Talisman Challenge League Stats (and 2.1.1b Patch)

Oh wow I would have thought more would be in the 10 to 14 range.

Yay 3%!
I AM the 3rd percentile. :O

(And here I thought I was slacking, heck I spent today and the other day watching movies...)
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Having a blast with this league. Nice work, Chris & team.
Get back to work and don't play games Chris lol! :P
Patch of Exile!

Another patch , another full client download..
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Woo! Part of the top 3% of players?! I did NOT expect that. I thought way more people would be up there at boots and gloves.

Just want to say it out "loud". I love this league, this game is going in a great direction, and thank you all at GGG for keeping up the good work.
Well I've got quite a bit of work to do still, but I'm so bloody slow in progressing through the levels. It's been fun though.
omGfg :D
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