Cold Witch build

Oke so i need little help! i have 48 witch atm and the 40+ mobs kill 3-4 hit and i have low poor damage .. i have 600Hp 600ES and 600Mp . Anyone can make me one nice strong Cold Witch build, and what extra + need my items!? Mana regen? spell power etc!? thanks ! sorry for the bad english!

This is my tree now, i know sh1t but im newbie
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Are you enjoying playing the game with your build? Do you think your passives compliment your skills, supports, and gear? If so then there is no problem with your passive tree! It is hard to tell someone that their build sucks or is completely ineffective because you can pretty much do anything you want, and as long as it works for you and you are having fun, then that is all that matters.

As far as helping you out, I also am building a cold witch, and I am eventually going to try and branch off to the Shadow side of the passive tree to pick up the extra elemental damage, cold damage, some crit, and the energy shield.

As far as your survivability, I would personally suggest to try stacking one or the other, life or energy shield. I am going for energy shield seeing as how intelligence gives you more shield as opposed to stacking life. I'm going to get the Chaos Inoculation as well as other Energy Shield passives to boost survivability based on Energy Shield alone.

Keep playing, and keep having fun, hope this helped!

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