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Nice! path of pathfinder

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Jerle wrote:
Bleh... this cant be news of the day :(

First day back, after a long weekend, which included a bug on the big Arctic Boss race reward... no issues with padded announcements like this if they're busy working away.

We're very fortunate to get daily news.
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Bex_GGG wrote:
Are you interested in 100% increased attack damage?
Nice noobtrap there, Bex ;)
And worst change is putting almost all bosses in new version of maps into fucking small areas, where you can't kite well or dodge stuff. What a terrible idiot invented that I want say to him: dude flick you, seriously flick you very much.
thanks for the videos baex
Im calling it now. Scion sub class will be an angler.
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Sigh on..
Woo free flicker Strike with trickster

I. Tree Influence

* Witch - Best class specializing in ONE element.
- Heart of Flame cluster
- Heart of Thunder cluster
- Heart of Ice cluster
- Fire/Lightning/Frost walker clusters

* Templar - Best classed for MIXED elemental damage.
- Celestial Judgement node
- Celestial Punishment node
- Elementalist node

II. Sub-class Problems

* Witch
- Elementalist class
- Mastermind of Discord - Promotes mixed elemental casting, while witch tree promotes elemental specialization. See the problem?
- All nodes on this witch ascendancy class tree should promote and reward maximizing ONE element.

* Templar
- Inquisitor class
- Inevitable Judgement - Promotes critical strikes with any element, and completely ignores elemental resistance, while the witch node reduces by only 20% ONLY IF used in conjunction with MIXED elemental casting! BIG PROBLEM...
- Why would a hybrid class (Templar) have a stronger elemental node, which is also crit based, than the primary elemental caster class (Witch)
- The witch nodes should be THE BEST ELEMENTAL CASTER NODES.

III. Solution Suggestions
- Swap Mastermind of Discord and Inevitable Judgement
- Consider adding a stacking damage buff the more a caster uses a spell of the SAME element.
- Consider adding bonuses to cast speed.
- Consider adding AE bonuses to spells casted.
- Consider adding ELEMENTAL LEECH in this class, since a lot of builds in this class type are glass cannon, this would utilize the high damage for added survivability.
- Paragon of Calamity is much too build specific and will hardly be taken.

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Bex you can do better than this ;) Summarizing all the already knewn things is not a "news" :)
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