T1 Added Lightning to Attack rolls (2~6 to 62~72 range)
1x T1 life roll (46+)
1x Crit multi roll or Increased Attack Speed if you crit recently

Added Cold or Fire Damage are ok but far from competitive compared to the above-mentioned stats
Elemental Pen and critical strike chance is not really good, too.

Flat accuracy, which can roll up to 240 on jewels might be an option if you can't get it on gear.
There are some jewels that give you a buff on kill, but I wouldn't aim for those, since you'd rather want the DPS against something that lives longer than 4 sec (the duration of "recently")


Viridians are still good.
Aim for following stats on those:
- Life
- Crit multi
- Attack speed

It doesn't matter if you are using a Piscator's or a good rare rand.
But again, swap out Piscator's at the very end of your gearing progress, unless you got a lucky rare wand dropped.

If you wonder why your damage is so low, check this list made by bondoxsaints.
pretty helpful thank you boondoxsaints
- Level your gems to 20 + get 20 quality.
- Use Empower-boosted Wrath (Enlighten needed but Enlighten lvl 3 can carry an Empower lvl 3)
- Get a wand with >1,5 attack speed / > 8,5 base crit chance / flat lightning or ele damage / accuracy
- Get your accuracy above 90%, what's good tooltip if you don't hit good enough
- Get higher crit chance; good wand and/or supporting rings/amu/jewels
- Get Diamond Flask if your crit chance is too low (preferably rolled with +evasion for movement speed)
- Get corresponding flasks needed for the build
- Change nodes if you have levelled with other nodes than in this build, maybe specced all DPS and thought life/evasion was crap
- Understand the tooltip of Barrage, which is a tooltip for one projectile and should be multiplied for each projectile fired when you talk about your build with friends
- Get point blank for CQB, especially for endgame bosses. No, KB will not suffer, KB is still maybe the most OP map clearing skill after the CoC nerf
- Do the merciless lab to get the 40% damage boost when using a flask ascendancy
- Do all labs to get >50% flask effect together with the potency gem, which adds a huge boost to all flasks including Dying Sun for boss takedown
- Get a 6link. It's more important than the stats on your wand. 6links have always been a HUGE improvement for builds in PoE. Really, if you are doing over 1.5 attacks each second of your life in a game, realize how much it adds with an extra boost on those seconds.

If you die a lot;

- You probably haven't got life added to your jewels and lack of life on gear, usually due to prioritize DPS
- You have rushed for the damage nodes and skipped evasion and/or life nodes
- You haven't rolled your flasks with evasion
- You haven't got good enough total evasion on gear, i.e. a low level evasion shield (should be ~1000 and above)
- You haven't put quality on your flasks (doesn't make a huge difference, but glassblowers are so cheap so why skip it?!)
- You have skipped the flask boosting nodes and underestimate how much more evasion you actually get from it


Why no leveling tree?

I want you to learn the game, ask yourself what node does impact the current state of your char in what way.
Also it's really dependent on your current gear and playstyle. The only thing I recommend is go to the Duelist's area first then to the witch's area.
You can grab damage or life nodes anytime you feel the need for it, since they are along the main path.

Why is your tooltip so low?

Honestly, DPS is not everything, I dropped a DPS flask for a Jade Flask (which is giving me movement speed), which saved me 20 sec for a full shaper run.
Also I haven't seen any other wander build that is doing a better job without going glasscannon or using headhunter.

Why no Deadeye?

Deadeye received a nice overhaul with 3.2 and it's the way to go to ease up your leveling experience/getting this build going.
However for the endgame Pathfinder is still superior. Better defence through flask effect and flask duration and keeping those up. Elemental status immunity simply by having a flask up.
Also you'd have to constantly attack to keep the Tailwind stack to max which can be annoying and/or counterproductive (you can't move while attacking).
I was testing Deadeye at the beginning of Bestiary and hit a wall against bosses since those also have split phases etc.

Why no Raider?

Pathfinder can achieve 1 additional projectile for Barrage which is a huge DPS boost.
Also boosting evasion through your flasks is a key feature to get the defence and speed we desire.
This together can't be reached as a Raider.

Why not using Headhunter or Inspired Learning?

Personally i think it's really silly to present a build with a Headhunter or Inspired Learning as they make any build viable! Of course you can use those items, I just like to showcase my build without them as they easily inflate the defence and DPS

Why is there no magicfind version?

There is no witchcraft involved making a MF character. Just stack Increased Quantitty and Rarity with the common items like Bisco's, Sadima's and Ventor's etc. You need to counter those items with strong items on the other slots, since you will lose DPS and life.

