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How does DD (damage dealer) with Asphyxia's Wrath quiver and curse support party member using blasphemy and 6 curses interact ? Will the curses transfer with base duration ? Will the curse limit of the curse support count for the transfered curses or the curse limit of the DD killing the mob ?
Hi. Im making build around Devouring Diadem trickster with ascendancy Ghost Dance to proc that energy shield recharge started recently to get +40% attack and cast speed. I have mind over matter with eldrich battery from Diadem so any damage should hit me and skill use should have start energy shield to recharge.

I dont know if it is intented to not use Mind Over Matter from mechanics like dark pact or blood magic support gem linked to something. I hoped that i will somehow force me to hit myself to use MoM+EB and start recharging instantly using any skill. Im playing evasion/dodge char so there is not many situations i get hit so i wanted to keep getting +40% attack and cast speed by myself for permanent bonus. That whole mechanic doest work as i hoped. Is that really intented ?? Mind Over Matter say:30% of Damage is taken from Mana before Life.

So it should work with self-hurting skills or not hm? maybe there should be some info like that:30% of Damage is taken from Mana before Life when hit by enemy. But it also do so from degen so im confused what is this.

Thanks for answer.
Hey. Is her any fast way to go deeper in mines? My mine have lvl 55 but character 70
komiks42 wrote:
Hey. Is her any fast way to go deeper in mines? My mine have lvl 55 but character 70

Have you completed all of the acts yet? If not, make sure you do this so you can start mapping on the Atlas. Once you start mapping, you'll encounter Niko more often to get more sulphite (the fuel for the mine cart). Make sure you have 75% resistance to all elements.

Once you do the above, you can start delving deeper. Try to grab the Azurite checkpoints while delving (the blue icons with roman numerals on them). Azurite is very important early on so you can increase your sulphite capacity (for more efficient delve farming), darkness resistance, and light radius. Then, just keep delving straight down.

There's a chart there for mine depths vs. monster level.
hello there why cant i leech? the footage
I have a question about the lab specifically about darkshrines, gauntlets, puzzles and Argus.

Was wondering if anyone on the team knows if it is intentional for darkshrines, gauntlets, puzzles and Argus to be missing from lab. Ran lab for February 4, 2019 4 times and it seems Argus did not spawn and 1 darkshrine was missing. The for February 7, 2019 also seems to have 2 darkshrines missing. Just wondering if this is a bug or intentional, thank you!
I'm "that lab dude from reddit and poelab."
Can buffs of different warcries buff be active at the same time?

Like a Berserker having the 400 flat regen buff from Enduring Cry and lets say 200% increased damage and 17 flat mana regen from Rallying cry doing their thing at the same time?

Please only answer if you really DOUBTLESSLY know it, refering to the wiki article without footnote is not a doubtless proof.

Yes they can, I set up an experiment and edited the wiki article about it. (check discussion in the warcry article).

Wow absolutely nobody knew about that but yea it wasnt possible like 1-2 years ago. I am sure I tried that before like 1-2 years ago and it didnt work cause enduring cry was overwriting rallying cry.

Only question left would be when exactly that was changed and why wasnt it in the patch notes.
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I'm playing with a Chains of Command Necromancer using Oro's Sacrifice as the main weapon for my dude (Shaggy) who apparently is still able to ignite when wearing the new Flamesight helmet, but I have no idea if therefore he can't scorch as well.
Would be nice to know, wether this helmet and scorch works on Animated Guardian, or not!
why when i use vinktar and i wear inpulsa i'm not immunte to shock? inpulsa says : unaffected by shock.. is it a bug?
Unaffected means you can be shocked but shock isnt having any negative impact on your character.

Compare it your situation of the mathil build here:

He is having a watcher's eye with the mod "Unaffected by Vulnerability while affected by Determination" so he is still cursed with vulnerability all the time due to his belt and by doing so getting the benefits of counting as low life, but it doesnt make his character any more fragile than not being cursed by vulnerability.

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