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thx for not bashing me like the one before, just trying to provide feedback :)

those skyforths might not have been the best example, it would need one of those groups of scammers to get them down to 5ex, let's say 5 of them all putting them up for 5ex, like they love to do with a lot of expensive stuff, or even currency trade.

the following might be a better example:
that's a helmet with a maxx 40 strength roll, advised to sell for 2 chaos.

now when i do the pricing through poetrade i find there are only 2 others with max roll on sale,
one for 40 chaos, and another one for 1 exalted.

still i'm advised to sell mine for 2 chaos..?
imo, i should be advised to sell it 39 chaos, not 2..?
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now from that tab i priced to look for some examples, this is the one that really really stands out to me, just look at that pair of boots:

i'm ok with prices beeing off a bit, but that is a complete joke to me :D
IGN: Bluntexile
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Points taken. For the rare, you need to click the PriceMe button right there for further analysis. Working on other methods and hope to release it soon. For the unique, the maximum roll psychic effect is not in place yet. For your case, +39 Strength on that item probably means nothing or much lower. Only the perfect roll matters. I will try to add this into the pricing algo. For now, you need to click that green button to further investigate. All in all, hope you get how the auto or manual function works:)
In defense of Slugpranker, an automatic pricecheck can never be accurate for rare items unless it's done with an AI that has learned what the meta builds are, what is on high demand, what is on low supply, which affix combinations on which items are valuable, how much something costs to make, etc etc and keeps all that up to date.

Poeprices currently just attempts to match your item with a couple of other items available for sale (which you can see when you sroll down what it got matched to) based on a limited amount of affixes on the item (and sometimes pdps, attack speed, etc).

It's impossible for poeprices to pricecheck accurately without an AI, however you can modify the pricecheck search (at single item, see the checkboxes, minimum maximum ranges) to make it an accurate pricecheck.
Really unique combinations still have to be estimated by yourself though if there's nothing to compare it to.

I use poeprices all the time and I don't even really want to play POE if poeprices is offline.

EDIT: The Viper Needle Ambusher on page 23 in this thread probably got matched to spelldaggers with 20% cast speed or more making the 2 ex pc extremely inaccurate.
It's not something Slugpranker can do anything about unless he really complicates the program by adding exclusions of affixes as well. (to specify the search that it not has cast speed on it)

Poeprices is a more sophisticated and easier to use method to pricecheck with than poe.trade offers, it both acts similarly like a filter but poeprices works much easier and better.

The solution for uniques can be done with a diagram, like the Baron unique, the average price/37, 38, 39 and 40 Strength.
And maybe with a table if there are more variables (cast speed vs spell damage for example) on a unique item.
But I don't know if that's something that should be done.
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Hi World_Destructor, thanks a lot for putting the words down. You definitely get how to use the current functions. Hope this can be understood and useful to more.

AI is definitely a good idea. Good news is that this is in pipeline, while the performance is not anywhere close right now. Spending lots of effort tuning...

Your suggestion is always very constructive. I like the idea of showing different table/chart for the price of perfect rolled or near perfect rolled uniques. I am also thinking of: if a mod of a unique is perfect or (perfect-1) rolled, make the search criterion be strict to the rolled value instead of a range.

BTW, if you or some one knows whether to get the accurate unique mod ranges, please give me a hint. Currently, the poe wiki is stating that the 2.6 numbers may not be complete.
I honestly don't think everyone can understand how to use poeprices to get an accurate price unless there's a really extensive (video) tutorial (a lot struggle with the minimum maximum range and checkboxes to even simply find them, I suggest making them more visible and defining them) and even then I believe not everyone will be able to accurately pricecheck because it requires a lot of knowledge on the current meta builds and what they require and desire.

About the AI, I consider that as something that will have the problem of requiring too much data, too long processing times and/or just requires too much data useage from downloading and uploading things.

The ranges of uniques can just be neglected, you can probably make something that generates ranges.
Ranges can be made automatically if you generate it with 100% as highest avaliable value of a roll (like 230% on an item) then 100%-1 (=229%) to 95% (=219%), 95%-1 (=218%) to 90% (=207%), etc.
Maybe different percentages, like first 3%, then 5%, 6% and 2x 8% or something.
Or make it relative to the lowest roll, like if the highest is 230% and the lowest is 188%, 230% = 100% and 188% = 0%.
I'm not knowledgeable with websites and coding if that's possible and/or doable in any way though.

I think a range is important to have with complicated uniques that have wide ranges on 2 or more mods, it really depends on the item. For example, for The Baron that's fine, 40 strength and 39 strength, but for an Infernal Mantle a sort of table is more appropriate with ranges for increased fire damage vs % increased energy shield to visualize what is valued more (sometimes a variable on a unique isn't really valued much) on the unique item and for example Sidhebreath has 3 variables, then you can show tables with movement vs damage, damage vs life, life vs movement to assist in getting a good prie estimate if something doesn't exactly match the item you have.
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A lot of good points. Thanks! Need to digest and think how to implement.
... (a lot struggle with the minimum maximum range and checkboxes to even simply find them, I suggest making them more visible and defining them) ...

Made these check boxes more visible, and added a 'PriceMe' button right after the mods as well as a line of text in red to remind using them.
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