Why not using Tempest Binding?

Tempest Binding is pretty much great for boosting Kinetic Blast.
Which is not needed, this build and most other wander builds will clear T16 trash with a 3/4 link Kinetic Blast.
Also you want to boost Barrage DPS on any slot possible, so Rats Nest is BIS.

How to sustain mana?

For mana leech taking one node from Essence Sap is enough. (right from Ranger start)

Why no Esh's Mirror?

Esh's Mirror is a fun item, yet it provides you damage where you don't need it (trash mobs) and don't give you any where you need it (bosses, unless you use a Vaal Breach gem)
With Queen of the Forest you want to have as much evasion as possible on every piece of gear, therefore the shield slot too.
The shield slot should be used to scale evasion next to life and also resists, to make room for DPS modifiers on rings and amulet.
60 life is a little above the half of what you can get on a rare shield and only having one resist is just not that appealing to me.

Why no Lycosidae?

We get way more than enough chance to hit from our gear/passive tree.
With Queen of the Forest you want to have evasion on every Piece of gear, therefore the shield slot too.
Not to mention life.
This shield is only an option for leveling or for a more DPS focused playstyle.

Why not using Yriels Fostering?

All builds need res.
Crit builds need accu and crit chance in addition.
Res on QotF, attackspeed, accu, and crit chance on Yriels are all suffixes, that can roll on any item.
For example: amulets, rings, gloves and shields too.
This makes the unique stats on Yriel not really unique, yet the evasion/movement speed scaling of QotF is and makes this build fast and defensive.
Having the unique DPS stats of Yriels on other gear slots pretty much breaks it even, comparing it to QotF in terms of DPS.

Isn't ~5.5-6k ish life low for the current state of the game?

At the first look it seems low, as some HC players run around with more than 10k life.
Yet this build has several layers of defence that boost the effective life pool by a lot!
A high life pool is useless without any layers above it.

Do I need the +1 Barrage enchant and Dying Sun to make it work?

No it's not needed until you want to kill the very endgame bosses, but you will need the flasks and a 6link QotF.

Is a +1 Barrage enchant worth the investment?
Yes it is! :3

Why no Thunderfists?

They deliver really good DPS but have no life.
Use them for leveling until you get good rare gloves.

Is this a good league starter build?

It is, since you start as an elemental bow char, the source of your DPS will mostly come from Wrath, Added Lightning and Flat Elemental Damage on gear, which is easy to achieve.
Yet at the current state you will have to be good at generating currency as the key items are a lot more expensive at the moment.

Why do I always keep dying and why is my DPS so bad?

This is a PathfinderbBuild, you should take care about what flasks you use and what rolls they have.
Also every rare item and its stats will scale the DPS and Defence, buy cheap patchwork rares and you will have a bad time.
Not making use of Stibnite or Jade Flask, you will have a bad time.

How expensive is this build?

It's fairly cheap to start with, yet towards endgame it will get quite expensive.
Temp league prices: Helmet with enchant ~15-30 ex for example
EDIT: Prices are currently exploding, check key items on poe.trade before considering this build.

Players Feedback

pre 3.1

Completed 40 Challengesphymon2 wrote:
…I just reached Lv 100 with this build yesterday in Legacy League.
it was and still is very fun to play. clear everything in the game ( shaper, uber, guardians )
i can highly recommend this build..

Completed 14 Challengesfr33c3l wrote:
Confirmed on 3.0

Completed 19 Challengesayced wrote:
i killed shaper without the barrage enchant my gear is far from optimal but this build is insane …this build is also a very good lab …

…Shaper down.

PureRnd wrote:
Love this build, probably the most fun I've had since CoC Discharge got nerfed :/...

Completed 15 Challengeschixor wrote:
Hey Guys, did all Guardians and Shaper yesterday…

Just ran all guardian T16s corrupted and shaper right after. Died once to some beyond bullshit on my way to guardians. Other than that everything deathless.

Completed 36 ChallengeseXtR3m wrote:
…I killed Shaper and Uber with 39k tooltip in ho with auras. after a few kills even deadless. nice build so far...

did Shaper with 4 portals left!

Harbinger League:
Completed 23 ChallengesFatalaty99 wrote:
…good build for harbinger... is a really xp machine. thx for the build !...

Completed 32 ChallengesMaxPortis wrote:
Most fun and success I've had with a build in this game since the days of Voltaxic Spark.

Completed 15 ChallengeseRAXZ wrote:
…I have cleared everything including Uber Atziri with my character in Harbinger and it's been absolutely amazing. The build only has one downside: it's really hard to play another build because almost nothing clears or moves that fast ;)

Completed 10 ChallengesReloads wrote:
Thanks a ton for the great build and you just gave me my first character to ever reach this high of a level...

