[2.5 Guardian] Sekkna's Low Life Penta Curse Quill Rain Support [HC]

No changes to the build in 2.4.
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You are mixing up Recharge Rate and Regeneration Rate.

Recharge Rate is the rate at which your energy shield recharges after you haven't been hit for a while.

My regeneration rate in the video is only 340es/sec and goes down by ~100 when you have to drop the stone golem due to lack of sockets.
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Finally got shavs in Essence HC and ready to go.

Here is the current gear.

No 6 links yet for penta curse, but having 5 curses allowed my party members can run a offensive curse while I run other ones.

Current stats at level 89 and 6 ascension points spent. Most of the gems are at level 19, some lower.

ES: 6651
Armour: 14280
Evasion 10681

Current tree: poeurl.com/MW5
Couple gear updates for EHC support:

I have played a similar build but I only had 3curse. On the other hand, i had 12K ES.

How are you staying alive with 7k ? I dont understand. I played it in the 1 month race and I was constantly taking 8-10k hits in high maps.

Hey, from the sounds of it you have played a CI bow support. Survival is pretty much explained by Guardian nodes resulting in 20k armor and 83 all res.
Is this build still the same in 3.0 or do some things change either on the tree, gear, gems? I really want to play this build this weekend please send me a message @bigsteve0612 or a reply on your post. Thank you
Sorry, haven't really looked into the guide in a while.

I'm actually about to start rolling this in HHC to see how the ES nerfs affected it. Propably dropping down to like 5-6k es now.

On the other hand, We have the Pantheon now. Would propably go for Souls of Arakaali and Garukhan.

IIRC the MoM mana nodes aren't in the guide either. Those give some decent ES scaling with Radiant Faith.

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