Recent Ascendancy Class Announcements

The Pathfinder is one of the Ranger's Ascendancy classes. She is a master hunter who uses nature to enhance her flask. Using the Pathfinder's focus you could poison your enemies by using your flasks or boost your elemental damage while reducing the risk of elemental ailments. Check out the Pathfinder Skill Tree.

The Hieophant is one of the Templar's Ascendancy Classes. One of the potential perks of choosing the Hierophant class is the ability to have at least five totems out at once! The Hierophant favours intelligent strategies over raw power. Check out the Hierophant Skill Tree.

The Berserker is one of the Marauder's Ascendancy Classes, a specialisation that rewards risk-taking with powerful damage and survivability bonuses. Are you interested in 100% increased attack damage? If so, the Berserker might be for you! Check out the Berserker Skill Tree.

The Elementalist is one of the Witch's Ascendancy Classes. She is a destructive caster who wields primal forces to decimate her enemies. The potential of the Elementalist could allow you to summon multiple lesser golems or deal damage that simultaneously chills, shocks and ignites your foes! Check out the Elementalist Skill Tree.

The Trickster is one of the Shadow's Ascendancy Classes. He is a jack-of-all-trades that combines strong defensive options with good maneuverability. This Ascendancy class offers bonuses to your Energy Shield and movement speed. It can also increase the number of Frenzy charges you have and grant a Frenzy Charge on kill. Check out the Trickster Skill Tree.

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