[3.1][ALL MAP MODS]End-Game Lazy Chieftain Flame Totem Build


This is my Crit Triple Flame Totem build for Marauder Chieftain.
Last Update 21.01.2018
(Added Abyss endgame items and tree + shaper kill on Abyss)

In this build I focused on huge DPS and a bit on survability. Build is hybrid life + energy shield (Mind over Matter + Eldrith Battery combo) and uses Blood Magic. Chieftain because Totems leech life for You, taunts enemy and immune to reflect.
This is NOT super meta OP build. This is a simple build allows you to play endgame content. You can do ALL MAP MODS include: no mana regen, no leech, physical and elemental damage reflection, blood magic. It's NOT the best league starter build because it's pretty slow to level up at the beginning.

You and Your totems have life leech! (Hinekora, Death's Fury);
Totems taunts everything, Unique Bosses too (Tukohama War's Herald);
Totems immune to fire damage, so fully immune to elemental reflect (Tukohama War's Herald);
You can have up to 60% Fire Penetration. Normal monsters have 0% fire res with Your 60% fire Penetration monsters have -60% Fire Res (so You do 60% more damage);
Don't need any legacy items!

Why not use a Staff with +1 to all gems and +2 to fire gems?
Because I like Whirling Blades! and even the best staff is much worse than good rare dagger + shield. After update 2.5.0 you can use: Tukohama's Fortress Shield.

After nerf Crit daggers (80% to 50% Global Crit Chance Implict). You can try to use Wand/Sceptre with Flame Dash/Shield Charge instead of Whirling Blades.



Offence and defence stats(standard):

Best unique items:
Infernal Mantle

Must have unique item for this build!

The 100% increased Spell Damage taken when on Low Mana not working with Blood Magic because You don't have any mana :)

Corrupted 6L Infernal Mantle with +1 to Level of Socketed Gems is absolutely best item for this build. With Infernal Mantle +1 and Empower lvl4 you have lvl27 Flame Totem: 21(gem) +2(from Infernal Mantle) +4(lvl5 Empower).
Tukohama's Fortess

Insane OP totem shield:
This is a buff!
+ one totem! (three totems)
+ 130 life! (+30 implict +100 Prefix)
+ Blood Magic!
+ 40% increased damage!
+ 1394 more armour! (494 + 3*300)
Unique Gloves

Try to currupt gloves (or just buy one) to get Curse Enemies with Elemental Weakness on Hit. Remember to do first 20% quality and 4 links with the right colors sockets.

My current gear (standard):

If You don't have a good dagger (with Cast Speed) You can use wand (and Flame Dash instead of Whirling Blades.

Endgame Passive Skill Tree (99lvl, requires Tukohama Fortess Shield):

Gem setup:
Flame Totem:

Movement (Whirling Blades for Dagger, Flame Dash for Wand):

If You have three free socket You can also use Lightning Warp

Utility (for increase item rarity and culling strike, very useful in boss fights):



Phase Run Gem must be in the last socket (last skill). CWDT can have higher lvl (lvl20 CWDT working well too)


Poe.Trade link: http://poe.trade/search/ekazamokonamon

One jewel slot for: Clear Mind

First try to buy jewels with 3 good mods (Increased maximum life + 2 good dmg mods). You can use link above. Critical Strike Multipler and Cast Speed are the best DPS mods for Flame Totem. Don't focus on mods roll, You can easly improve it later using Divine Orb

Later start looking for good 4 mods jewels and exalt yours to get something like this:

Bandits and Pantheon:
In my opinion the best choice is:

Help Kraityn
+6% Increased Attack And Cast Speed
+3% Chance To Dodge Attacks
+6% Increased Movement Speed

or kill all for extra two passive points.

