Known Issues & Frequently Asked Questions

These problems are currently being looked into and we'll be trying to get them fixed for you as soon as we can. There is no need to make new posts about them unless you have further information that may be helpful, thanks.

Betrayal league issues:
  • Fortification rooms spawning in unreachable areas.
  • Fortification encounter in Gardens Map is completely overrun by trees
  • Fortification encounter in Conservatory Map sits slightly off the ground
  • No Betrayal Encounters spawning.
  • Betrayal targets overlapping, blocking interaction

Recent High-Priority Issues:
  • Allies cannot die aura buff to nearby monsters is not removed when rare is captured.
  • Rarely you may get duplicate rooms in your Incursion temple.

Other High-Priority Issues:
  • 'Remove-only' Map Stash Tabs - not disappearing after emptied.
  • High level Prophecy monsters invading low-level areas can be exceptionally dangerous to high level players that are level downscaled.
  • Celestial Herald effects not showing for Herald of Purity.
  • Guild and personal stash text is always white, regardless of the tab colour
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Translation feedback or problems can be posted in the appropriate forums here:
Brazilian Russian Thai German Spanish French

If the problem you experienced is not listed here, or the Common Technical Problems page, then please read the thread on How to Post Bug Reports

Any client crashes or disconnects are sent to us automatically. Report them if you have steps to reproduce the crash, but if you’re not sure why you crashed, then we’ll be investigating the default crash report ourselves.

Things you should know:
  • Typing /help in-game brings up a list of useful commands.
  • Pushing F1 toggles your telemetry. This shows your fps, latency, and other information.
  • If the game is running poorly, try turning Shadows or other settings down in your Graphics settings.
  • Holding Alt lets you see the built-in level of an item (it can restrict properties an item receives)
  • Backing up your content.ggpk file can save you a large download if the file becomes corrupted by a patch being interrupted, or a PC crash. If it is corrupted (ie. "Your pack file has become corrupted..") try do a Pack Check.

Common Problems:
  • Damaged while changing areas: It is sometimes possible for monsters to damage you when changing areas. It's recommended that you make sure you're not being attacked when changing areas on higher difficulties or in Hardcore.
  • Leaving a bandit fight causes it to end: If you portal out of a bandit fight, the fight will end. Leaving the arena and re-entering will be required before you can start the bandit fight again.
  • Safety before Chaos Inoculation: When putting a point into Chaos Inoculation, ensure you disable all auras that consume life (Especially percentage based Auras attached to Blood Magic), even if you are allocating this point in town. If you fail to do so, you risk dying when changing zones, as those auras will attempt to apply and consume your entire life pool (which is now 1). This also goes for using 'Caustic' flasks while having Chaos Inoculation, they will kill you.
  • Missing the skill point quest reward from "Queen of the Sands" (Shakari): When we added this quest in 3.1.0, we moved the skill point from preceding quest "The Storm Blade" to Shakari, and added a new rare item item reward for The Storm Blade. To avoid forcing a passive tree reset, characters in Standard who had previously completed The Storm Blade were automatically awarded the Shakari quest reward skill point. This did NOT add or remove skill points from characters; it kept them exactly the same. These Standard characters are able to immediately claim the new Storm Blade quest reward from Petarus/Vanja, but will not receive any additional rewards for completing The Queen of the Sands (other than Shakari's Pantheon power) because these characters already have that skill point. You can type /passives into the chat window to see a breakdown of your passive skill points and which quests they came from.

Known General Issues:
  • The Poet's Pen - attackspeed/cooldown issue with casting spells.
  • Channelled Skills: Can get in a stuck state where they 'putter' where they may not stop channelling to release the skill.
  • Flasks don't activate while holding Alt, Shift, or Ctrl.
  • Party health may not show correctly when you enter an area, and party Energy Shield may show as regenerating even when full.
  • Totem Cast Speed: Totem skills display the speed of summoning the totem rather than the totem's cast speed, and the DPS display of totem skills will use the summoning speed rather than the totem's cast speed.
  • Repeatedly re-equipping items with +health mods, leveling gems in them, or repeatedly dropping and picking up quest rewards after taking the Oak bonus can cause a loss of life due to rounding.
  • Some skill specific passives (Aura Area of Effect Radius) don't show up on the character panel yet.
  • Gems socketed in items in player trade will not show up.
  • Casting some spell totems when spec'd into the Arohongui Chieftain node can sometimes cause stuttering.
  • The 'Femurs of the Saints' unique item can cause a slowdown in gameplay in situations when a large number of minions are being used.

Graphical Issues:
  • Text bug/jumbling "corrupted text": Text in the game getting jumbled up and sometimes spacing on it acting strange. We're still looking into this, restarting the game currently looks to fix it.
  • Missing Challenge Totems: Please email us at [email protected] for us to look at fixing this up for you.
  • Black tiles/Missing lighting: Too many lights on a tile can cause it to become black in some areas. Please do /debug and send us a screenshot, we'll then look and see if we can rectify that occurrence.
  • Strange effects on character/monster: Mouse-over highlighting and/or layered effects (Blood Rage, Burning, Frozen, Shocked, Elemental Skeletons, Magic and Rare monsters) can cause unusual effects on the character or monsters, or make them all red. If it's too unusual then please let us know.
  • Floating Arrows: Arrows can sometimes get stuck in the air, over chasms and tall cliff walls.
  • Phasing + Quicksilver invisibility: This graphical problem makes you invisible, but not to monsters!
  • Weapon Effects aren't always removed properly: Applying a weapon effect that applies to both weapon slots(ex: Legacy) and then removing that weapon effect doesn't remove the effect from your weapons correctly.
  • Character Effects and Weapon effects: Certain combinations of character and weapon effects can cause extra glow, which isn't intended and changes when you change areas.
  • The Divination Card tab misses a column in high resolutions (4k)

Audio Issues:
  • Item filter drop sounds sometimes cutting out.
  • Audio cutting out: When using certain skill(s) or a combination of skills with microtransaction effects, the audio can sometimes cut out. (Source)

Skill Gem Issues:
  • Reclaiming MTX effects: Currently you cannot reclaim a skill effect, unless your character has the applicable skill gem equipped and you then use the Cosmetic Tab to reclaim it. We are planning on adding this functionality to the Microtransaction list in the future.

Website Issues:
  • Map stash not loading: The map stash tab is currently not available for viewing on the website.

Microtransaction Issues:
  • Gothic Cloak is no longer tattered and has a white line along the end
  • Subjugator Cloak has a straight tail and gargoyle feathers are no longer separated
  • When Sin Body Armour is equipped on Scion, her left arm is a stick
Has any exile really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
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