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Unaffected means you can be shocked but shock isnt having any negative impact on your character.

Compare it your situation of the mathil build here:

He is having a watcher's eye with the mod "Unaffected by Vulnerability while affected by Determination" so he is still cursed with vulnerability all the time due to his belt and by doing so getting the benefits of counting as low life, but it doesnt make his character any more fragile than not being cursed by vulnerability.

ah yes forgot that thing, thanks for the anwer
Hello, I'm still a bit of a noob with this game and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice about the Lapidary Lens. I have one in my temple right now and I'm thinking about using it. I was trying to see what my odds were online, but I'm struggling to find good information.

Can the lens roll the vaal gem change when the gem doesn't have a vaal version? If it can, does it do nothing?

Do all the rolls have the same chance of happening?

Can I get the roll to lose a level and then the roll to gain a level, or are they the same roll? I read online that you can't get the same roll twice.
Hey, I'm trying to buff chaos damage and came across "Dirty Techniques" a Notable Passive Skill which buffs chaos damage and poison etc, one stat line on it reads "25% increased Chaos Damage with Attack Skills".

Im using Cyclone which has no base chaos damage on my weapon or any other chaos additions through my gear/gems, cyclone can still apply my poisons and bleeds off my main hand hits, would those hits that apply a poison or bleed by cyclone still get the increased 25% increased Chaos Damage with Attack skills since an "attack skill" is applying the debuff? Or is it more the case the skill/items need to have a base chaos value to be increased?

Tihi1982 wrote:
Can abyssal cry leech life and mana if i have for an example, Pain Reaver berserker node?
Abyssal Cry can leech just like any other damage. However, Pain Reaver currently only grants leech from attack damage, which Abyssal Cry doesn't deal. Unrestricted sources of leech, such as the support gems, will work.

BigBadPanda_ wrote:
Grip of council does not effect Mirror/Blink Arrow minions. Is this inteded or a bug ?
You are incorrect. It does affect them, and always has.

EKost wrote:
I completed prophecy Erase from the memory without killing anyone. I'm just entered Catarina's daily map and did it. How it can be?
This took a long time to investigate, and that's mostly wasted now by the time I'm posting this, because this won't come up again. The Prophecy didn't actually require that you, specifically kill a unique monster, only that one dies (presumably because this is better in party play). The corpses you can animate in Caterina missions were (in at least some cases) technically unique, which I believe was done because that has a side effect of making them better at following. Since monsters inherent default state is alive, and nothing can be chagned away from it's default state before it exists, spawning corpses technically spawns living monsters and then kills them. The result being that setting up the mission state could in theory cause the prophecy to technically complete.

Solonarv wrote:
I haven't been able to find out how exactly some traps (Blade Sentries, Sawblades, Spinning Blades) deal damage. Specifically, I want to find out whether they deal damage over time or use a rapid sequence of hits.over time).
Those three traps all exclusively deal damage-over-time. None of them can hit.

Uzyol wrote:
On POE Wiki written:

"Raised Zombie

40% increased Armour
Monster has 33% more Attack Speed, 33% more Cast Speed and 33% less Damage (Hidden)
30% increased Stun Threshold (Hidden)

Normal: 35 / 35 / 35 / 0
Cruel: 35 / 35 / 35 / 0
Merciless: 35 / 35 / 35 / 0

Level---Life----Attack Speed----Damage


1644-4110 damage - its damage WITH mod "33% less Damage" or NOT???

0.85 Attack per second - its APS WITH mod "33% more Attack Speed" or NOT???
This isn't really a mechanical questiopn, and I don't know the intent of the community members who added that table to the wiki, nor do I know where they sourced the information from for sure. However after raising some zombies at a few different levels and checking their stats I am confidant that the numbers displayed include the fixup modifier - they're very close to the actual final values the zombie has in-game once spawned and will use to hit things.

Regardless, the wiki really probaly shouldn't be displaying that "mod". It's part of an internal number-tweak and does not do what people think it does (and definitely doesn't do what the hover label on the wiki says).

hesz wrote:
I'm not sure how exactly the damage calculation with doomfletch prism (or for that matter doomfletch).

Is my train of thought correct?

I have some physical damage on the bow, and then:
1) I add flat physical damage from items
2) I multiply the sum from 1) by %increased physical damage
3) I get elemental damage equal to 110% of result from 2)
4) The elemental damage from 3) is then multiplied by the sum of %increased ele dmg, %increased matching element damage (fire for instance), %increased weapon elemental damage and %increased projectile damage, the physical damage from 2) is multiplied by %projectile damage

And the final damage is the sum of above physical and elemental damage, right?
No. No modifiers can be applied "between" conversions.
You total your base and additional physical damage, then gain elemental damage equal to 110% of that. This elemental damage has been converted from physical damage, so will be affected by modifiers to physical damage as well as elemental.
Then all relevant modifiers apply to the damage. The physical damage is affected by modifiers that apply to physical damage, while the elemental damage gained from the bow is affected by modifiers to either elemental or physical damage.
This gives the total final damage.

