Normal -> Cruel Difficulty Adjustment

Now, I'm not going to be an idiot and say it is too difficult, blah blah blah. It's called Cruel, I'd expect it to be much more harder than normal. And that is what I got.

However, what my problem is thus:

I made it to cruel 4 levels ago. And have since died 10 times vs. the 3 times on normal (I'll admit I have died on normal, and have learned not to attract large groups of enemies to you). However, for those 4 levels, I have encounter 1 Item upgrade. One. My armour. My weapons are still middle of Act 2 worthy, and while not terrible, because they are able to still damage enemies, nothing I have encountered increases their damage. I keep getting items that my normal difficulty ranger (level 13) can use.

My request is this: Could we see a higher drop rate in the later levels (especially the beginning areas) of higher tier gear? I have items of increased Item quality find, but if I'm still getting driftwood bows, they are almost useless to me.

If any other players have suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Stats for weapons:

I mentioned it too and i play since 18th August 2011 in the beta. I take many time to test around and compare after the patch from 0.9.2. to 0.9.3. my builds to see changes and have a good point for feedback.

Close before the last weekend-race beginns, ive had the chance to told Chris in the chat that situation because i didnt understand this rise of the difficulty too. My 2HD Duelist was build in the tree to outputpower and my gear was set to bonuses like +% and Item- rarity and quantity in normal.
Chris said that its intention to hold some players at the end of normal. First i think "WHY?" but today i am in the middle of Cruel End Act 1 and i think i understand a little bit better.

My fault was to focus in normal only magical or more rare items. I filter the white ones and run the maps fast and most 1 time. After that shocking "Cruel"-Situation, I dont filter white items and farm 2 times the beach to equip my char with all items with high evasion and high armor. Lots of these was still white and it works well. Next focus was restits...
With this situation I change my whole gameplay.

I read many GGG-Forumentrys and think the goal is to understand the compromise betwen single- and teamplay. If you play single, you must be good, sometimes verry good, take time to look the items well (the WHITES too) and work with the skill tree and the gems.
I think its better to play team but thats not my primary focus. The game must be playable as singleplayer and this works only without stress and many time for gear and skills.

In Normal I died 1 time (stupid fault from me), at the beach in Cruel at the "fire guy" 6 times ;)

Now, with Armor- and Evasionitems, primary attack "Infernal Blow", support gems, secondary "Temporary Chains" and "Warlords Mark" its going much better!!

Take this time too and i think it will work!

Many verry friendly high level players give good items and some gems for free, take a look this too! Drop luck is a verry high luck-value in this game!!!


Ive read that some Duelists go to Dual Wielding and Cleave or Single Sword with Double Strike.
I would go an other way and create a diferent build and focus primary to infernal blow.
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I think a part of the problem is the really low drop rate of alchemy/chance/regal/exalted orbs, and now you can't get any of them from quests anymore either.

My witch is almost lvl 50 and her gear just sucks. I've got a couple good pieces, but they're rares that I looted and they don't have the sockets I want. I think I've found 2 alchemy orbs and I'm not even using the items I used them on.

I'm also still using a magic ring, I remember in 0.9.2 I was consistently, but not over excessively, able to craft new gear.
Yes, ive write it too, the drop rate is verry luck-valued. My brother is lvl 30 which / End Act 2 normal. He found 3 Alchs.

Im lvl 32 / End Act 1 Cruel -> Found NO Alch, NO regal, 1 Chaos.

I hope and i real hope that the arguments of the GGG-Team is the truth, that the droprate of orbs is so low, in focus of selling at the merchants and the "get-back" of orbs there. If these will be alchs wile selling high level equip, i dint know but i hope.

The low droprate of the Regal/Alch/Chaos is in this point a big problem, because its crazy hard to get the needed good gear in endgame. When i remember 0.9.2. i need with the imba 2HD Duelist more then 20 Alchs for a good 2HD Sword with uncounted rerolling. Difficulty and gameplay are useless without gear and how we can see: MANY People have this problem at the moment.

Otherwise i think the difficulty at the moment close to be ok, because like ive wrote, the players need more attention to look items, gems and skilltree and not rush the game. We can go forward but real slow and not real happy. Gamefun looks a little bit other. Now its more a challenge but as singleplayer too hard.
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