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Your reply actually makes me suspect you didn't get what i was saying in the second part, lol.
In simple words, a Steel Ring worth 30 ex with the same explicits as an Unset Ring won't make the Unset Ring valued at 30 ex minus the base value of the Steel Ring because the Unset Ring is less desirable (price is determined by supply and demand too after all).

I think that exception should be done indeed because of the reason I (hopefully) made clear with the example:
Think of resists for example, a 120% total resistance Ruby Ring (20-30% fire resistance implicit) with 50 life isn't even nearly as hard or rare to find as an Unset Ring with the same values making it MUCH more valuable.
So basically you can't just ignore an implicit (socket) and then compare it's explicits to rings with similar stats based on their implicit + explicits.
That's like comparing apples to oranges.
Point taken. I will make the exception to unset rings soon.
Just recently started playing poe and found your site..and i gotta say a big thank you...helped me price so many items tonight...something i was about to sell to vendors got me 4 exalts lol. its really easy and fast to use.. great job!
i use this tool every league. very helpful for price checking rare items.
the only thing i dislike is that if you have more than 1 item to check it becomes a bit tedious to have to click on the back button after every price check.
Added unique search max/max-1 roll.
@World_Destructor: unset ring exception made.
Completed 24 Challengeskompaniet wrote:

the only thing i dislike is that if you have more than 1 item to check it becomes a bit tedious to have to click on the back button after every price check.

Hey, thanks for yoru support. do you mean if you could search the next item on the result page without going back would be better?
Hey me again,

Would it maybe be possible to implement that the single item search can also extract the information from poe.trade of an item you're willing to buy?
So what I basically would like is:
- Click at poe.trade on Whisper.
- Paste in single item search.
- Poeprices.info searches up the item and pricechecks it to compare it to others, also automatically exclude the item itself.

It'd really be helpful to check if something's accurately priced and if not find easy alternatives.

Huh you implemented it already or I completely missed it.
I found it, thanks either way, lol.
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Yeah, it is in the section of Price trade text. You can paste poe.trade whisper and price it. Somehow the UI input box is not very visible now, and I am a bit 'lazy' to fix that, lol.
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Could you please make pricechecking for jewels easier?
Conditional stats can just be lumped together, like:
5% cast speed when holding a shield
5% attack and cast speed
5% cast speed


14% spell damage when holding a shield
12% spell damage
15% physical damage

I can't pricecheck jewels accurately without having the optional mod of them combined (cast speed, spell damage, physical spell damage) because a jewel with 5% attack and cast speed won't get equal jewels matched to it with for example those two seperate or when holding a shield.
Especially attack speed mods can be messy (cast&attack speed, when holding a shield, when holding a sword, etc).
There are probably more of such examples on jewels but this is all I currently got.
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Yes, this has been long on my TODO list. It is pretty messy.
I will do some research and come up with a plan. Thanks.

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