Ranger - where to get crit?

I'm playing a ranger (level 23 atm) and I took the path on the right side to the cluster with "Knockback when critial striking".

+ the 3x "15% higher critical-strike chance on bows" on the way there
+ 2 dex-skills down to the 3x "15% higher critical-strike chance with all damage" (took 2 of 3 at the moment, waiting for level up)

But I still have only 8% to crit, that's okay from the skills because now I have 75% increased critical-strike chance onto the base state (which is low).

Question 1: Where do I get MORE crit?

Question 2: What is an good crit-number to go with crit-ranger? 15%? 20%? 30%?
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There are two support gems related to crits, and an Int/Dex curse that offers some of the best crit boosting in the game.

You will also eventually find gear with +crit stuff.
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Most crit sources are spell-only. Rangers/melee have very little to choose from to increase crit chance. Even gear options are very limited. I think you can only get crit on weapon.. possibly jewelry.. but only up to like 34% from each... whereas spell crit chance on gear goes up to 99%.

It's impossible for melee or rangers to get enough crit to get beyond the initial bad returns... you need a lot of crit (both chance and multiplier) before it is actually worth it... you're much better off ignoring all crit nodes.

I made a quick spreadsheet so you can see what I mean:

The 0% in the top left is with base 5% crit chance, and 150% multiplier... from there this lists how much your dps increases from there with various values for crit chance and multiplier.
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Critical strike chance and multiplier mods now only spawn on weapons, quivers and amulets.


The best critical chance mod is 30-34%; so you can get up to 90-102% Critical Strike chance from items.

Base bow % chance is 5%; so items push you up to 10%; and the Critical Weakness Curse to 15-19%. Throw on a crit support gem; you can reach 20-24% chance.

I don't remember how many +% crit passives rangers have; if you are lucky you can reach another 100% chance increase for a total of 25-29%.

Hm, there also seem to be around +120% critical chance within reach of the ranger if you focus on bow passives and go north of the ranger start position.

Unfortunately, the existence of Frenzy makes that a self-gimping decision.
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Hmm I don't think that spreadsheet really illustrated my point that well. This one does a much better job.
This one looks at relative dps gains. So basically, if you lookup your current stats on the table, the percentage listed will tell you how much your dps would go up if you invested into another 3% crit chance and 50% higher crit multiplier (roughly 7 passives... 4 of those +15% crit chance passives, and 3 of the +15% crit multiplier passives). Actual values of characters will tend to be close to the diagonal from upper left to lower right. For most of it the percentage gains for your invested points is pretty stable.. but in the upper left corner the returns are pitiful. A ranger/melee character doesn't have access to nearly enough crit stats to make up for those awful initial returns.


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Out of dex passives, you can get +90% crit chance for bows (6 nodes), and +134% crit chance (10 nodes). There are also +60% crit damage for bows (4 nodes) and +119% crit damage (9 nodes).

So, +224% crit chance and +179% crit damage if you decide to take all of them. That would be your entire build, since it's around 70 points to get them all via shortest path.
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Always check jewelry vendors in ruthless and merciless,they often selling crit chance items, also u can have crit chance on weapon and quiver.
From passives u can have near 200% crit chance modifer.
Elemental hit with quality stacked with crit chance support gives alot of crit chance, also critical weakness curse works great and quality bonus on increased accuracy support gem gives some crit chance. U can get unique armor with power charge on crit mod 2 charges from it give 100% crit chance modifer.

Good crit chance number is 300+ crit damage and 14+% with out crit weakness curse if u have 4+ atacks per second, or 30+% for 2- atacks per second depends on ur build.
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So, +224% crit chance and +179% crit damage if you decide to take all of them. That would be your entire build, since it's around 70 points to get them all via shortest path.

Ouch. Poor Rangers.

16.2% chance to do +308% damage; i.e. +50% damage, a jump from +2.5% damage of base crit.

Yeah, stick to gear/gems for crit. Though if you are passing through the primary bow cluster for +45% crit chance and +45% crit damage, that might be worth it.
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So, my ranger is stucked into a worthless passive tree .... well done.
With normal bowdamage+speed passives I will get a lot more damage, I even took accuraccy-gem over frenzy-gem as quest reward :/.

Let's not talk about respecc but I would like one now :D.
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Well my colleague built a power-dagger-templar. lvl 56, 55% crit chance, 500% crit dmg. (that is, @6 power charges)
Could be a bit higher, non-optimal gear (always a pain to find melee gear with right socketing) and so.
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