New Jewels for Traps

When we first designed jewels for Path of Exile: Awakening, we attempted to augment as many builds as possible. Our efforts improved most types of characters, but a few slipped through the cracks. Undoubtedly the most overlooked build type was Trappers. In Ascendancy, we're going to fix that oversight. Our upcoming expansion introduces a total of four different jewels designed specifically for trap users. We are ready to show three of them to you today.

Sometimes you just want to coat the battlefield in explosives, and you don't care how long they last. If you're lucky enough to acquire a specific unique belt, a couple of these jewels will turn your traps into grenades!

Few things frustrate a Trapper more than an armed device sitting unexploded next to a pack of nearby monsters. Hair Trigger jewels solve this problem, by substantially boosting the activation range of your traps.

Some Trappers don't care so much for reliability, they just want big, damaging explosions. Socket up some Unstable Payload jewels, and watch your traps detonate repeatedly in a symphony of destruction. Multiple Unstable Payload jewels will only increase the chance for an additional explosion, not the number of extra explosions.
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Some good unique? How? New devs?

Btw maybe it's time to take a look at melee Resolute Technique? Great that you start to make good trap unique, maybe trap re-balance, but let's not forget that there are bigger problem - melee Resolute Technique.
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sweet its elemental nade time
My body is HIGHLY ready!
nice. too bad ive never made a trapper
this is awesome! anything for mines?

+ 2x Cheap Construction = INSTANT DETONATION HYPE

Add 3-4x Unstable Payload for extra explosions
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The first 2 are pretty boring, if I'm going to be honest.

Unstable Payload though, that's like a super-crit. Great for bosses.
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looks nice
I hate the lab


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