High level solo experience grinding is so fun. Dying sucks.


I would say getting to 80 with 2200 HP is not bad at all

hells yes the experience penalty SUCKS, but i don't think it's unreasonable.

but reflect. You got to level 80 with a decent life pool, "poor rares" as you call them, and not much trading if i recall correctly. that IS an accomplishment as someone suggested earlier. good job.

however, AFTER this pat on the back, think about what you've said in your post and how that immediately dismisses you from any pity whatsoever.

basically, you pay no attention to map mods (I didn't read past page 3, maybe you addressed this). TO ME, that's at worst suicide and at best laughably foolish. C'mon bub. if there's a 75+ map with temp chains chains, monster resists, fracture, buffed boss... i'm likely to reroll or sell.

if you just jump into whatever map you want without considering how your effectiveness or survivability might be reduced OR how monsters might be buffed then don't expect to come out without lumps. that's like saying "Hell yea I'll box! I don't care if it's Stephen Hawking or Mike Tyson or anything in between!" just use some strategy bubba.

it's hard for me to accept that having played to level 80 you've only found "poor rares." I've found some pretty amazing rares with ZERO IIR, and i'm nowhere near a pro or "raider" or HC gamer.

You CAN NOT ask for more of an infrastructure set up for your success. if you're not using poe.xyz, i don't think you can reasonably complain. sure you'll find mid-end stuff on there that retards are selling for no fewer than eleventy-billion exalts, but you'll certainly find stuff on there that people are VASTLY underpricing.

poe calls maps "endgame content." to me that seems to imply you might need "endgame equipment" or an "endgame build" or at least "endgame strategy" if you want to access it and be successful. now I don't mean GG UBER AWESOME +infinity to all stats including weekly salary type gear, but i think it's gotta be better than "poor rares."

come on bub. put in some effort, some thought. i respect experience grinding solo but you seem to think that that action in and of itself deserves praise or at least no penalty. if you want more experience, go to higher level zones aka maps. if you want to survive/thrive in them, get better gear.

no one's gonna sympathize with someone who takes a scalpel to each blade of grass in their front lawn when there's a lawnmower in the garage.
I am a lvl 75 bow ranger, fully self-found, in pretty crappy gear. After reading your TLDR whiny post, I came to the simple conclusion that either your build is disastrous, which I'm willing to assume it's not, or that you're too lazy to improve your tactics and movement, which is more likely.

MY gear blows, and I farm maps almost exclusively. When I die, which is at most once a lvl, it's either because I messed up, or I was unfamiliar with the boss or encounter area.

Two examples:

The end of the orchard map, where you step through the door into a shitstorm of mobs. First time was painful, got pwned twice. Then I simply stepped in and out of the instance pounding the mob mass with poison and explosive arrow.


The boss there got me the first time as well, but when I learned that I could pull him out of the area and kite him through the entire map, he became easy.

As for Brutus in the dungeon map, it's a simple matter of tagging him with poison and popping in and out of the door. Standing still to wind up frenzy is a good way to die. Once he's below half health, he'll stop grabbing you so much as long as you keep fairly close, and you should be able to pound him down.

Your post is a prime example of people blaming the game instead of taking the time to examine the encounter and devise a tactic that works. The best part of this game is it requires you to adjust your style, be aware of your enemy skills and effects, and actually think and work through difficulties.

If you're unwilling to do these things, this game is not for you.

why would you do orchard in the first place
map blows

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