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Hi, i made my RF vortex (not blade vortex! That new vortex) build. I choose pyre ring to convert all cold dmg from vortex to fire. After putting that ring, i still does not see any changes in tooltip (in damage over time, that normal dmg is converting normaly). Is that a bug ? And second think, if it will convert that dot cold dmg into fire, will burning dmg affect that dot ?

DoT won't be converted. It currently can't.

Edit: Actually, a Question:

Will multipliers apply before or after applicable limits?
If I have, f.Ex., high block, and I pick Acrobatics, will it lessen the block after I hit the block limit, or before, aka, could I sort of "overcap" block rate to keep more than 51% with Acrobatics?
How about Spell-Block when generated from regular Block rate, like with Reckless Defense or Gladiator, in interaction with the above?
Thank you.


Lets say you have 100% block. Normally you'd be capped at 75%(78% with anvil)
With acrobatics, you'd have 70% block.

I'm not sure if the reduction to block "Double dips" but I think it doesn't.
If you have 100% block, and from that get 100% spell block, i think you end up with 70% block and 70% spell block.

Testing insufficient.
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Hold on, what? Your words and your calculations directly contradict each other.

Based on what I've heard multiple times, the truth is after, i.e. with 9999% additional chance to block, with Acrobatics, you get 52% final block chance or 54% with anvil.

Probably doesn't double dip, yeah, I'd agree.

100% -> 70% final is consistent with applying multipler before limit, so I'm not sure which side you're actually saying is right.
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does hatred aura and added fire support gem double dip on stats like trap damage, minion damage, projectile damage, meaning that those stats increase both the physical portion of the hit and the % added cold / fire?
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Last league, I was playing a sunblast trapper (100% reduced trap duration), and I wasn't sure if I needed clever construction, so I specced out of it and threw some traps on burning ground. They still exploded, so I assumed that I didn't need clever construction, and left myself specced out of it. I never had any other problems on that character, but I didn't play him for very much longer.

This league, I'm playing another sunblast trapper, and I can VERY clearly see my traps dying to almost any ground effect. Was a change made? Was my testing last league done incorrectly?
What do you mean by double dip? In this game, a given modifier can only ever apply to a Hit once. By that definition, nothing can ever double dip on Hits.

Minion, trap, and projectile damage would mainly provide the benefit of "whole-dipping" over "half-dipping" in that case, not "double" over "single," i.e., the physical, fire, and cold portion all get to benefit from your bonus (once)

E.g. you have 100 base phys, add 30 as cold and 30 as fire, that's 160 base damage, and 100% more projectile damage would double that to 320 damage dealt (also can be calculated as 100 × 2.00 + 30 × 2.00 + 30 × 2.00; distributive property for the win!)
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If a kill with an AOE skill linked to poison procs Profane Bloom's or Oblieration's chaos explosion, can the chaos explosion proc poison also?
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I was wondering, since Commander of Darkness is worded as
"Auras you Cast grant 10% increased Damage to you and Allies
Auras you Cast grant 5% increased Attack and Cast Speed to you and Allies
You and Allies affected by your Auras have +20% to all Elemental Resistances", shouldn't the bonus affect a spell totem twice if the aura is defensive?

I thought that theoretically a totem would receive double the bonus, because they are considered allies. For example if I have Discipline on (defense aura), I would receive 5% increased cast speed which would be applied to my totem, and then since my aura also affects my totem it would receive 5% cast speed for a total of 10% increased cast speed.
However, at least based upon the tooltip, this doesn't appear to be the case. When I cast an aura, I receive the buffs, but when I place the totem the tooltip doesn't change even though I'd assumed it would.

Is this intended, or should I be able to "double-dip" with the aura bonuses of Commander of Darkness?
It's working as intended. Totems use your offensive bonuses - there's no benefit to giving Increased Cast Speed to a totem.
Two questions about the Sanctify node in the Inquisitor tree and its interactions with spell totem.

1) Does the 25% chance to create consecrated ground on kill proc on spell totem kills or just player kills?

2) Since totems count as allies, If both you and your spell totem were on consecrated ground, would it effectively be an 80% increased damage bonus or just 40 %.

Thank you
Why does Controlled Destruction work with Essence Drain, but NOT Contagion?

PS: Contagion would be so much better if it DID work with it :(
PSS: Why doesn't concentrated effect work with abyssal cry?

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