Completed 27 ChallengesDesarotion wrote:
Sooo I managed to kill shaper and atziri with this Build. I dont have the 2 barrage projectile enchant or the best equipment …amazing build

Completed 1 ChallengeGinsey wrote:
First time EVER killed the Shaper, with your Build. Thanks man!...

Completed 21 ChallengespaETY wrote:
Good Build overall. Cleared everything in the Game (except Uber Atziri) without any problems…

everaceS wrote:
Wow. I cant even describe how fun this build is.
Running faser than Sonic while dealing tons of damage and basically never getting hit because of high evasion.
If you're looking for a fast farmer build this is definitely the way to go.
Never had so much fun playing a wander lol…

Completed 15 ChallengesGoobey wrote:
i have been enjoying this build like none i have played before. its just rediciously strong. …

Completed 11 ChallengesJiiks wrote:
Deathless Shaper done, amazing build! :3

Really, this build is feels good, is well balanced with high dps and good clearspeed, nice single target damage..t.

Completed 13 ChallengesiStriker wrote:
…Clears all content and sitting ... Deathless guardians and shaper. Almost deathless Uber Atziri (died at trio)...

Completed 25 ChallengesLe_Sanzo wrote:
…Just managed to kill all guardians deathless and the shaper (1 death)...

Completed 37 ChallengesWhiskeys wrote:
... Awesome build, very sexy. Ty men…

Completed 18 Challengesuzzys wrote:
Thanks for this great build. Killed Shaper the first time today and got starforge.

Completed 22 ChallengesRadbeard wrote:
…Cleared shaper...hope to push it to 4-4.5m single target (non-boss)...

Completed 16 ChallengesYoluun wrote:
…First Shaper kill for me ever. Great build!!...

Completed 16 Challengesfrost21 wrote:
Shaper with this build is deff doable … my gear isn't even top notch and I had never done the fight and was able to kill him first attempt…

Amazing build. Cleared all the content super easily...

… It is the first time I was capable of playing through really all content, killing shaper, uber atziri, farming lab...

…One of the most well- rounded and smoothest builds i have played to date. I liked it so much i threw hundreds of ex into it and pushed it to 100. Can only recommend!...

Completed 12 Challengesthomas_567 wrote:
I played this build in Harbinger and it was the most fun I ever had in PoE, thanks a lot for that!

3.1 Abyss league

Just did my first shaper this league and it was super easy and quick. I'm at 1.8 mill dps for my barrage according to POB. I crafted my own rings and self found the ammy. My gear is far from the best, but the shaper and guardians are so easy regardless. The setup above I use for shaper and maps except I switch out my portal gem for Herald of Thunder for Shaper instead of Herald of Ice.

Completed 40 ChallengesDeadmaux wrote:
I always end the leagues with a wander...I tried the *** wander with pisca earlier. It had comparable damage but cleared so much slower. Back to the old QoTF setup for me. Ty again for your work on the guide ...Cheers!

Vakana wrote:
Nevermind, I figured it out. Love this build, by the way. Most fun I've had this league!

Completed 24 ChallengesUhYuuki wrote:
Lv 92 with the build .. Build did everything in the game easily...

Completed 40 ChallengesMCGusto wrote:
...having an absolute blast with this build and can comfortably run sketchy t14/t15 modded maps...

just downed all guardians and shaper no problem. Can easily do it all deathless if played by someone with more skill. Thanks ...

Completed 16 ChallengesDracule wrote:
..I'm a pretty shit player ... Did my first ever Uber Atziri and Shaper today. Thanks for the guide bro

Completed 20 Challengeslqte wrote:
...Having a blast with this build...Insane build..one of the best build i played for sure, go for it boïs !

Completed 23 ChallengesKeiend wrote:
Thanks for the build and the continuous updates (and new videos) with each new patch! Am having a blast with it - mapping has never been this smooth nor fast!

Completed 37 ChallengesPWL wrote:
I've just reached 100 lvl...and the build is the best one I've ever played. I've made some changes of course. I have 5 milion+ dps with my "boss/shaper gear".
I have some nice jewels + I swap to 6l yriel for shaper + I wear HH for mapping. Thanks for the guide.

3.2 Bestiary league

Completed 37 ChallengesWhiskeys wrote:
...again. Awesome build, very sexy. Ty men

Completed 6 ChallengesysoExodus wrote:
I played this build last league and this league again. Started as Ele Bow and switch to Wander at lvl 75. I really enjoy the build and wanna say THANKS to the Op for the great work!

