2.0.4 Patch Notes

Version 2.0.4

  • Added 13 new Divination Cards.
  • Added support for the October one-month events.
  • Added a sixth wing to The Hall of Grandmasters.
  • Your active pet is now retained between sessions. You only need to summon it once and it'll be automatically summoned for that character in the future. To unsummon your pet, click the new button above the microtransaction stash.
  • The largest level variation has been removed from the Twilight Strand. We plan to improve all variations of this area in the future, but have removed the much larger one for the time being to keep its size consistent for fairness in races.

Map Changes:
  • Map drops have been increased across the board. The chance of finding higher level maps has been increased by a larger amount.
  • The monster damage in the lower 80% of maps has been reduced (most notably in the lower maps).
  • The icon art for maps now indicates (via the colour of the symbol) whether the low, medium or high set of map mods is available to that item.
  • Experience gained by running the highest tiers of maps has been reduced.
  • Maps now indicate what tier they are, rather than what level they are. Tier 1 maps are level 68 and tier 15 maps are level 82. Old (pre-2.0.0) maps range in level from 66 to 78. The actual level is still shown in the area information at the top right of the overlay map screen.

  • The damage dealt by many Act 4 monsters has been reduced to bring them more in-line with other monsters. This affects not only their appearance in the normal game but also in end-game Maps (and the Endless Ledge). Some monsters have received a larger reduction in damage than others (for example, Rakango Tails).
  • The Onslaught mod from Zana's crafting bench no longer grants additional movement speed to monsters (It still grants the 20% from onslaught, just no extra movement speed). Due to this, the Increased Item Quantity granted by the Zana mod has been reduced from 40% to 30%.
  • Monsters can no longer be touched by multiple Tormented Spirits. Rare and Unique monsters can still be possessed by more than one Spirit.
  • The rate of spawning Warbands has been increased. It's now up to twice as high in some cases (such as leaders and Chaos Warbands).

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a client and instance crash related to Cyclone.
  • Fixed a bug where Malachai's skills wouldn't behave correctly when he had too much increased attack or cast speed.
  • Fixed some cases of strongboxes spawning in inaccessible locations.
  • Fixed a bug where some monsters (such as Brinerot Warband members) which were supposed to deal lightning damage were dealing fire damage with one of their skills.
  • Fixed a bug where Shrines couldn't spawn in the Upper Prison.
  • Fixed bugs related to purchasing stackable items from the vendor, where it sometimes failed to merge them into existing partial stacks in your inventory.

We expect to deploy this patch in two days, when the challenge leagues end. That's Friday, NZ time.

The following change has been delayed until next week because it hasn't yet passed quality assurance:
  • Ground Effects in Maps are now handled in a more efficient way, in order to reduce lockstep stuttering and disconnections.
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