Major God: Soul of Lunaris
1% additional Physical Damage Reduction for each nearby Enemy, up to 8%
1% increased Movement Speed for each nearby Enemy, up to 8%
plus captured power:
Arachnoxia in Sewer Map (10% chance to avoid Projectile Damage)
Master of the Blade in Strand Map (5% chance to Dodge Attacks and Spells if you've been Hit Recently)
Lycius, Midnight's Howl in Lair Map (Avoid Projectiles that have Chained)

Minor God: Soul of Ryslatha
Life Flasks gain 3 Charges every 3 seconds if you haven't used a Life Flask Recently
plus captured power:
The Winged Death in Channel Map (60% increased Life Recovery from Flasks used when on Low Life)

Ascendancy skills:
First (normal lab): Arohongui, Moon's Presence
Second (cruel lab): Tukohama, War's Herald
Third (merc lab): Ngamahu, Flame's Advance
Fourth (uber lab): Hinekora, Death's Fury

Labyrinth enchants:
Best is: Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently
Extra Perma 10% Fire Penetration (only Your Totems kill, You not)

Second: 120% increased Critical Strike Chance if you haven't Crit Recently
Perma 120% Global Critical Chance. Only your Totems crit, you not.

Best: 30% increased Flame Totem Projectile Speed
Increased range of yours Totems. In my opinion best enchant for this build.

Second(a): 150% increased Effect of the Buff granted by your Lightning Golems
Very good enchant, give 25%(10% + 15%) attack and cast speed if you using a Lightning Golem. Boost speed of Whirling Blades 15% attack speed and DPS 15% cast speed (10% attack and cast speed base have lvl21 Golem.

Second(b): 2 additional Flame Totem Projectiles
Increased AoE, good for killing big pack of monsters.

Third: 40% increased Flame Totem Damage
A little boost to damage, not bad but enchants above are better.

How to get 6L Infernal Mantle +1:

Just buy on poe.trade (70-80ex) :) or:

1. Craft or buy Infernal Mantle with +1 to all gems Implict (better buy, about 1 exa in poe.trade). Pay attention to the quality (best is 20% quality and good stats).
2. Level up your Vorici to 8lvl or You can use Master Service from Forum.
3. Craft 6S (350 Jeweller's Orbs + 350 Vaal Orbs)
4. Craft 6L (1500 Orbs of Fusing + 1500 Vaal Orbs)
5. Craft necessary colours on sockets (2+1 colours = 120 Chromatic Orbs + 120 Vaal Orbs)
6. You have your own 6L Infernal Mantle +1 :)

The Infernal Mantle +1 cost you (with ratio 50vaal:1ex):
1ex(Infernal Mantle +1 with no 6L) + 7ex(350vaal) + 1ex(350jew) + 30ex(1500vaal) + 12ex(1500fus) + 3ex(120vaal+120chrom) = 54ex.

Why MoM + EB (Mind over Matter + Eldrith Battery):
My english is weak so I quote well explained information from Tyranastrasz thread.
So why use EB and MoM at all? Arent we just relocating our ES? We dont really gain an absolute value for those 3 points do we? Or do we..?

See the issue with BM is this:
If you cast a spell it will interrupt your ES recharge and start the cooldown. In a scenerio where you are mapping at a decent pace, you wont have many chances to recharge your ES. So speccing EB + MoM allows you to Recharge ES while casting with BM.
Arguably one of the more dangerous scenarios you can encounter is a sitation where you receive unexpected amounts of damage, because mobs charge in one way or another. In this case you want to be able to kite them if neccesary right? To do so, you need to place totems to provide targets that they can latch on while you gain distance. This casting now wont interrupt your passive recharge to gain additional Health.

Second benefit: Unless you are literally get one shotted, EB + MOM is Mitigation, which is stronger, the smaller the hits are.
Example: With 6k Hp and 2K Es you are hit for~ 3k Damage.
If you are specced EB + MOM you will receive roughly 2k damage to life and 1k damage to ES
Situation after hit : 4k/6k life and 1k/2k ES. Your advantage now: You can immediatelly use Health potions to higher effect. You will likely pot up to 6k Life again and still have 1k ES to absorb the next hit. Total life pool : 7k.

