Talisman Challenge League Stats (and 2.1.1b Patch)

Out of people who have completed any challenges:
  • 22% have completed 7 challenges and have earned Rigwald's Boots.
  • 3% have completed 14 challenges and have earned Rigwald's Gloves.
  • 0.1% have completed 21 challenges and have earned Rigwald's Body Armour.
  • 1 person has already completed 28 challenges and has earned Rigwald's Helmet!
  • 0 people have completed 29-32 challenges yet.

In addition to the Rigwald armour pieces, you can also earn portions of the Talisman Totem Pole Hideout Decoration. These scale all the way to 32 challenges, as a goal for our most dedicated players.

There's still plenty of time left to complete the challenges! I'm at 7 complete so far, with a level 58 Talisman Witch and a level 46 Hardcore Talisman Marauder (alive). Both are currently self-found.

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