Recent Ascendancy Class Announcements

I want to know Scion ascendent class,so curious about its name :D
It is as though a thousand mouths cry out in pain!!!
silumit wrote:
Bex_GGG wrote:
Are you interested in 100% increased attack damage?
Nice noobtrap there, Bex ;)


that increased damage node is almost criminal noob trap :/
Why does the assassin tree have 10% chance to get power charge on NON crit in it...

Can't wait to see more .
Will u be able to regret ur Master class if chosen wrong?

Looks great dough
The Hierophant looks awesome for a Mjölner build, gaining endurance charges when gaining power charges, this makes Voll's only required if you want to use an other class for Mjölner, cant wait to try it out without having to invest 25+ exalted ^^!
Can't wait :-))
Neden yaşıyorsun?
These all look really fun. I'm curious what kind of armor or armor skin the Heirophant is wearing in that video, though.

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