Without EB + MOM and assuming full ES pre-hit. You will have 5k Life and 0 ES.
Using a Potion will put you at 6k Life and 0 ES which will only regen if you exit the fight without casting. EB + MOM allows therefor a higher average EHP by removing only 30% ES per hit and therefore recharge it infight at meaningfull levels.

I personally find this type of Defense very strong and superior to a hyrbid ES + Life approach.
It gives you more control over a dangerous situations and higher effectiveness of Potions.

If you dont aggree with this approach I will adress a different type of Passive points distribution to go towards a Hybrid route nontheless, if this is your preferred style of playing at the end of this guide. Bottom line, if you dont agree with EB+MoM feel free to redestribute the 3 Points but I highly recommend it nontheless if you play HC or above lvl 95 for leveling progression

The above explanation comes from this post:

MoM + EB:
1. You can use Whirling Blades and summon Totems without interrupt your ES recharge.
2. Better protect against big hits and gives more survability.

Imporant things and tips:
Yes, You can kill Deathless Shaper, Uber, Guardians and do all endgame content.
Don't try this in HC because You can easly die!

You don't need to check mods on Maps. All mods it's fine but some is annoying (temporal chains, chilled ground).

For extra DPS and instant curse apply You can use corrupted gloves with Curse Enemies with Elemental Weakness on Hit(at lvl12 -31% reduced Elemental Resistance).
You can have only one active Curse (if you don't have items/nodes with Enemies can have 1 additional Curse.
Map bosses have 60% less Curse Effect (this also applies Shaper and Guardians).

You can have up to 75% Fire Penetration (10% from Ascendency Skill, 10% from boots enchant, 40% from Fire Penetration Support Gem, 15% from The Wise Oak flask). So if monster have for example 40% fire resistance: 40% fire res - 75% fire penetration = -35% fire resistance!
Fire Penetration is more effective against targets with higher resistances!
Fire Penetration working after Elemental Weaknes/Flamability Curse.

Endgame Lab is relatively easy, You can do speed run without deads.

You can use a Essence Worm ring(with Anger or Haste gem) instead of diamond ring but in my opinion at endgame a good rare diamond ring is better.

If You need more AoE (useful on maps) swap Controlled Destruction gem to Faster Projectiles gem or make +30% Flame Totem projectiles speed enchant on helmet.

You can use Orb of Storms + Item Rarity + Culling Strike to kill bosses with less than 10% HP with extra Item rarity!

I don't like to use a utility flasks but You can swap one or two life flasks to some utility flasks. Build does not require to have four life flasks.

Corrupted Infernal Mantle with +1 to gems and Atziri's Acuity it's not nessecary for this build! (Infernal Mantle +1 increases DPS by about 15-20k)

You can use Searing Bond (1 additional totem):
You get 1 more target for mobs instead of yourself
1 more totem also gives +300 base armour with Tukohama's Fortess Shield
You ignite the mobs with Searing Bond, so you bypass Elematal Focus(on Flame Totem support) and get 35% Increased Damage to burning enemies from Ngamahu Flame's Advance Ascendency Skill.

You can use Phase Run on CWDT setup:
CWDT=>Immortal Call=>Phase Run=>Increased Duration
Above order is very important (Phase Run must be at the end of CWDT chain)
Phase Run gives us 80% reduced Visibility to Enemies and extra movement speed! (for short time).

Level up some extra Flame Totem Gems on second weapon slots (You can exp six extra Flame Totem Gems). If Gems have lvl20 try to corrupt them to lvl21.

This is not super easy league starter build but still viable.

