Skill Reveal: Sunder

Alongside the Ascendancy expansion on March 4th, we're introducing a selection of new skills for Melee characters. Sunder is one of them, a mid-level skill that excels at destroying large groups of monsters.

Striking the ground with Sunder causes a chasm to shoot forward, damaging all enemies in its path. Every enemy that is hit releases an additional shockwave, damaging all foes around them. Against a cluster of enemies, these overlapping shockwaves can be devastating.

The skill also has a longer range than most attack skills, allowing you to keep your distance from tougher foes or take down groups before they even reach you.

Sunder is available to characters when they first reach the Caverns of Wrath in Normal difficulty. It and can be used with Maces, Staves and Axes.

Here is a video of Sunder in action in the Village Ruins map. Enjoy!

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love it
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Damn, 2d
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It's good to see these skills being demo'd in high level maps.
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Cool yay

edit : its looking too lineer and i loved it.
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looks cool!
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Awesome! <3 u ggg! This could work great for builds that group enemies together like a vacuumer :o
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Physical glacial cascade with a little bit of kinetic blast going on; sounds neat. When I inevitably make some kind of 2H Axe Cycloner this league, I'll certainly be giving this a go.
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