I suggest reading the wiki page on Damage Conversion if you are still confused, as that goes into greater detail with, examples.

hesz wrote:
Iron grip says that the strength bonus to physical damage applies to projectiles. Does that mean that it grants projectile damage, or physical projectile damage?
It expands from being a modifiers to melee (attack) physical damage (attack is implied, as melee is attack-specific), to modifying melee and projectile attack physical damage.
Herald of Agony grants Virulence whenever you poison an enemy, however:
"You will lose Virulence over time, at a rate which increases the more Virulence you have."

There doesn't seem to be any information available on the actual duration of Virulence, and as the duration changes as you gain/lose stacks of Virulence it's nearly impossible for players to measure.

So can we see what the actual formula behind Virulence? What's the base duration (At 0/1 stacks)? What about 20, or 40? It'd be really helpful for theorycrafting.

Edit: The specifics behind Master Toxicist's "You lose Virulence 50% slower" would be useful too, though I suspect that simply means the duration (whatever it may be) is doubled.
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Hi. I have a few questions about Blade Vortex damage modifiers.

Crimson and Viridian Jewels have affixes of this form:
"+% to critical strike multiplier while dual wielding"
"+% to critical strike multiplier with one handed melee weapons"
"% increased physical damage with daggers"

If I dual wield daggers on my BV build, will these modifiers work for me? I'm generally familiar with the attacks vs. spells distinctions and understand that BV is a spell with its own physical damage and crit chance and doesn't actually use the daggers, but this text leaves room for ambiguity.

Tried to dig a bit more. On the wiki all of the above affixes have the "attack" tag, so I think the answer is no on all. However, as a follow up, I found the jewel suffix "of menace" = "+% increased global critical strike chance" is also tagged with "attack" on the wiki. Does that affix not apply to spells then? That would seem very counter-intuitive given that increased global critical strike chance is not tagged with attack on other gear.
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Hi all

If i use dual Cospri's Malice with same spells socketed, when i crit, will cast the 2 spells at the same time?

Example, 2 ice nova on 2 Cospri's Malice, will cast 2 ice novas per crit at the same time?
Good day.
I am interested in this question:
1) Wizarding Totem + 2) Wither (supported skill). 3) Enchantment with the support of + 4) Infection, that is, in this case, with the support of the enchantment does not work. And if without it, only 1) Wilt + 2) Enchantment with the support of + 3) Infection, then everything works this way.
I have a step - this is what my main punch / enchantment uses (in the indicated case). "We just can not work")))

Thank you in advance)
And good mood))
Do Warcry Buff Effect modifiers/passives affect the damage and/or slow provided by Abyssal Cry?

I'm wondering if the damage is considered part of the debuff (mostly since the enemy dies to trigger it), and whether debuffs are considered buffs...

Also, a more complicated one. I was wondering about when certain skills consume or gain charges.

First, a few things I found out--
1: Spending mana to gain charges (elder wands, corrupted rapiers, occultist) happens before Discharge takes your charges, but (as I should have expected) does not let you cast Discharge in the first place if you have no charges (and would gain a charge by spending its mana).
2: Triggering a (faster-cast) Immortal Call by casting Discharge seems to only let Discharge use your endurance charges (even though the IC animation plays all the way through before Discharge's explosion) (I'm using a veiled weapon mod to trigger IC)

So my second question is, how (or when?) do Discharge/Immortal Call generally decide what charges you had before/after being cast or "going off"? Is it different for gaining vs. losing charges?

(please tell me #1 is supposed to happen later so my crazy build idea works x.x)
I have a question regarding wording on additional critical strike chance in the game.

Both assassin's mark and aul's uprising have consistent wording:
"Enemies have an additional ()% chance to receive a Critical Strike"

This is added to the end of the critical strike calculation, and ignores the 95% cap. Because it is added at the end of the calculation is not scaled by increased or more critical strike chance modifiers.

However, wording on brittle is different:
"Hits have up to +20% Critical Strike Chance against Brittle Enemies, based on the Cold Damage of the Hit which inflicted Brittle, for 2 seconds"

Mark's comment on brittle confused me:
Mark_GGG wrote:
crystalwitch wrote:
So is Brittle base crit chance?
No, it's additional crit chance. Base crit chance can only come from weapons or gems.

But since there are no mechanics in the game that affect base or additional crit differently, the question is entirely irrelevant to actual mechanics.

I took this to mean that brittle's different wording implied that the hits got additional critical strike chance, which would be scaled by increased critical strike chance. However after extensive testing, it seems very likely that in fact Brittle works identically to assassin's mark and aul's uprising: it is not scaled by increased critical strike chance and ignores the 95% critical strike chance cap.

I am also interested to see how this observation will relate to the newly announced unique, Bottled Faith, with the affix "+2% to Critical Strike Chance against Enemies on Consecrated Ground during Effect."

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