Completed 6 ChallengesChimmy81 wrote:
I highly suggest noone to play this build. It will utterly ruin your expierience of playing path of exile. If you do however keep in mind that you will never ever have that much fun with any other class. Kinetic Blast is just a blast !

Completed 25 ChallengesLe_Sanzo wrote:
I hate myself. For the fourth league in a row, I am making this character. I made 4 characters in harbinger, 5 in abyss and this is my 3rd in bestiary. I can't help but keep coming back to this build every league, no matter what builds i start with. It has made me enjoy every other build less. Nothing feels as good as this does...

Completed 8 Challengesshabanotti wrote:
....Having played this pathfinder wander a few times already, I can say it's still the best all-round build which shits on shaper/elder and still moves the fastest while flasks are overflowing.Thanks again Toma_Hawk... next league, will be prioritising my Queenliness wanderfinder from start.

Completed 37 Challengesxpress69 wrote:
Nice build, will do again next league, if nothing new pops up.

Completed 16 Challengeseeluer wrote:
Level 100 HC with this build. QoTF and Starkonja's. No need headhunter. The most expensive item was this beauty
. This is a very solid build.

Completed 25 Challengesreaps1234 wrote:
I just want to leave my thanks here.
This build is awesome! It has several layers of defense and the damage is great.
My gear is far from great, and even still t16 bosses just get shredded.

Special Thanks to

.. And many more(i try to add all of you <3)
Level 100 Trickster Flicker Strike
Build Guide : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1482156/

Level 100 Pathfinder Queenliness Wanderfinder
Build Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1764075
Last edited by Toma_Hawk on Jul 18, 2018 4:43:15 PM
Last bumped on Aug 11, 2018 6:39:42 PM
It's always good to see QOTF build posted. Some thoughts:

Build can have a pretty good budget versions, especially with ele wand and ele bow. Wand version would love those essence only crit gloves. I think people would greatly appreciate a league-oriented budget version of it (5l, no vinktar, cheap wand, no rats, malis etc).

It could be even taken to 100, but you would have to invest in different mana reservation setup, like grace + curse(s) for example. 5k life with this setup won't cut it and character will die eventually from many reasons in maps [volatile blood, DD].
Hey my friend.

I got those waiting in essence for me :

Also i did with a friend that was highly doubting the life pool 3 shaped crypt maps with massive sextants modding.

And the build did perform really well! Died only once to a massive lagg due, to the sextant mod that converts enemies into allies ( those little totem things from Kaom's dream)

I'm also looing forward to get some base crit. gloves.
Level 100 Trickster Flicker Strike
Build Guide : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1482156/

Level 100 Pathfinder Queenliness Wanderfinder
Build Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1764075
It's always good to see QOTF build posted. Some thoughts:

Build can have a pretty good budget versions, especially with ele wand and ele bow. Wand version would love those essence only crit gloves. I think people would greatly appreciate a league-oriented budget version of it (5l, no vinktar, cheap wand, no rats, malis etc).

It could be even taken to 100, but you would have to invest in different mana reservation setup, like grace + curse(s) for example. 5k life with this setup won't cut it and character will die eventually from many reasons in maps [volatile blood, DD].

Yeah, i would love to see a budget setup too.

Added a Budget / How to get Started Section.

Level 100 Trickster Flicker Strike
Build Guide : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1482156/

Level 100 Pathfinder Queenliness Wanderfinder
Build Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1764075
Completed 18 ChallengesToma_Hawk wrote:

Added a Budget / How to get Started Section.

Thank you. Very helpful

So if I only have 5L for Single target, which gem to drop?
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Added Lightning

Did some Science

Not the league has to end!
Level 100 Trickster Flicker Strike
Build Guide : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1482156/

Level 100 Pathfinder Queenliness Wanderfinder
Build Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1764075
Last edited by Toma_Hawk on Nov 8, 2016 7:35:26 PM
If you could list all good/ok-ish helmet enchantments that help with a build - it could be great.
I'm guessing that lightning golem on any helmet may be hard to buy/get.
Well as for Helmet Enchants, everything that is Buffing Kinetic Blast or Barrage is helpful.

Either Increased Damage, or Additional Projectiles/ Chance for an additional Explosion.

Enchants in general are just a bonus, so the Build will work without it.

Phoenix T16 fight
Level 100 Trickster Flicker Strike
Build Guide : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1482156/

Level 100 Pathfinder Queenliness Wanderfinder
Build Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1764075
How would you go about grabbing more life/defenses for a HC version?

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