At the begining use any mele skill, Ground Slam or something on two handed mace. Buy Flame Totem gem and equip it(for exp only). You can buy Flame Totem from Nessa after the quest Breaking Some Eggs, ACT I, Mud Flats.
On Passive tree first go to Ancestral Bond, next Blood Magic. When You have Ancestral Bond You can switch your mele weapon to rare wand, sceptre, staff or spirit shield with +1 to fire gems (+x to fire gems is most imporant!) and some spell/fire damage with connected blue and red gem (best is three connected slots red-blue-blue). For example:

And start using Flame Totem! Now Your DPS is very low but You have two totems and blood magic. Ancestral Bond and Blood Magic is the base for this build.

Gems: Flame Totem + Faster Casting/Added Lightning Damage + Elemental Focus

After lvl41 you can buy this unique:

It's very good because: +2 fire gems, fire Penetration support and adds fire damage. This weapon really bost your DPS! REMEMBER You must put Your Flame Totem gem to socket on this weapon!
Now you can start focus on Critical Strike (global critical strike, critical strike to spells) and Critical Multi on items. For increase DPS buy this jewel:

On Clear Mind focus on high spell damage roll (60% is max). Mana Regeneration Rate is useless for us.

Gems: Flame Totem + Faster Casting + Elemental Focus

Go to Shaman's Dominion and Annihilation. Get critical strike chance and critical multipler on items as much as You can. Now You can use Increased Critical Strike Support gem. Start looking for good rare shield for example:

Start to look for some jewels with:
Life, Increased cast speed, increased critical strike chance/multi, increased fire/totem/spell damage, %to all elemental resistance (You need minimum 3 mods on jewel). If You have jewel with two mods: %Increased life + good mod, use Orb of Regal (small chance to gain good 3 mods jewel).

If You don't have Infernal Mantle 5L You can still use Nycta's Latern. For increase your DPS you can use this gloves:

Gems for Nycta's Latern: Flame Totem + Faster Casting/Increaded Critical Strike + Elemental Focus
Gems for Infernal Mantle 5L: Flame Totem + Faster Casting + Elemental Focus + Fire Penetration + Increased Critical Strike

Go for Snowforget, Throatseeker and Assasination, Sniper nodes. You must respec some nodes from Templar area to spent points to grab jewel slots.
Now you should have Infernal Mantle 5L. Grab Mind over Matter and Eldrith Battery nodes to improve survability. Start looking for good rare diamond rings with:
life, cast speed and as much as possible resistances.

Gems: Flame Totem + Faster Casting + Fire Penetration + Increased Critical Strike + Elemental Focus

This is the final passive tree form for two totems. Rare shield instead of Tukohama's Fortess. Remove Faster Casting Gem and grab Controlled Destruction (DPS should be increased). You should have now 6L Infernal Mantle. Start looking for 4 mods jewels with +% increased maximim HP.

Now You should have 50k+ DPS and can farm high tier maps and Uber Atziri. If you're feeling adventurous, you can try to farm Guardians with no mods or easy mods. For Guardians I recommend 70k+ DPS. For me easiest guardians is Phoenix, next Chimera, next Hydra/Minotaur. To kill Shaper i recommend three totems with Tukohama's Fortess Shield.

Gems: Flame Totem + Fire Penetration + Increased Critical Strike + Elemental Focus + Controlled Destruction + Empower(lvl4)

If You dont have Empower lvl4 check this gems:
Faster Casting
Faster Projectiles (to increase AoE)
Iron Will
Increased Critical Multipler

and select the best. Depends on Your stats on items and jewels. Remeber Empower not only increases DPS but also increase totem life!

