2second's Shop

Welcome to my shop, Feel free to message me if anything hit your eye. My IGN is QuakeSec.
Everything is priced but I accept equivalent currency, just tell me before putting random pile of currency.
Good luck and have fun.

~b/o 2 alt
~b/o 1 fuse
~b/o 1 alch
~b/o 0.99 chaos
~b/o 1 chaos
~b/o 2 chaos
~b/o 3 chaos
~b/o 4 chaos
~b/o 5 chaos
~b/o 6 chaos
~b/o 10 chaos
~b/o 15 chaos
~b/o 65 chaos
~b/o 0.99 exa
~b/o 1 exa
~b/o 1 chance
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