Haku: Premature Roof Cave-In

Unfortunately I didn't make a bug report # right when it happened.
I did take a screenshot after my death.

Last night I was running my level 8 daily Haku mission. It was to retrieve the spirit before the timer ran out.

I was taking my sweet time to kill everything, since I was only there for character XP on a high level character. Prior to picking up the spirit, I had approx 30 seconds remaining. On picking up the spirit, my time went up to 1:30.

I slowly made my way out, killing everything along the way. At one minute remaining, I instantly died and the roof cave in animation began to play. This death was not due to an enemy as nothing was anywhere near me.
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The roof caving in happens in sections of the map if you stay in them for too long on your way out. It's one of the possible rolls for the 'get out of there quickly' part of Haku missions. You can tell that it's going to happen by the absence of other nasty things (SRS, endless red repops, etc).

You really don't want to use Haku lv 8 missions as a source of xp. Bad idea. Not a bug though.
This amazes me. I thought they got rid of the rock falling variation like a year ago. But I always go get the spirit and get out as fast as I can. Never tried hanging out in there. I haven't seen a rock fall in ages.
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