How do you manage to get a bit of currency buy Tukohama's Fortess Shield and respec to final passive tree:

Harbinger League 3.0

Random Rare Minotaur Map:

8 Mod Corrupted Minotaur Map:
Legacy League 2.6
Lucky Phoenix run:

Shaper deathless (100k DPS per totem):

Shaper deathless (160k DPS per totem):

The Alluring Abyss (Uber Atziri):

Chayula's Domain:
Old 2.5:
My first deathless Shaper kill (Faster Projectiles, 104k DPS):

Uber Atziri (Faster Projectiles, 104k DPS):

Hydra (Faster Projectiles, 104k DPS):

Phoenix (Faster Projectiles, 104k DPS):

Chimera with Controlled Destruction (no map mods, 122k DPS):

Minotaur with Controlled Destruction (132k DPS):
Very old 2.3 - 2.4:
Normal Atziri (no flasks, no skills exept Flame Totem and Portal, no keyboard only mouse, no moving on Atziri fight):
You can eat a sandwich when playing :)

Corrupted T14 Shrine Map with Double Boss and Temporal Chains:

Corrupted T14 Shrine + Corrupted T15 Colosseum Map. Fast careless run. In this video I'm using Atziri's Acuity instead of Facebreaker gloves:

Lucky Atziri run. Exalted drop and I make Skyforth from Sorcerer Boots :)

Corrupted Rare 6 mods T15 Core Map:
For comparison Merciless Malachai: https://youtu.be/Rpjst6n88EE

Deathless Uber Atziri:
Uber Atziri is easy for this build. Vessels, Trio, Atziri focus on Totems, usually don't attack You. On video I have low FPS and big latency so it's not perfect. You don't need Infernal Mantle +1 to deathless kill Uber. For boss fight I use Pierce instead od Faster Projectiles.

Sorry for my bad english.
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I like this build... but very expensive. This will cost 50ex... more or less.
6L Infernal Mantle +1 it's not nessecary.
You can easly kill normal Atziri and do T10+ maps with no corupted Infernal Mantle 5L and self found rare items. Costs a few Chaos to buy or make 5L Infernal Mantle.
Build is very cheap at the begining and easly upgrade at the Endgame.

Hi, you said "sorry for my English", you are Brazilian? if you are Brazilian let me know, i am also, it facilitates communication ^^.
I enjoyed your build, and i have some questions, for example, what gem i take if i use a 5l?
In your opinion, what is the most fun build between this build and templar build ?
I'm from Poland :)
if You have 5L I guess You don't have Empower lvl4. Just take off Empower.

Templar version of build is easier to play at the beginning because You can have more dmg at low level (more damage nodes on passive tree). You can faster end normal, cruel and merc difficuly also don't need good items but You can die fast because don't have any life leech.

Marauder (this) version is better at Endgame. Easier Labyrinth, Atziri, T13+ Maps, and hard to die because of life leech (from Hinekora) and higger life regen. If you want to reach lvl95+ play Marauder :)
Marauder is harder to lvl up at the beggining (no spell damage nodes on passive tree on Maruder area) and need a quite better items to have nice damage.

I recommend Marauder version of build. After patch 2.3 GGG adds life leech to Hinekora ascendency skill and this is amazing (You don't need to use flasks). Totem taunts helps alot too (after patch 2.3 taunts working on bosses too). Overall in my opinion now much better to play is Marauder.
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Thank you for the informations friend, and congratulations for the amazing build =D
I will do Marauder ^^
Last edited by TesseratoSol on Jul 25, 2016, 2:36:16 PM
Small update.
Looks like a really solid build and I will try it, but I got a question about the skill tree, why did you pick those 4 strenght point under warrior's blood/

Looks like a really solid build and I will try it, but I got a question about the skill tree, why did you pick those 4 strenght point under warrior's blood/

Good point. I changed many times my passive tree and forgot. I updated skill tree on first post.

Added new video: Lucky Atziri run. I chanced Skyforth and drop Exalted :)
Last edited by Lopi85 on Jul 28, 2016, 1:32:24 AM
Very interesting build, never thought flame totem could get such high dps without items like dual void batteries and mirrored shit. I think this is the build I'm gonna do for the 48h flashback race, since I was planning to run flame totem anyway.

Do you think its possible to run this self found? w/o infernal mantle and facebreakers for example.

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