Race Event Season One announced!

morale wrote:
can i go solo in party events?

Garbage, Waste of time...
I was hyped for nothing, different art? wtf is this?! for these kind of prices we are supposed to race for countless of hours? if the rules where more of like this:
The players to complete each of these quests wins these specified prices and
The players to kill all of these monsters in any of the following areas will receive these specified prices (instead of stating that only the top player to do so would)

Then maybe it would be worth all these hours spent on this stupid race... yet that would still be a waste of time and work. The only price worth spending all this time in this race is for the demigod amulet
and lets face it, getting the first place in this race, is more of creating the character the fastest and having a fast computer and internet over skill, or having the luck of getting SilverBranch crude bow or some good drop that would put you on advantage over others at the beginning of the game... Which makes the chance of getting something really worth while from this race, really slim thus spending all the time attempting to win the race a waste....

The season 1 race seems to me more like the mods are trolling us... -.-
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So I had a thought for a reward that I think people would be very interested in...An orb which would undo the effects of the last orb used on an item (or maybe even just last exalted). This would be very valuable for high-end crafting of good gear (using exalts to get the right upgrades for example), while at the same time it shouldn't be flooding the economy.
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I am not satisfied with the rewards from races. I would only play one race in a few months and thats to start a new character ... i liked the old system with absolute orbs.

New orb idea = upgrade an item to the item of the next level range f.e. crude bow (lvl1) to short bow (lvl5)
Number of Reward Points does not scale with time required to commit at all. You get same number of points from reaching an level threshold and staying alive in 3 hour race as you do in 1 hour race.
Makes no sense at all. Why would I even bother to do longer races (longer than 1h and 3h ones) instead of shorter ones.
I am going to laugh my ass off when I see level threshold rewards of 1 week race (lvl 80- 3 RP).
The one thing I don't like is that there are more party races than solo races. I bet alot more people will play solo races.
I was killed in the last event, I calculate I have won like 12 event points but my point counter is 0 right now. Why?
Not a big fan of the prizes. I liked the way it was before. Maybe doing a mix of both would be good I guess.
Nice way to keep the game alive!
Sneedling wrote:
morale wrote:
can i go solo in party events?


But it said's that you have to make some party events with people to win this prizes correct? or it does not matter much?.

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